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Full Moon in Taurus November 10, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a Full Moon in Taurus on November 10, 2011 at 3:16 pm EST.

The Moon is shining bright in the sky as ever. You may have also noticed another bright light in the sky near the moon; that’s Jupiter.

Jupiter has been in Taurus for many moons, bringing with it a growing appreciation and understanding of the natural world and what we associate with it, materialism.

We also see Jupiter in Taurus can point to the abundance or excess we see in terms of money. It is no secret that too much in the hands of the rulers can create an imbalance. We see that Pluto in Capricorn, also and earth sign, indicates a broader, deeper need for transformation in this area of our lives. The convoluted, and encompassing complexities of financial world affairs is only one part of the picture.

There’s also a more personalized gift Jupiter in Taurus bestows upon us to enjoy the season and with the Full Moon emphasizing our attention here, we can relate to the natural cycles around us more deeply.

This Full Moon indicates a time to enjoy the world around you here and now, and to bring attention to your senses. How do you feel in your physical body and environment? Pay attention to the sights, scents, temperatures and sounds.

In these days of November, we often see them as grey and dull, but there’s actually still a lot of color and life all around us. If you can get out to the park to lie in the leaves and have the warm sun on your skin, breathing in the fresh air, you’ll get reacquainted in no time.

The weather is still quite nice in many area’s. Some tree’s still have orange, red and gold leaves. Raking the leaves is a great way to connect to the earth. Pick a few of your favorite leaves to bring the earth element inside. If you don’t have a sacred space, a small table with a few leaves is a good start to reconnect to that sacredness in nature. You may also like adding a few of your favorite stones to symbolize the earth and feeling more grounded.

Burn natural incense to add to the experience. Juniper is a good choice corresponding to Jupiter.

Some plants associated with Jupiter are anise, almond, clove, cypress, dandelion, fig, flax, hyssop, juniper, maple, mullein, nutmeg, oak, olive, poplar, sarsaparilla, vervain. For Taurus you may enjoy apple, cardamom, lilac, magnolia, oakmoss, patchouli, rose thyme, vanilla, and violet.

Taurus rules the throat, so a good practice to feel more in touch with your body and soul is to sing the most beautiful songs in the shower, loudly, boldly. Songs of love and adoration of life will be moving.

Drinking warm, fragrant herbal tea’s under the moonlight, staring into the heavens will bring you to a renewed awareness of your place in the world. You won’t regret giving yourself that extra, deserved time to observe and be present. Tea will also soothe the throat. It’s best to be preventative now in terms of health.

This is a good time to pay attention to your bank balance. Set up an easy plan to stay organized with your income and expenses. Spending on necessities will make you feel better than spending frivolously. Do allow yourself some room for enjoyment. Perhaps a piece of art, home decor or a new outfit will do you well, but only if it’s functional and will stand the test of time.

With Jupiter on your side, think positively about your finances and ways you can grow your security.Give what you can to charity, or to help those you love. Find meaning in the uses of your money rather than burning it senselessly.

If you have a hunch on a business idea, trust it. Brainstorm on it, write down related ideas, and see where it takes you. Use expansive thinking to your advantage, and keep track of the details before you forget them.

Have open-minded philosophical discussions with your partner. Opening up, getting to know each other better will be warming. Enjoy laughter together. Get outside, explore new ideas and spaces.

Mars is inching away from Leo and will enter Virgo late in the evening. It will be bittersweet for Mars to leave fiery Leo to enter new territory. It is a great time to tie up loose ends. Ensure you are organized and ready for the work ahead.

If you have an artistic streak, or have been pondering trying your hand at something new, this would be the ideal time to finalize your decisions and prepare to start working on the details.

If you’ve fallen off the health wagon, this is a great time to renew your interest. Buy a bench to exercise at home, start a routine of running every day in your neighborhood even if only for a few minutes to start. Your heart health and your posture has been important. Now it’s time to get ready to take your routines more seriously with your heightened awareness and appreciation of your physical self.

Jupiter is the equivalent to the god Zeus in the Greek pantheon.

It’s really important to pay attention to where you hold tension in your body and how you expel nervous tension. Make a schedule . Use online tools or an agenda to pencil in time for balancing work and relaxation. Getting regular massages and stretching will be important in the coming weeks. Get in tune with your body more holistically.

If in the coming weeks you notice your intimate life isn’t as interesting or active as you’d like it to be, find ways to improve your self esteem. It would also be useful to find grounding your energy through eating healthy food and running. Lower body exercises from cycling to lunges will help you feel connected to the material world.

We should all be paying more attention to the rhythms of nature, the seasons and our bodies more now. Preparing for the winter ahead by feeling well and on top of things in advance will alleviate a lot of worry. Procrastinating will get worse if you don’t put your best foot forward right away. Have extra food stuffs put away for the harsher days. Get the wood ready for your furnace.

Many of us will feel more reserved and in our own bubble, taking things a bit slower. More sleeping, reading, lounging, listening to music, will all be good for you, along with good, wholesome, nourishing food. Walks, watering the house plants, sitting outside taking in the scenery will do you just fine. Honing in on your skills of observation will be rewarding. Find time to toil and time to chill without going extreme in either direction, for best results.

Interested in traveling? Plan for your future getaway by collecting brochures and doing your research. The most beautiful places will be appealing, as well as those that are stimulating to your intellect. Appreciation of historical design to modern architecture will be tantalizing factors to consider.

For those who unfortunately have a hot temper, be cautious. The Full Moon has been known to raise a bit of lunacy and personal reactions can vary. The Taurus energy can be relentless for those with a tendency to see red so be careful you choose words that won’t have Zeus throw down his thunderbolt in retaliation.

Over the next couple of weeks, getting yourself in a predictable, steady routine will keep you sane, centered and grounded. Incorporate as much earthy activities as possible. Mars, Jupiter and Pluto will be in good company with each other enjoying the earth signs and will help you transform your life into a more concrete, stable lifestyle.

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