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New Moon in Capricorn December 24, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a New Moon in Capricorn on Saturday December 24, 2011 at 1:06pm EST.

It’s Christmas Eve and only a week away from the beginning of the much anticipated year of 2012!

If you’ve been preoccupied with the outer world, materialism and ambitions, now is a time that will allow for greater clarity and questioning your purpose.

This is a spiritual time. It is a time of reconnecting to seeing a larger myth, meaning and purpose in your life. What have you accomplished in 2011? Where have you gained and where have you lost. The solstice on December 22nd, reminds us of the balance and cycles of our lives. Where one door closes another opens, always intertwined.

When you enter the inner world, you will find answers by opening up a portal of consciousness that has long been closed by the distractions the outer world has pulled you toward.

At the solstice we are at the peak of the underworld symbolically. The Sun has died, and is reborn. Now with this new birth of light in the world, with the days becoming longer, we think about what we want to grow in our lives. It is the cycle of the New Sun, the beginning of a journey towards greatness. The New Moon in Capricorn accompanies this new Sun.

The pendulum has reached its point of return. We are suspended in that transitional period, a moment of silence, a moment before our next breath begins. We are being reborn and renewed into the world; climbing the ladder, ascending up the tree, ready to climb the mountain, like the goats symbol in Capricorn. As you climb, what do you see at the peak?

It is a time to bring forth into the world what is deep within. It’s a time to consider what we want to create in the world as we assess and reflect on where all the trials, tribulations, and joys 2011 have brought us to. From the ground up, we are granted access to many tools to choose from as we create the future.

As we go within for winter, our internal wisdom gets lit up, slowly but surely, we break the dawn. With Pluto in Capricorn, and our Moon and Sun arriving, we’ll likely bring up some deeply hidden aspects to understand our motivations better. What is the real reason you want what you do, and what really is your approach and connection to the material realm? How does this play out in your drive for career and creative efforts? How does money motivate you?

Where are you restricted, and how have your actions, and inaction held you back? Have you been consumed by a distraction in the material realm such as television, too much time on the internet, too much compulsion or procrastination, too much politics?

The gift of Saturn is awareness through karma. Although Saturn puts us to the test the hard way, it’s often how we learn best. What you sow so shall you reap. Are you sowing the seeds of your future, hiding them, or throwing them away?

When you analyze your restrictions you can see where your freedom lies.

As we look to what is in the world, we can decide how to make our presence better utilized and more meaningful. What can you do in 2012 that adds to the collective experience and raises  your consciousness as well as those around you positively?

The New year’s resolutions for this year hold a lot of weight for transformation. Many people don’t make resolutions, but this year would be a good one to consider how your reality is balanced in free will and fate. Your resolutions are not only a conscious transformation of your habits, but also a change in how you perceive yourself and the world. This year, consider resolutions about how you live in the world and what you have to offer. What does the material world represents to you spiritually? Do you damn the world, or do you love the world?

How does your own consciousness bring more evil or love into the world?

How can we have peace, if we don’t have peace in our own heart – Mother Theresa

Is your future going to be about you, and you alone, or is it going to be about a bigger picture including who you touch in life. What is your ambition and where is it rooted from? Is it to take for yourself, or is it about the desire to give?

The Moon in Capricorn will make many of us feel sentimental about the achievements of the year, even of our entire lives up to this point. For now, you are in this world. How you relate to it makes all the difference. The butterfly effect is as present with you as anyone.

The crisp winter sky can be a perfect time to look at the stars and planets.  It’s easy to point out the planets, they are bright and don’t flicker. Venus is bright in the sky, seen at dusk, setting after the sun. Jupiter is high in the sky now, to the east of Venus. If you can find Orion in the sky, with his familiar belt, nearby you’ll be able to see Jupiter very easily, as he is big and bright. Saturn, isn’t visible until early morning, after Jupiter sets in the sky. Uranus and Neptune are between Venus and Jupiter, but more difficult to see with the naked eye.

Now that the holidays are finally here you deserve to take a break and unwind. This is a really good time to turn your attention away from preoccupations with time and hectic schedules. Our lives are ruled by time quite often, leading many to feel like life is a rat race. It often comes down to humanity being confined within a system ruled by numbers.  Numbers on the clock, numbers in your bank account, numbers of followers in your social network.

Saturn is Father Time, ruler of the Capricorn, and is restrictive. In this world we are bound by time, but time can also be relative as Einstein pointed out. Do you feel like you’ve lost precious moments of time in your life you could have spent somewhere better? Now is the time to consider how you want to reshape your relationship with the limited time you have in life towards goals that really matter and are worth your effort. As it is the holidays, it’s best to write your ideas down. Brainstorm and reflect on the year gone by, and how you can take little steps to create changes in your approach to life in the new year

Saturn is associated with the Greek Cronus. (Chronological)

Intense dreams and nightmares are possible that will show us our fears now, and yet will give us revelations about how to live more in tune with a higher desire in life. Where you have imprisoned yourself emotionally from the world, may be granted insights that are a real breakthrough. Napping at random times you may not usually enter the dreamworld, could provide spontaneous new ways of thinking outside the box you’ve been in long enough.

As ambitious as Capricorn’s influence implores us to be, know that new projects take time. Setting short due dates can be too much, and take all the fun out of the process of developing ideas and brainstorming.

If you set yourself schedules that are too restrictive you really close off the possibilities for growth in the process and it feels heavy, potentially burdening your health and happiness. Is the grass really greener on the other side? Are you missing out on the joy of now because of some distant future you imagine would be better? There’s nothing wrong with hard work, but if you’re torturing yourself and missing out on the joy that can be found in now, you’re wasting your time. Literally.

Make the experience of whatever you are working towards more light, and set more realistic and flexible timing. Keep the possibilities open for enjoyment and get excited about what the potential is for you to be creative. Goals should be about you creating what you want. Take some of the pressure off yourself as it can be paralyzing.  By relieving yourself of guilt about what you have or haven’t accomplished, you set yourself up for a stronger foundation to continue on from.

Saturn and Jupiter’s relationship with one another now invite us to consider how and why we feel restricted financially as well. Are you caught up in consumerism? Have you been conditioned to believe materialism is what makes you truly happy. Material objects can never fulfill us. Once received, our nature is to want something else, continuously. The holidays promotes consumerism and more debt. Is that what you really want for your future; more debt? Now that’s a restriction to future happiness, self imposed by your choices. It’s karma, by the numbers.

Jupiter goes direct on December 25, after being retrograde in Taurus for months. Perfect timing for enjoying great food, wine and laughter with family and friends. Overindulging is possible. Give yourself a break and enjoy it. You can get to working off the extra calories in the new year. Have fun.

Now that all planets are moving in direct motion, we can look forward to beginning 2012 with firmer steps towards our goals and a stronger sense of momentum.

Where we may not feel so secure or able to grow and expand will come into focus. By paying closer attention to your relationship with the material world,  you’ll encourage moments of epiphany to support you in finding more balance.

Now, enjoy the holidays. Keep your mind on what and who you truly love as you reminisce on 2011 and consider the possibilities for 2012. Enjoy the time you have to spend with loved ones, family, pets, and friends enjoying the magic of the season. When you consider what 2012 can be, let time be on your side in each moment. In whatever you do, choose by what it brings into the world from the depths of your soul.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year for 2012!

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