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New Moon in Libra September 27, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a New Moon in Libra on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 7:08 am EST.

The energy has shifted a lot since the Full Moon a couple of weeks ago. That’s life, always in motion. The Sun, moon and Mercury along with Venus and Saturn are all in Libra now.

Can you feel the transition beginning? Astrologically speaking we are moving into the deeper subconscious cycle of life in the northern hemisphere. We move through the mythic symbolism of our life between light and dark, our external and internal worlds. The feminine moon, now accompanied by neighboring planets in Libra, emphasizes the focus of the suns journey through the zodiac. The equinox on the 23rd marked the beginning of our descent into the underworld, symbolically speaking.

Autumn brings magic back to our lives. With all our extroversion and lazy, fun enjoyment basking in the sunny weather energy all summer, we’re now moving into a period that gives us back a crisp renewal. Summer could be said to be as superficial (bright, sunny, seen), and Autumn begins the seasonal change towards depth of our world (mysterious, internal, hidden). Considerations of our deeper motivations start to surface with reflection and with spontaneity.

Transition always leads to a kind of struggle as a new phase merges with what is ending. A new moon signifies this for us. The ending becomes the new beginning. With that there is potential to renew ourselves in a different way, a more internal approach to living our lives.

Some don’t want to let go of all that leisurely enjoyment of the summer. Getting back to the nitty gritty work can feel heavy. Saturn will emphasize the weight of our lives in all of us as we try to seek balance.

Our karma becomes a focal point in many areas of our life. Now we get pushed to ask more out of ourselves. What’s working? What isn’t? Where do I go from here? What can I do to make things better?

Taking the responsible route may feel burdensome when we ponder the effort required, but you can make it fun. You can make it about what you really want to do to make the most of your efforts, and make them meaningful. Instead of living your life from the viewpoint of what you have to do just to get by, you can bring more meaningfulness to everything you do, even the most mundane tasks.

Raking the leaves, as just one autumn themed example. What a burden right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. It can be turned into an event that lifts your spirits, and shifts you into a spiritually connected mode. The act of tidying your space, the fresh scent of the leaves, playing with the kids and pets in the yard, having a warm cup of coffee, seeing the birds migrate high in the sky make the moment majestic. Looking above at the magnificence of those gorgeous tree’s colorful leaves dancing and shaking all around you makes the task become a meaningful experience.

This is how you can tip the scales, to your benefit and find the balance. Libra signifies integrating our internal and external world. Where else can you shift the approach in your life to make your experiences become more magical? Harvesting the final herbs and vegetables from your garden, bringing in the flowers you want to keep, placing bowls of red leaves on your table for added color and a festive spirit; the possibilities are endless to create a more sacred bond to the changing times. It may sound a bit too “Martha Stewart”, but looking deeper, the littlest things can create profound moments of self-realization.

Your emotions may also move towards a more compassionate response to others. People deserve and need love. Those who act out, are doing so because they are feeling pain. If you return aggressive behavior, whether direct or passive aggressive, you keep the ball rolling.

Becoming more in tune with your real intentions is a gift the Moon bestows, as we reach deeper into understanding our subconscious motivations. This is great for people who have passive aggressive tendencies to take a moment to reflect on how to move away from instigating underlying problems by reacting more kindly.

A New Moon will also grant you more intuition to make things start off on better footing. Helping others feel more balanced, isn’t always easy, but by putting in the effort in a kind and compassionate way, you can turn the experience around a few degrees to make your life, and the life of others, a little bit better.

Uranus continues retrograde motion in Aries. A slow mover, but now opposing the Moon and her nearby allies, there’s potentially a challenge staring across the room. You can give a fighting glare and complain, or smile and a bow, it’s up to you. For many a friendly nod will come naturally, for others it’s not so simple to muster a genuine acceptance. This could be a person, a situation or event that feels uncomfortable merely because it’s a surprise out of left field that shakes you. How are you going to deal with it, is more important than what it is. Remember, how you deal with situations is up to you, and makes all the difference.

Understandably though, many don’t like unpredictable change that pulls them out of their comfort zone. A lot of us like things to run as smoothly as possible and aren’t crazy about challenges that are quick to change our flow. To ease any tension and to feel more grounded and more aware of what the next step you can take is, you should listen to your intuition before acting. Sit with it. Often you can create a space of time around situations to make it a bit easier to handle.

