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Full Moon in Pisces September 12, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a Full Moon in Pisces on Monday, September 12, 2011 at 5:26am EST.

This Full Moon is particularly beautiful shining down on us in the heavens. If you haven’t had a chance to sit and stare at the moon, you’re missing a moment to remember. With contemplation on the finer details of life, the light of this moon will shine deep into your soul. The water element is emphasized greatly with this Full Moon in Pisces.

The emotional depth of each of us is heightened. Situations draw us in to a sphere of awareness of how we feel about ourselves and others. Life feels more poetic, meaningful, and colored by a spiritual purpose. If you let yourself be drawn into the magic of this moment, you’ll be changed.

Life always changes, just like the emotions. One minute you could feel like you’re drawn into the pits of despair, not knowing where to turn or what to do. In the next you could feel like a million dollars and ready to move forward with excitement of the possibilities.

Like the tides, our feelings move in and out, always rising and falling.

Creativity will be heightened, and should be embellished. Writing, drawing, painting, listening to music, whatever draws you to feel and express your emotions will be good for you.

Songs can move you to tears. Wallowing for long in melancholy will not do you well though. It is always temporary unless you choose to stay there. Feeling pain and sorrow is a part of life. We all feel it from time to time, but we always move past it because that’s what it’s there for. It shows us parts of ourselves that are far from superficial.

When everything is peachy keen in life, our inner world can be glossed over, forgotten, and the superficial becomes more prevalent. We barely scratch the surface of who we are when living on the surface. It’s when pain comes into the picture that the spectrum of our feelings widens and we get in touch with ourselves more. Tears reveal when we’ve swam deep in our internal oceans. We don’t know what’s deep down in the waters until we get there.

It doesn’t mean this full moon will bring us sadness, and if it does, it can be temporary, but what a new world of self-awareness that’s opened up because of it. Sail the sea’s of your emotions knowing they are an important part of life’s path. The heightened sense of self can unite us with ourselves and with others more deeply. Understanding yourself with more compassion, will lead to a more giving, loving kindness.

Taking a bath in warm waters will be purifying to the body, mind and soul. Add your favorite essential oils and botanicals to enhance the experience and feel more in tune to the magic of the elements. It’s also useful to make this a ritual during the seasonal change into Autumn to fortify your immune system and help ward off colds and flu’s. Natural herbal tea’s added to your daily routine is also recommended.

It’s a great time to have interactions with family that matter now. Any activities around the house done together for mutual benefit will be appreciated and recognized. Helping take care of responsibilities from cleaning, to paying bills, to getting things organized will create a bond by being on the right track together.

The tough conversation on what needs to be done will go over well now if that extra care and attention to others’ feelings is considered. Going for a hike together, riding bikes, taking the dog to the park together and any activities that get you moving and shifting your physical energy will be great for relationships.

If finances are a problem now, it’s best to get on top of them. The bills from the past will continue to add up, so avoiding them will make the pile rise. Assess what you can you do to bring more in to balance your wants and needs with the others in your circle of inter-dependency. Money matters can be a touchy, emotional subject for many. Bring your compassionate side to the table. Understanding each others feelings is important to making mutually beneficial decisions.

Helping yourself and others will transform your well being. Helping the elderly, especially with health concerns will be good for the soul. If you smoke, taking the extra care to not affect others with second hand smoke will be noticed and appreciated. Taking care of your body with small steps to show you care will make a world of difference.

Drinking and drug use may be emphasized now in those with such tendencies, and will likely lead to unpredictable behavior in an attempt to mask internal emotional vulnerabilities.

NASA sent twin space probes up on Saturday, September 10, to explore and map the interior of the moon called the GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory).

Respectfulness in relationships is important now. Working together on a healthy diet, making dinner, exercising, doing yoga, all these types of activities done together will get the conversation going in a positive direction. A makeover, or simply cutting your hair or wearing something that shows off your best features can instigate and renew appreciation of you in your partner. For those who are single, joining group activities that are both creative and healthy for the body and mind will be perfect avenues to meet someone with a great personality.

Venus will be moving into Libra on the 14th of September. Love and romance will feel right at home. Enjoy feeling a little more luxurious and worthy in the second half of September.

Now is also a good time to recreate in art what you feel in your heart, bringing forth something divinely inspired without judgment.

Jupiter was the ancient ruler of Pisces, now Neptune carries the currents of it’s waters. This Full Moon in Pisces brings forth the significance of ancient inner wisdom into our modern lives.

It’s important now to consider how your philosophical and religious points of view unite and divide you in yourself and with others. There are new possibilities growing within your world view. What seemed true and believable before, is changing. With so much information on the internet, it’s hard to know what to believe. Trusting what feels right makes all the difference.

The spiritual truth doesn’t come from what is forced on you or what you’re conditioned to believe due to pressure of family, friends and societies judgments.

The truth is available to us all within our hearts. We can know what is true by what feels right. If there is conflict, can it really be true? The sun shines in our sky every day, that is a universal truth that can not be denied. That’s what truth means. It’s undeniable, universal and natural.

Nature shows us an undeniable truth. The natural world is here and now, present, and real. Whether it was created in an instant, or grew from the processes of a Big Bang, is up for debate, but what is true is that you’re experiencing the life force in this world right now in this moment. The laws of time and space in nature are all around us, set in place molding our reality.

Many look to the walls of organized religions for answers told to them by others in what to think and believe, but there is a way of reaching out spiritually more directly, without the possible interference by the minds of man. The natural world in it’s purity, itself is a sacred, living sanctuary available to you at any moment. It is fashioned by forces of Divine wonder, we can touch and feel right before our eyes. All it’s laws do not have to be told to us or enforced upon us with varying ideologies or opinions. The laws of nature are simply present in the design laid out at our feet and in the heavens above us. The beauty of the laws of nature are present, we live it, feel it, and experience it directly.

What is right and wrong is debatable in religion and politics, and always will be, but in your heart there is a truth that does not need to be told or enforced, it is felt. When we are tuned into the natural world, and to the spiritual heart available to all of us within, we are naturally guided towards thoughts and actions of love, compassion, and understanding that creates harmony for ourselves and for others.

It is when the ego gets in the way that conflict arises. The ego is the great divider. The heart unites. The truth is not owned or reserved for one group over another, that’s only the ego talking.

When you look up at this Pisces Full Moon, see the truth of it’s wonder in it’s presence and how magnificently Divine this moment really is. Let yourself be moved by your emotions. It’s an important time to feel the meaning of your life more deeply and let the light shine and reflect from your heart.

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One thought on “Full Moon in Pisces September 12, 2011 Astrology Forecast

  1. that full moon is the most spiritual, beautiful full moons I’ve watched in such long time. The weather was so nice this evening, the clouds were so interesting to watch. The sky looked like the ocean. A giant cloud in front of the moon kept changing shapes into so many animals. A couple of friends and I just sat on a roof and talked about what the cloud shapes looked like.

    Jupiter is so bright in the southern sky. It was really a lot of fun and inspiring… I feel like I’ve reconnected to the cosmos.


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