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New Moon in Virgo August 28, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’ s officially a New Moon in Virgo on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 11:04 pm EST.

The New Moon in Virgo can bring up a lot of emotions, and irritability won’t be uncommon this weekend. With emotions high in the transitioning moon phase, working with others can test your nerves, especially when the work is addressed with a critical eye and anything overlooked becomes a touchy subject about errors.

Sharing a viewpoint and meeting on common ground opens up an opportunity to communicate more clearly and understand the subtleties of the work at hand. Mercury is retrograde no more, so getting the message across should become easier as we end August.

The Moon enjoys the company of Venus and the Sun as part of a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Pluto. The practical changes we wish for in life get an extra boost. Focusing on personal security and a solid foundation will be supported with potentially lucky encounters. Your ambitions will get more footing if you take the steps necessary to tread your path with an attitude of success.

This is the time of year when we all get back to work and back to school. It’s time to learn, to grow and put in more effort. For some the idea of getting back into the swing of things after a great summer can be motivating, and for others depressing.

Do you remember when you were younger and you knew summer was coming to an end and a new school year was about to begin? It was fun to get new clothes, school supplies and know you’d see your friends again. For others though, it was a time of worrying about the problems we may encounter with all the responsibility and social interactions we’d be subjected to.

Although there is the potential for worrying about the details now as we start the new season of work and school; keep in mind Jupiter is auspiciously connecting with this New Moon to kick off the vibe of the next two weeks. You’ll find luck on your side and the ability to feel more grounded in yourself.

For many the worry of what would challenge their sense of competence could weigh heavy on their heart and mind. Worry can cloud the excitement of starting a new phase of life for many.

The critical eye of another can harm the ego of the more sensitive souls. However, having someone with an eye for detail can get you to see things more deeply and clearly. Writers, graphic designers, architects, dance instructors and choreographers, office managers, and many of the like, can point out what needs fixing. This is a good thing. Finer details are important. Don’t take it personally. See what’s being offered in what’s pointed out that you can learn and use to your advantage in the future.

This is the time of year to find more clarity about self acceptance. Virgo can bring up a lot of qualities of self analysis that could put one person on a track of eagerness to succeed and prove themselves, and for others self-doubt and self-consciousness. It can also bring up our emotionally wrapped, superficial  judgments of others. It’s often said, what you don’t like in others, you don’t like in yourself.

What will you choose? Well, it’s not always so easy to “just” make a choice about how we react to the world and how we think and feel about ourselves. How we feel inside is molded over a lifetime through our experiences, ingrained deep in our psyches. It takes work and willingness to get through our internal challenges. Virgo helps us do just that.

Although we can choose to renew ourselves in each moment, many have a lot of work to do to push through the doubts. Sometimes we can be our own worst inner critic, and a lot of it has to do with how our perceptions have been shaped by what others may or may not think or say about us. Our external world mixes with our internal world, resulting in an internal alchemy that becomes who we are, for better or worse.

Virgo can bring up a lot of questions about self-worth in a multitude of situations. Self-confidence is an issue that bleeds into every area of life, from career choice to our social interactions and love life.

Do you have fears about what others think of you? Does your body reflect how you feel on the inside? Do you hold yourself back from your potential because of doubts, feelings of inadequacy, or incompetence? Do you feel inhibited from being free in love and life?

Do you hold yourself back in your career? Do you see your finances as a burden or as a tool for liberation? Do you keep yourself from sharing your love with a significant other because of inhibitions? All these types of questions and concerns come up with this Virgo Moon.

New questions will arise, new situations that will get you to reflect on what your inner critic is saying, or has been saying for far too long. It’s time to address them with honesty. Our personal beliefs and where we stand can also be fluctuating at this time, as we renew our sense of what’s real and true. Long held beliefs that no longer make sense to our logical side can be conflicted.

With this streak of confidence issues this New Moon can also have people feeling a bit touchy, and quick reactions with slamming wit won’t be uncommon. Be mindful of others feelings being as sensitive as your own on personal issues. If you enter social situations in defensive mode you’ll further your own self-consciousness and make the interactions more uncomfortable than they need to be.

With Autumn soon arriving, we’ll soon be entranced in one of the most beautiful times of year. As the tree’s change and the morning sun gives us a more light shades of blue, the air becomes crisper and cooler. This shift we see in nature all around us reflects the beauty that is within when we strip away the layers of our outer selves and reveal more of the essential side of us.

Take in this fresher air and stronger breeze with a sense of renewal. See how the beauty of the natural world’s flow in all it’s complexities and changes, reflects an inner radiance you behold too.

Any self-analysis you may apply now should be in taking the steps towards making yourself more attuned to your real self. Instead of critiquing the superficial stuff, focus on more fully appreciating and admiring the great character traits that are at your core.

