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New Moon in Scorpio October 26, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a New Moon in Scorpio on October 26, 2011 at 3:55 pm EST.

This New Moon introduces us to a time when the veil is said to be thinnest between our world and the spirit world.

As the suns daylight hours shorten, we symbolically descend into the depths of the underworld (Pluto), where the mysteries are more accessible and we reach further into our subconscious, intuitive, spiritual side.

The festivities of Halloween are symbolic of the archetypes we find in Scorpio. In Scorpio we are reminded to bring our attention to the deeper, spiritual side of life that is quite often hidden from us when we’re caught up in our everyday routines and responsibilities.

Halloween is a holiday (Holy Day), an expressive time that unites us with a more whole perception of our lives. Scorpio shows us how powerful the most fundamental, transformative processes of life are; birth, death and rebirth, and the magical process that links these all together, sex.

Halloween celebrates the spectrum of our life, combining religious and philosophical beliefs, curiosities and fears of the unknown. We are encouraged to have fun, and enjoy the spirit of the season, to accept the wide variety of experiences in our life; the good and the bad.

In this autumn season we see the symbols of change presented all around us. The gorgeous foliage changing colors, and leaves falling to the ground reminds us of how the process of transformation in our life moving us from one stage to another, truly has beauty in it. Just like birth, just like death, just like the moment of conception of new life, these moments remind us of how spiritual life really is. These moments bring us back to seeing our lives with renewed perception of reality.

One of the key symbols for Scorpio is the scorpion, which in an instant can end life with his potent sting, but also in the process may lose his own life. The scorpion will be defensive before offensive, but will certainly lash out when necessary. He shows us the actions that result from our sensitivities, and challenges between life and death we all encounter.

The snake is another symbol associated with Scorpio. Shedding his skin he shows us the process of change, transformation and rebirth into a new self. The snake also symbolizes the transformation and rebirth of life force.

The phoenix is another symbol that shows us a resurrection and overcoming the ashes of death to be renewed with life.

This New Moon in Scorpio symbolizes an opportunity for rebirth for all of us; a resurrection of our spirituality. A stronger recognition of the importance of our relationships is brought forth. Love becomes more profound, from the love we may have romantically to the love we have for close family members and friends.

We’re being urged to look deeper into our relationships and the spiritual bonds we have with others. At various stages in our lives many of us may draw ourselves away from people once close to us for a number of reasons, including self-preservation of our own feelings and to maintain a personal comfort zone. Through this, we can block off sharing love because we don’t want to be hurt or feel judged by another’s superficial opinion. At our core, we all want to be accepted and seen for who we really are inside, but ego’s can often get in the way when we live mainly tuned into the superficial side of our reality.

You may have dreams of people in your life that suddenly transforms how you relate to, and perceive them. Scorpio prods us to be reborn. You may dream that someone in your family who is still alive, has died. Intense and dramatic as it is, in that moment in your dream which seems so real, you are changed deeply. You come face to face with the reality of the power of life and death.

Although only a dream, this becomes a significant moment of realization, and a turning point in how you really perceive the humanity of the other person. You remember how much you really do love that person when you clear away all the superficial obstacles and barriers that have been put up. You realize their value, and how much emptiness would be there, should they suddenly be gone. A rebirth in your awareness about how much you really do care for someone may be awakened during this New Moon.

Even if you aren’t comfortable reconnecting with another person you’ve distanced yourself from, at least this reminder changes how you think about them. Releasing all the petty matters you grasp and hold on to, towards knowing that deep down you do love them, faults and all, can take you to a higher level of awareness.

You may also dream of those you have loved that have passed on reminding you that the bond you have at a soul level keeps them alive within you.

This New Moon teaches us that we cannot hold on to anything in life forever. Nothing is permanent. Our time with others is brief, and each is worthy of the love we can share.

The pendulum swings both ways as we learn more about ourselves. For some, the Scorpio energy brings up the learning about our relationships with others through strong feelings. Jealousy, deceit, and mistrust, are all negative qualities of encompassing attachment and loss that can come to the surface needing to be worked through for some. Jupiter in tough aspect to this new moon can certainly lead to over-reactions to situations. Be careful not to exaggerate a concern. If you are self-analyzing, do so with compassion.

This New Moon allows us to better tune into how our thoughts mingle with our emotions and feelings. By mindfully paying closer attention to your feelings, you can judge them better, knowing if you’re on the mark or going overboard, and thus make better choices in reacting to situations in your life. It won’t be uncommon to feel more sensitive during this New Moon. Spending time with pets will fill your heart. See them for their innocence and good intentions.

Mercury leads us to want to know the truth, and when our hunches feel like something is hidden from us, detective work can be irresistible to some. Be careful that your feelings aren’t skewed. Do you really want to drill someone, and probe them for information to the point you push them away?  Obsessive behaviour will harm your relationships. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. Forgiveness is needed now, instead of jealousy.

It’s a good time to reflect on how jealousy and mistrust in your life has been a disservice to others as well as yourself.  Be affectionate with those you love for better rewards.

If the urge to be a sleuth is strong in you, try not to pick others’ brains. You’ll just annoy them. Just because you want to know something doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t want the right to their privacy. Don’t push people into telling you their personal information. The backlash against facebook privacy issues and invasive tracking cookies are good evidence of this. Instead, do someone else a favour by not digging into their business by feeding your urge to discover by picking up a good mystery novel, a book on psycho-analysis, or watch a few episodes of Matlock or Murder, She Wrote. Research a subject you want to know more about. Memory will be enhanced and retaining information should be good now.

The Occupy Wall Street movement also demonstrates that the need to know is growing. Many people are expressing that they want to have answers, and gain clarity on what’s going on behind the scenes and why. We can see that the more questions are raised and insights of concerns are drawn to the surface, the need to know spreads further. Transformation is sweeping through the masses.

Financially, you should be stepping away from gambling or investing without being clear. The markets are in a constant state of flux now, and the clarity just isn’t present. If you don’t know how the dice are going to roll, it’s best to stay away from putting your chips on the table now.

At home, you may be looking around your house asking yourself where all this junk came from. It’s a good time to clear away the clutter from your space, which will also help clear away the clutter from your mind. If you don’t spend some time cleaning, you’ll start to feel overwhelmed. Get rid of the layers that are covering the foundations of your life.

To also help clear up your thoughts, write out your feelings, and get them out in artwork. Working with bright colors will help your feelings come through. The process itself, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense on paper or canvas, will be like pouring out an overflowing jug in a more suitable container before it spills all over the floor. Physical labor will also help clear away a mind full of revolving thoughts.

You may find yourself interested in discovering new music. Those interested in design are encouraged to check out what’s trending these days. A trip to the bookstore to see what’s new on the shelves will peak your interest in new subjects. Learning more about magic and mysteries are intriguing now more than ever. Pick up a tarot deck or get a reading to reveal insights in your life.

Scorpio rules the occult. Although the word occult is often associated with evil by many, it really only means “hidden”.  Simply put, it is uncommon knowledge, non-mainstream. Spirituality by its very nature could be considered occult, because it is hidden deep within us all, and is very personal. What we think and believe; what we dream, daydream, wish and hope, can all be hidden parts of ourselves.

Halloween though, puts a fun spin on the occult mysteries of life. Turning our fears of death into a time of celebration, laughter and some pretty amazing costumes. Everyone gets to express themselves, enjoying a mix of art and fashion.

Here’s a great example of Halloween Fun with Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker as witches that return from the dead in Hocus Pocus

Enjoy the Movie! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the clip from Bell, Book and Candle as well.

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