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Full Moon in Gemini December 10, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a Full Moon in Gemini on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 9:36am EST.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and is in retrograde now, that coupled with a Total Lunar Eclipse brings an interesting mix of our thoughts and emotions and how they affect our lives.

The Lunar eclipse will cause the moon to be visibly red on the West Coast of North America as it will be seen in the Pacific in the early morning hours. (Watch the Eclipse Live here)

Many of us will experience the strength of these symbols in bringing an awareness of our internal thinking and feeling processes closer to the surface.

Feeling restless, having difficulty sleeping, thinking too much? You’re not the only one. It’s really easy to get sidetracked now making us feel disorganized. Multitasking can either be a product pursuit or a real hindrance to real accomplishment. It’s better to stimulate your mind and achieve goals with focus now.

If you do choose to multi-task take an approach that makes sense. For instance listening to an audiobook while getting some housework done will get two things done at once, but doesn’t waste time splintering your efforts.

A lot of people work on the computer, and social networking can really suck up your time and attention. It’s easier to skim through short blurbs, scroll down lists of pictures and just touching on subjects briefly, than it is to retain focus. Try to gain focus and show more determination to follow through with learning something worthwhile. Try to maintain consistency rather than jumping all over the place.

Learning an all new subject may not be the best way to challenge your mind, but revisiting a subject you’ve long been interested in and have a brief understanding of could be stimulating. Looking a little deeper into subjects may not be easy now, but could open a floodgate of ideas. Coffee table books could be the ideal starting point. Flip through ideas until you find the one that resonates and peaks your interest.

Pay attention to messages in movies, books and conversations. There may be deeper philosophical meaning behind the superficial layer. You may find messages you’re meant to consider repeatedly show up in different formats. Pay attention.

Although you may be able to cope with pursuing many tasks now, starting them all at once isn’t a good idea. You need to focus on one thing at a time if you want to feel accomplished.

You may want to show off what you know in conversations, but be careful of debates. Check your ego before you blurt out your opinion. Hurting someone else’s feelings isn’t unlikely now. Be courteous.

A subject from the past may come up, bringing back memories of a different time and place. What really happened is up for debate depending on who you ask. Memories aren’t always consistent. Try not to argue too passionately over the little details. Make the effort to remember what makes you feel better about your past rather than worse.

With the mind activated, it can be overwhelming to the point of annoyance. The constant chatter can keep you up at night well past your bedtime. Nobody likes to be an insomniac for too long. Ensure you do what you can to make the effort to find a balanced sleep cycle. Herbs and teas, avoiding caffeine after a certain hour of the day will help but may not be enough.

Thinking too much and overworking can lead to excess tension in many areas of the body you may not be aware of. Your shoulders may be tight, you may get headaches, your low back may be sore, your forehead may be scrunched up. Some will get to the point of a breakdown or burnout.

Also, now is prime time for frustration from delays. Emails aren’t going through, internet isn’t working properly, line ups at stores and especially banks will seem to take forever. Traffic jams could lead to a moment of road rage! If your mind is restless push yourself to exhaust your energy  through your body. Exercise will be good for you, even if you hate it. Just twenty minutes of anything that gets your body moving and energy expended will help ease an irritable mind.

Meditation could be even more annoying for beginners with a chattering mind now. It will bring your attention to your thoughts if you have an untrained mind like turning the volume up on your stereo. Instead wait. Begin meditation in a week or so, not now. Do something physical instead. Jupiter is leading in Taurus now, get in touch with the earth more to balance your mind.

Worriers won’t be able to get away from the media these days. The news is pumping out enough gloom and doom to drive anyone to mental exhaustion. It’s their job. That’s how they make money. They want you to be addicted. When it comes to the big picture what can you really do? Instead of globalizing massive worldwide problems, it’s better to focus on what you can do locally, on a smaller, individual, community level. Consider rethinking your attitude towards the larger world picture by getting clearer on what you can do on a smaller level that will have more impact on your quality of living.

It’s easy to get distracted by the reports on the news and confused by the conflicting stories. What’s really the truth? Consider yourself an outsider to what really goes on behind the scenes, with only an inkling of the real story. Usually the the story we’re told about what’s going on “out there” is skewed by opinion and agenda.

Remember in ancient times when someone was being judged at the town square and the town crier would make pronouncements according to the direction of the court. The peasants would all be booing and anticipating the judgment, often brutal, planted onto the accused for all to see. Those peasants didn’t really have all the details, they only passed their judgments on what they were told and rumors they heard. This happens all the time. We often only have a small snippet of a story. What’s really going on behind the scenes is rarely known.

Gemini is notoriously in love with gossip, but the reality of gossip is, it’s only a version of the story. Opinions can often be based on an idea touted as true based merely on a superficial, thin layer of knowledge of the facts. So now that mercury is retrograde it’s a good idea to consider more closely why you think what you do, and how much of the real story do you really know? Just because you believe something and hold tight to an opinion doesn’t mean it’s really true. Is it reality or is it really just “all in your head”?

Many people’s beliefs and ideas paralyze them with fear about what the future holds. Not only is this true when considering idea’s on the big picture, but even the small everyday projects people put off and procrastinate on. How are your thinking patterns to the little things in life affecting your quality of life? It’s a good time to reassess why you think the way you do and ask yourself if your beliefs about yourself, your abilities and your life are really true, or are they simply illusions, snippets of a more whole picture.

In life you have the option to decide if you’re going to take the red pill or the blue pill. How far down the rabbit hole are you going to go to find out reality, or are you going to stay on the ground where it’s safe and accept the world as true according to how it’s being told to you?

The global debt that has been pushed off into the future really does speak to our attention to our responsibilities.

It’s a good time to go over your financials as well as your skills to see if your on the right track with balancing your work, your effort, your attention to detail, with your spiritual view of life. Take a look at your debts and ask yourself how your payment habits and feelings about debt reflect your internal value. As we can see money and materialism is evidently no guarantee for a perfect life without worries. We can though choose to consider how to make our lives more balanced within our closer circle.

When you’re shopping for the holidays consider this.

Life can change in an instant for anyone at any time. You could win the lottery or get a debilitating disease, the truth is you never know. We do live within a framework of natural laws that create the foundation of our reality. You have choices influenced by internal and external forces. You have the ability to make choices about how you engage and interact with the world. Are you going to be overwhelmed, scattered, distracted, or are you going to make decisions that drive you towards a more joyous, balanced way of seeing yourself and the world?

Pay attention to your dreams. With the potential for a chattering mind, it’s wise to keep a pen and paper by your bed. With Uranus going direct and in good connections with Mercury now, you may have a brilliant idea worth your attention.

Bring more of your wisdom into your life and to the world by rethinking your views, paying more attention to details and asking more questions to get closer to finding the truth in your life, rather than what others may wish you to believe.

Take a look at how big our universe is.

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2 thoughts on “Full Moon in Gemini December 10, 2011 Astrology Forecast

  1. You are very skilled at encouraging independent and critical thought about how to approach life’s situations. Mercury and the caduceus rod preside over commerce; business has been on my mind for months and it seems that a few things have fallen into place this week. But success in any endeavor requires diligent planning and focus. I did seem quite motivated but scattered for the past couple of days. I love the video; made me feel insignificantly small, momentarily. 


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