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Full Moon in Aquarius August 13, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a Full Moon in Aquarius on Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 2:57 pm EST.

There is a lot happening in the heavens right now. The Full Moon is in the company of a Grand Cardinal Cross with a number of planets in challenging positions including Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. We also have in the middle a pendulum of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in opposition to the Moon standing by Neptune in Aquarius.

With many planets in retrograde we’re really in a position to be reflecting, asking ourselves big questions about our lives. Not just as individuals, but as a collective.  The strength of the structures in our world are under the microscope. However, with everything going on around us, stability can be found.

What’s real and what appears as an illusion plays an important role in this Full Moon.

This is a time to take steps to return to your true self. We all feel like our lives are changing but the illusions we’ve adopted in the world aren’t really gelling with who we wish to be within. The waters of consciousness are pouring forth on us all.

Right now, Jupiter has the least aspects during this Full Moon. He’s sitting on the sidelines in Taurus, out of the way, while the other planets have strong, bold interactions. This is symbolic of our need to get ourselves to step away in a healthy, grounded way to gain perspective.

*Don’t expect your electronic devices to work without any glitches. With Mercury Retrograde since August 2nd communications can prove to be difficult. Back up’s of your information is advised to safeguard anything important you don’t want to lose. Mercury will go direct on August 26.

Since Jupiter has been in Taurus we’ve been continuing to expand our relationship with the earth. You may notice whenever you are out walking, biking, hiking, enjoying the sun, the rain, the breeze, all the elements contacting your body you feel more alive, more real. Here we regain a sense of security in our being. Jupiter is showing us this is so important for us now.

If you’re not tuning in and surrounding yourself with the natural world, you’re missing out on a lot of meaningful opportunities and experiences you won’t get in other ways. To help relieve yourself of worry, enjoy your summer to the fullest. The fall brings us back to a stronger work ethic, for now, you’ll find more sanity in taking advantage of some me-time.

As money matters rise and fall, so does one’s happiness often sway to and fro. In the midst of any turmoil in our lives caused by the ideas, hopes and fears around world affairs including the stock market we see that this indicates the external illusions of number crunching provides a false sense of security.

The American Dream is being questioned. Is it really real? Has it ever been? Has it all been based on an illusion? Are technological advances really making our lives better? If so where have they, and where have they not? What have we place our dreams and ideals on? How fickle are the things we desire in the material world?

*The Perseid Meteor Showers happen every year. They’ll be active this weekend, and the light show will peak on Friday night (August 12) but the Full Moon in Aquarius will be so bright it they’ll be difficult to see. Still, it’s a great night to go out and enjoy the celestial movements and dreamy wonders of the heavens.

The need for security can be as close as our wallets or seem to be a world away. When we see humanitarian disasters happening in the world, it pulls at our heart. We can also see the problems close to home that require attention. There is a questioning of where do we put our focus and where can we afford to give of ourselves to benefit others. Neptune in Aquarius is bringing us back with this Full Moon to open our eyes to what we can do to help ourselves and others have a better way of life.

What is the meaning to the bond we have to our material nature? As we know, materialism is loved and hated for many reasons from opinions based on ethics, morals and spirituality. Materialism certainly consists of man-made products attached to monetary concerns, but materialism also has a more authentic, true reality that is timeless found in the beauty of the natural world.

Many are so caught up in the drama and confusion they’ve forgotten about the rewards Jupiter can bestow on us. We can find a more authentic grounding in the reality and beauty of the earth. With this awareness comes the chance to ask ourselves, what is real and what really matters in our lives.

Right now we’re being confronted with getting honest about which of these we attach ourselves to, and which is truly more fulfilling? Which makes us feel like were in a vice, and which gives us freedom?

Just what have you put your faith in and what have you lost faith in? We’ll all be asking ourselves what do we really believe and what do we really know is real for us. God, spirituality, money, governments, who we believe is telling the truth and who is not serving our needs honestly is all up for reflecting. Just what do you have faith in, and where is your faith falling short. This is time to find a more pure version of what is true for you, and what you’re ready to let go of.

*Compassion for others may be notable, as well as for yourself. With Neptune retrograde, entering Aquarius on August 4th feeling emotional, and being mindful of others is enhanced.

Treat yourself kindly and realize others have concerns worth your respect. Issues of self esteem, and personality should be taken into consideration. Be kind. Judge others less. A simple, genuine smile can change someone’s entire world.

We’ll all be questioning, what is true for ourselves and for the collective. Many are asking important questions that are blurred between a harsher reality of life and a dreamy, optimistic outlook. It won’t be uncommon to hear people say they don’t believe in anything anymore, or that they don’t know what to believe.

Your ability to analyze yourself and come up with clear answers will likely not be cut and dry. Although answers may be fuzzy, your inner sense of knowing will unfold in a more organic, holistic way.