Uranus may bring a bit of aggressive dynamism our way opposing Mercury. A snicker from across the room is possible. Not everyone plays fair even if you wish they would. Luckily, Mercury also enjoys the fresh air of Libra and will motivate us to quietly step away for a moment, instead of reacting without thinking. Enjoying a moment of stillness in the sweet autumn air will make a world of difference to your thinking process. Talk yourself into taking a more balanced point of view before approaching a subject.

Many will have a cloud of indecision lingering over their head. In all your decisions, consider what is right  for all involved, including yourself, to create a lighter atmosphere for everyone.

You can never control what other people will say or think about you. Ultimately, what others say reveals more about themselves, and their own personal worldview and feelings, than it does about anybody else. Getting wrapped up in others’ emotions isn’t worthwhile; it’s draining. Take what works, and leave the rest behind.

Just think of how tabloids talk about famous people. If they let each false perception of them control their ego’s they’d lose themselves in despair. You know the truth of who you are. What others say is about them.

Don’t let other’s views get to you. It’s not worth it. Just focus on what you’re doing and what you’re passionate about.

This also goes for any tasks that suddenly come up. Allow yourself the space to think before taking action. If you go into action and reaction mode too quickly you may feel scatter brained. Let Libra infuse your thinking processes with balance. Think about ways to bring out the best in others as well as yourself.

Running, hiking, even zip-lining would be excellent ways to burn off tension and give you a sense of personal freedom. Discovering new areas will lighten your mood. The New Moon is great to start a new activity, outside of school or work. Keep a journal for a couple of weeks of what you’re doing different and how it makes you feel more alive.

Romance will flow best by bridging spontaneity with the comfort of beautiful surroundings rich in character. Shyness can place a blanket over many, but maintaining focus on your surroundings and activities rather than self-conscious observation will ease your mind’s self-judgmental habits.

If you try to buy love, forget it. Your affection will be seen as so much more valuable. Don’t do anything that makes you so excited that you lose your ability to make wise decisions.

If you’re in the breaking up phase, getting over someone you recently separated with, or are indecisive about your love life in general, consider journaling what you need to make yourself feel more emotionally balanced and secure. If you feel inhibited, just be easy on yourself with the judgmental attitude. Good things come in good time. This may be the right period for you to identify more acutely what you are really looking for in love and why. If you’re mostly motivated by what you want to receive instead of give, you’ll only create distance between you and love.

For those in a relationship, think of ways to give more to your partner. Any gesture of kindness will be appreciated and bonding. Your time is highly likely the one thing that would be most appreciated now. Spend quality time together. Do some self reflection on what you identify as “quality time” but also consider what your partners definition of it is as well.

Wasting money won’t make sense now. Saturn needs you to be more attentive to the karma you’re creating. Debt is karma that grows in numbers. Using your credit card frivolously hopefully won’t be a habit, as the weight of responsibility to pay it back should be considered foremost before you swipe or insert your chip.

We all feel like we have the drive to succeed, but doubts linger about how much we can grow. Mars is in a tough position to Jupiter now. Attention to details, and hard work will get you through this period. Go towards your passions full force. The time for them to grow will come. Now is the time to give your all, and up your efforts. What helps you create a more lively, abundant life comes through doing what you love. Even though you may think your skills aren’t up to par, do what you can. Skills grow through spending time.

It’s a good time to start a new exercise routine. Stretch and push yourself in new ways to symbolize your willingness to create a more fulfilling life. Getting into the groove of exercise doesn’t happen overnight, but soon enough you’ll notice each push you make gets you further and makes you stronger. It gets easier with time. Let this be an example for whatever you feel enthusiastic to put effort into.

If you’re an artist, or an aspiring artist, don’t let the doubts of the quality of your work get in your way. Try putting your emotions into your work instead of your brain for a while. Create without thinking or analyzing. Create purely by the movement and the action involved. Find discipline in the active force you put out, instead of the planning.

Know that what you focus on eventually grows. So start something that makes you feel like you’re moving towards more balance in what you really want. The more time and effort you dedicate, the better. Consider how it will give yourself and those around you the freedom you deserve. Look at anything spontaneous that comes up as a jolt towards you getting on track with more focus. Whatever comes your way, use it to improve the overall picture you’re developing for your life. Be open to what is new, and you’ll find the balance that works for you.

You’re life is changing, and the colors of autumn reflect the beauty within all of us. Enjoy the meaningful changes.

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