For those of you who use your power of self-knowing to overcome doubts and shyness, be careful to not be overtly blunt about your self-assurances in the face of others. Boastfulness is never attractive and can lead the more sensitive people you encounter feeling inadequate as they work through their personal obstacles. Try to keep the pendulum from swinging too widely as we all work through our hurdles.

Also be careful of inflections in your tone of voice when quickly responding to a comment by another. Your words may linger, ringing in someones ears for days as their sensitivities ponder what you may have meant.

In career many of you have long felt like you’re running around in circles getting nowhere far, fast. You might feel like you’re just a cog in a machine and time is flying by.

Many will feel like they are unsure of what exactly they want to be doing with their life. If you’re in a vicious cycle, and don’t know if what you’re doing is the right thing for you this is a great time to ask yourself the tough questions. Mercury has gone direct on August 26, so clearer thinking will come to all of us that’s easier to grasp than it was earlier in August. People change their career many times in life, this is a good time to think about what you’re ready to leave behind and what to move towards.

If you have a job interview, television interview, or are in any way going to have to explain yourself to others, it would be best to do some prior meditating on your higher qualities now. Revisit the spiritual side of your life’s purpose to bring more unity into your interactions with others. Sharing commonalities builds bridges.

If you’re working on a project with others, from business to art, take points of view into consideration with stride. Some may feel offended if opinions are conveyed with a slight nasty attitude. It’s best to stand back, listen, wait, and be patient as the process unfolds.

This is a great time to start yourself on a new, practical health routine that will boost your confidence in yourself. Why ask yourself tough questions that matter if you’re in a funk? The answers are easier to find when you’re giving yourself firmer ground to stand on. Push yourself a little to instigate change in your frame of mind.

Any solo athletic endeavors will bring you stronger footing and clearer thinking. It may be a little difficult getting motivated to start though with the Saturn-Mars aspects weighing on our energy. Find ways to make it more enjoyable and fit into your schedule that works best for you.

Outdoor activities will be especially supportive of providing well-being to start off September. If you’re going to run on the treadmill at a stuffy, packed gym with stale air and fluorescent lights, try running outdoors instead in the natural sunlight for better energy. What a difference a refreshing, natural environment can make. The fresh air will pour new life into the cells of your body with each breath. Little changes make a world of difference.

Life isn’t all about what you can do for yourself though. The spiritual elements of life are about caring for others as much as yourself. You may wake up one morning and ask yourself, “What do I really want and who am I doing it for?” That’s precisely what this new moon is bringing up for us all with Neptune standing across the heavens in Aquarius.

If you’re a team player, play for the fun of the game and lose yourself in the team effort for a while. Competitiveness has it’s healthy side individually, but this is not a time to separate yourself. Uniting with others in a joint effort of any kind will take the pressure off you, and put the focus on the common goal creating stronger, meaningful bonds.

With Hurricane Irene coming up the coast of the U.S and Canada, we are reminded of the benefit of people working together to help fortify their homes, towns and livelihood. Individual efforts for the good of others as a whole creates a stronger, more meaningful force. We wish all our readers, and everyone in the affected area’s of this hurricane, safety.

This is the beginning of the transition period of the seasons, and more people will be getting colds and allergies will kick in. Our attention is brought back to the importance of our bodies, health and our relationship to our surroundings more directly. Venus also brings this attention to ourselves uniting our health with our appearance. Although so many of us are critical of the little details of our bodies, look to the gracefulness of the changing color of the trees on their way. Looking at other people with the same admiration of beauty you do of the trees, will lead you closer to seeing that same beauty in your own physical self.

It’s a good time for love to be amped if you focus on what you love in your partner. If you focus on inadequacies the relationship will be hurt. There’s a tendency for relationships to be a little distanced if you harp on your partner. Try not to be irritating, irrational or nag them on the little things if you don’t want to create a wedge. Be respectful and try to do something together that gives you focus on something external like going to a show, symphony or art gallery together. Appreciating what Venus symbolizes in this world in love and beauty will create more of it to share together.

If you’re nerves are on end, it’s best to step away for a bit. Go for a walk alone without making anything of it, just go out for fresh air. Being responsible with your finances now will keep the relationship on better footing. Shopping for necessities and adding a few items to your wardrobe for the fall season will be healthy for your well being.

If worry pulls you in during this New Moon, as it likely may for many, turn it around to compassionate care instead of self loathing. What a difference a shift in focus can make when an influence is present. We all have the power to make little changes that lead to a big impact.

Enjoy the final days of summer. Going out on a boat, paddling in a canoe, tending to your garden and enjoying the sunlight will be good for your soul.

Find out what you love. Love what you do. Do what you love.

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2 thoughts on “New Moon in Virgo August 28, 2011 Astrology Forecast

  1. I have found myself and others I know worrying about time. Time goes by faster and faster and I keep wondering if I’m getting everything done, or will get it all done in time. I can’t believe it’s almost fall already. I’m also wondering if it’s all worth it, like does the effort pay off soon enough to make life more comfortable sooner than later. I hardly have time to be online these days too it seems.


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