Arguments on what is fact or fiction can continue endlessly. If anything, politics proves this to us on a larger scale. Instead, answers will be felt more deeply. Our intuition will be heightened. What feels right, and what just doesn’t make sense anymore will be experienced on a visceral level. Paying attention to how you react to the world around you will reveal what you hold as true and important to you.

The hope to reacquaint yourself with the real you has been there, it has just be muffled by a deep dive in the lake of illusion. Coming up for air, you’ll see a reality you’ve been missing. Waterfalls, fresh air and birds singing all around you, with a bright sun shining.

It’s time to tune into your choices, wants, needs and desires that mold your life. Sadly some may feel a need to escape the difficulties of the world through returning to past addictions to ease any burdens of real life.

Others will just set themselves to autopilot without really tuning in, will just give you more of the same as time continues to pass. Time will fly by though and you’ll wonder, where did it go? What did I really do? Where did I get lost in it all?

Thought processes will not be clear now.

With Neptune retrograde opposing Mercury retrograde you’re thoughts will feel like they’re playing leapfrog. When reading and writing you’ll may have to go over the words repeatedly for them to sink in. With the Full Moon sharing it’s space with Neptune, this lack of clarity will be evident and amplified. If you’re a writer you may have to go over and revise a single paragraph twenty times before it makes sense. The best thing to do is to wait for inspiration and let it flow as it may. Forcing it will keep you going in circles endlessly.

*NASA launched Juno on a 5 year, 445 million mile journey to explore Jupiter. Juno is expected to arrive in July of 2016 for a year of exploration. Their hope is to discover more clues on how the solar system developed by researching the giant planet.

Meditation makes more sense now than studying. Clearing your mind, and letting it go off to mystical places will be easier than anything that requires attention to detail and analysis.

To clear your mind and collect your thoughts on any subject you really should be getting outside. You need to step away and breathe to gain more clarity.

When you’re inside take some time to open up your work space or home to more flow. Make it more sacred and in tune with the elements around you. Clear away any stuffiness that will bog down your thought processes. Add lots of fresh plants, and flower to touch your senses. Open the windows. Get the energy moving around, while also feeling things are settled, serene and in their place.

If you’re feeling frustrated and stuck it’s a great time to get rid of clutter to get your energy moving. Throw out what’s not necessary. Clean up your space at home, in your car, in your office. If you’re unsure of what needs to go just yet, put things you think you need to get rid of in a box, and at the end of August, make your final say on what goes.

Reaching out to strangers will be good for your spirit now. A smile, a helpful handle, even charitable donations or volunteering can create shifts in you that could move mountains. Choose to be unselfish when dealing with others. Give of yourself within the boundaries you are comfortable with.

I can not stress enough the importance of a connection to nature right now. This will be best accompanied by friendly, easy going conversation. Take someone along to enjoy exploring. Get involved in a stargazing group, or any hobby you’re interested in now.

*Solar storms are acting up in August. The sun is sending Aurora’s (Aurora Borealis) across our sky for viewing delight in the Northern Hemisphere, seen as far south as Minnesota. The storms could knock out electronic grids, satellite communications, GPS and related technologies.

When was the last time you stood outside and stared at that glorious Full Moon for at least 10 minutes and just let your imagination flow? The inspiration gained will move through you, guiding your imagination to build a better version of your way of life and impact the world around you.

At night, sleep with an amethyst under your pillow for dreams to inspire you. Many will have vivid movie-like dreams. Capture them. This is a great time to get back in touch with the mystical side of your life. Get creative and let your dreams guide you.

Have you really looked at a flower lately? The complexity, the layers of petals within petals. Stars bursting forth with color. You don’t need to analyze it, just being present with it is enough. The sequence of nature’s beauty and complexity unfolding with life right before our eyes, it’s a part of us and reveals a part of our source. Yet, still we’re drawn into the distractions so easily that are far less beautiful, far less rewarding, far less satisfying or real. It’s time to step into the garden for a while to renew your faith in life and meaning in our world.

This is the magic of imagination of a divine order, far grander than we can imagine. We’re here to live with and enjoy this magic all around us, yet we so often can not see it. This is where you can return. This is where your soul will find itself more fully expressed and joyful.

The balance happens when you take that step outside the illusion you’ve been caught up in that is causing you to see yourself and your world falsely.

Matters of love will be foggy now. Just feel comfortable with your moments of independence. A relationship with your spirit, will be important. Find ways to bring forth self love and love with higher meaning. Wear jewellery that has meaning to you.

Helping anyone in need will bring out your compassion. By doing things that fulfill you personally you’re more likely to have interactions with others that are kinder, compassionate and more loving.

It’s a great time to stay up late and be with your emotions. Ask questions about life’s mysteries and write in your journal what you think, and believe.

Watching documentaries on life’s mysteries, and anything with compassion and caring towards other people or animals will bring tears to your eyes and open up your heart.

Leave logic and analysis aside for now. Listen to your heart in whatever you do. Let it guide you to see what’s true and real.

Ask yourself this, in whatever you do… Who am I doing it for?

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