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Ancient Secrets of Magic

This documentary explores the historical and modern movements of spirituality and magic from ancient Egyptians and Alchemists to the modern new age movement. Each era brought forth a new understanding of the world through questioning common perceptions, beginning the development of scientific discovery and challenging the status quo.

Subjects discuss range from ancient gods, astrology, mysticism, the elements, alchemy, the emerald tablet, hermetics, mystery schools, angels, enochian language, tarot, oracles, theosophy, thelema, to modern technology and the sciences. Controversial ideas in their time, Isaac Newton, Galileo, Aristotle, Plato, Alestair Crowley, Madame Blavatsky, John Dee, Carl Jung, The Beatles, are a few of those mentioned as part of the development, discovery and popularity of these subjects and pushed boundaries.

Although the documentary brings as many questions as answers, it does provide an overview of many subjects in this area of interest.

A few of the concepts discussed:

They expressed it very beautifully – As Above, So Below, it really means wherever you look, the patterns will be the same. At the microscopic level, at our level, and at the cosmic level.

The movements of the planets through the heavens used to be considered the footprints of the gods and goddesses, and when they would catch up with each other and have interactions or one would go retrograde and then go forward again, these things were all understood to affect the world.

In Egypt, divination developed into a sophisticated system of rituals and ceremonies, designed to contact the gods that ruled their world.

They codified an alphabet that would line up the sounds of speech, the number canon and the zodiacal signs planets and features in the heavens so that you could with this alphabet spell sacred words, count, figure and calculate, and you could also do astronomy.

Pythagoras identified numbers as the most fundamental elements of creation.

Many credit pythagoras and his school with the development of numerology, and the efficient Greek alphabet eventually adopted by much of western culture. Pythagoras also applied numbers to decode music, which Greeks regarded as the language of the gods. He invented the monochord which defined the numerical ratios of the musical scale. Pythagoras believed he solved the mysteries of the universe.

The tarot is a pictorial representation of occult teachings. It’s a method of going within and contacting archetypal levels within oneself, spiritual levels and entering meditative state in which intuition is heightened and maybe where you can see certain types of patterns occurring because you are in a certain state of mind.


One thought on “Ancient Secrets of Magic

  1. Very important document, the Emerald Tablet. The most famous quote of course being As Above, So Below. This wisdom comes from astronomical knowledge at least ten thousand years old, passed on through succeeding generations by oral tradition, inherited and learned by Hermes. . The ancient mariners measured the earth, traveled the seas, and recorded their knowledge with symbols and oral tradition. As we study the heavens and learn what is where up there, we can determine where we are down here. “As above, so below” started out to be just that. A statement that you can determine your location by measuring the stars. Ref: “Decoding Symbols through History”, and “Symbology: Decoding Classic Images” by Michelle Snyder.


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