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As Above, So Below. Astrological Roots of Theology

Macrocosm and Microcosm unite in this fascinating teaching lecture which discusses how Astrology is the origin of Biblical symbolism providing us with details of the process of life and the heavens.

Get to understand the meaning of the seasons and the movement of the sun and moon. Understand the four elements, earth, air, fire, water, and the astrological qualities cardinal, fixed, mutable, signs and planetary rulers. See where astrology relates to and develops into the many myths of heaven, earth and hell.

Enjoy these absolutely fascinating insights into the Symbolism of Astrology relating to Ancient Mythology, Science, Religion, Time and life. Origins and correlations between words are also discussed providing insights into the development of language and symbolic meaning of religious phrases.

We are pleased to share this with you, and assured you will learn very much on Astrological symbolism in these lectures.


One thought on “As Above, So Below. Astrological Roots of Theology

  1. As we dig deep into prehistory and find trails of symbols there, ancient uses of familiar images and phrases become more evident. Astrology had carried forward considerable knowledge of the heavens from at least 77,000 BC. By ca. 4000 BC ancient mariners knew how to use astronomy to divide time, and for direction. They measured the earth, traveled the seas, and recorded their knowledge with symbols and oral tradition. As we study the heavens and learn what is where up there, we can determine where we are down here. “As above, so below” started out to be just that. A statement that you can determine your location by measuring the stars. Ref: “Decoding Symbols through History”, and “Symbology: Decoding Classic Images” by Michelle Snyder.


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