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New Moon in Sagittarius November 25, 2011 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Sagittarius on Friday, November 25, 2011 at 1:09am EST.

What is the purpose of your life? What is your philosophy of life? How do you see the world? These types of broad questions point to the energy of this New Moon in Sagittarius. We’re looking at the big picture. The Solar Eclipse gets us to look into our depths.

The Sun moved into Sagittarius on the 22nd.

Meaningful, philosophical considerations can renew our understanding of the bigger picture for your life.

It’s a time to ask harder questions of what’s happening in our world, rather than accepting what’s handed to you on the surface. What is the truth?

While we want to grow in understanding, Saturn puts on the breaks to a degree. Being in opposition to Jupiter, we can feel the limits. It’s not all coming together so clearly. The evidence isn’t handed to us. There’s a ceiling we want to peer through, but the light is being filtered through the fancifully designed glass window. We have hope though to catch a powerful glimpse through the clouds, and keep the faith we can get satisfying answers.

This is a good time to be intuitive to find answers. To know the truth you must not be afraid to ask questions either. Being guided by our morals and ethics will be revealing. If what you’re being told doesn’t make sense, look further, broaden your scope.

We can see this strongly in the world political structure now. People want answers. People want the truth and justice but somewhere along the line there is an intuitive sense that we’re not being given truthful answers. Doubts are raised, as a gift in disguise allowing us to eventually build up the courage to move through them. Skepticism is part of the process of unveiling wisdom beyond simply accepting dogma or superstition and leads us to dig deeper.

People are showing dedication, strength and emotional fortitude, staying devoted to their principles. People want their voices to be heard on a larger scale and to make a difference. Sides of the spectrum are divided yet we see they are united. The shift of balance happens to the whole.

In this search however, some people can feel such strong distrust and relate to the world as a victim. This can provide impetus to reach wider, further, self-educate to grow in wisdom to alleviate the negative experience and reach a higher stance of justice for all.

Speaking of the big picture, Uranus is currently in retrograde and is in tough aspect to Pluto. Concepts of restrictions of freedom are coming up with hidden agenda’s rising to the surface and being challenged by the public. The internet is a huge force in our world, but we can see there are concerns about who wants to evolve it behind the scenes. SOPA (Stop Online PiracyAct) is now being opposed in large scale by the general public as being seen to restrict freedom on the internet and is seen to possibly “break the internet”. Hugely successful Facebook, is being rumored to be working towards restricting internet flow through it by warning logged in users of sites as being unsafe if they are not part of Facebook’s open graph. Rumors, questions, concerns and debates on these subjects will continue to evolve as the public desire for freedom challenges hidden intentions behind the scenes. Questions on justice and fairness practices are emphasized now.

People want to enjoy life, to enjoy success, laughter and feel a sense of security as well. Everyone wants to feel joyfully balanced in their circumstance. Not just for themselves but for those around them. When those around us are enjoying life, it lends itself to create an atmosphere of joy for the rest of us. Many will enjoy the pleasures of food, company and entertainment providing a feeling of worry free leisure this weekend. Laughter with friends is good medicine to the body and mind. Being around those you can be honest around will provide you with a feeling of abundance.

Scientists have found the best evidence yet for water just beneath the surface of Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa.

Mercury is newly retrograde, beginning on Thursday at 2:19am EST. Be careful when signing documents for the next few weeks, and think twice before committing to spending, purchasing electronics and gadgets. Back up your emails, and important files on your computer on an external drive or disk just in case. Make sure you’ve got your winter tires on for neighborhood trips.

Be careful with your words too. Quick wit may not be trip off the tongue so easily. Do you want to put your foot in your mouth? Try to take it a bit slower. In the spirit of the weekend as well, jovial drinking can lead to an embarrassment. In the mood to gossip? Be careful what you say and to whom.

Some people will be leaning towards spending money to show off and impress others. Think twice. Save for a rainy day. Black Friday kicks off a weekend of deals, but be sure you’re really getting a deal, and make sure you have time to make returns. Read the fine print.

It’s a good time to take notes to re-read later on subjects of interest. Any philosophical ideas that come to mind should be noted and explored further for the joy of expanding your range of wisdom. Expand your consciousness with meditation this weekend. It’s a great time to start a new practice and focus on gratitude and abundance will do you well.

Juniper, clove, nutmeg, pine and sage are great choices for incense to use over the next month.

When we look at the bigger picture, there’s always something we can attach to that will be stressful. The current socio-political climate is strong in the news, and many want to escape or have an outlet. Anger and resentment over opposing viewpoints can escalate. It’s not surprising to see conspiracy theories mixed with reality leading to confusion. It’s also not surprising to see people using social networks as an outlet for their anger and pent up energy lashing out at others. Remember there are feelings on the other side of the wire. What you say changes the consciousness of others, try to be lighter, expansive and open minded. If there is a stubborn wall of opposition, let it go.

The wiser choice is to take a step back and direct that energy towards learning more. We can all live in a small bubble that we believe is the truth, but in reality we all have limited knowledge. The more knowledge you are able to bring together, the more informed your opinions, actions and reactions can be directed towards improving understanding to those you encounter.

What really is the truth? Is it subjective? Is it merely opinion? Ask questions and uncover what’s hidden. The potential for transforming perceptions is strong now. Start with your own. Forcing opinions on others can be discomforting. Find ways to inform without preaching. Be open to listening and forming opinions that are just and balanced. Biases are stubborn attempts to be right. By allowing yourself humility and room to explore the truth honestly an awakening is just around the corner.

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