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New Moon in Leo July 30, 2011 Astrology Forecast

The New Moon in Leo is officially on Saturday July 30, 2011 at 2:39 pm EST.

This Moon in Leo signifies a time to show your best, confident side. The sun is shining bright and can inspire us to get out there and live.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, symbolic of our focus being brought back to ourselves. The sun is the symbol of the hero who brings light into our life. He is courageous overcoming the dark parts of life with power and glory.

This New Moon accompanied by the warm daily sunshine in Leo bestows an air of confidence on us. However, too much confidence leads to arrogance.

You may notice people acting bossy with their new found enthusiasm. Some may feel like Royalty, but actually be a “Royal pain in the butt”. Controlling people can be overbearing thinking they have all the answers and ideas, and may not trust others to be able to do things as well as they can. Luckily, others will be bouyant, bubbly and full of smiles. If you manage to balance a courageous sense of self with fun, and mutual consideration, everyone around you will feel good.

This is a time to recognize your greatness. Do you remember who you were years go? Sometimes we can look back at who we were with regret, and embarrassment about the things we’ve done. That’s life. Sometimes we want to forget some things about our younger years. It’s better when we can look back and see who we were with more open, understanding eyes and laugh at ourselves. Life shouldn’t be so serious. Recognize that all your past faults and perceived imperfections are beautiful expressions of humanity. The corny things you’ve said and done are ok. They make life more interesting. Now is a time for more self acceptance.

True self awareness recognizes your abilities and faults, accepting them as part of the whole. From there you have a lot of roots to develop into your fuller potential. The sun encourages us to find our truth.

The sun teaches us to radiate who we are for the experience, not only for what we ourselves gain from it, but also for others joy in sharing in who we are. The sun bestows it’s energy to the world, animating everything with life. Push your shyness to the side and just let your life force glow without consideration of how others may or may not interpret you. Don’t worry about it.

It’s time you reawaken feeling like you’re the star of your own life’s movie, and all the other characters are your supporting cast. Also play your part as a supporting cast member in others’ self created film. Realize drama queens enjoy putting on a show.

Getting to know yourself and what’s true for you doesn’t mean you have to critique others to compare yourself to, or tell others what’s wrong with them. That will only give you a false sense of confidence, temporarily boosting your ego. Nobody likes a snooty, snobby, boastful person pouring out their egoism. Choose to make the symbolism of the sun your ally instead. Saturn gives the right touch of balance, keeping our ego’s and confidence harmoniously aligned so we don’t become to boastful, or arrogant with this powerful Sun energy on our sides.

Being aware of how you’re presenting yourself isn’t about being obsessively nit picky or self conscious. Rather, it’s about simply embellishing your fantastic self. Knowing you’ve got an abundance of radiance to share without worrying about who says or thinks what about it. You know your limits, be tactful and respectful. Paint a tapestry everyone can appreciate.

Spontaneous moments of throwing a Saturday Night Fever dance move in the air likely won’t embarrass you as you feel less inhibited by self consciousness. Showing off a little for fun is ok, as long as it’s not at the expense of others. Have fun being yourself with a little extra zest.

This is a time to feel like yourself without the confines of others. For many, family can be notorious for putting the most pressure on us to fit a model idea of who you should be. If you’re lucky you’ll have support there to be who you really are. There’s nothing worse for self confidence than being analyzed repeatedly.

Recognize your need for personal space to freely be yourself doesn’t mean you act irresponsibly or with a rebellious attitude to get your way. Instead it means you are the star in your life that others like to see shine as you are.

Surround yourself with people who like you expressing yourself according to your own true nature. Anyone who wants you to inhibit yourself to the point where you can’t authentically be yourself can feel like a burden at this time. Be around people who help you feel radiant and alive, not cold and dead.

It’s important to not express yourself with behaviour merely for the attention gained from others. Doing this can lead you to lose yourself as you try to figure out how to impress others. Living an illusion based on others perceptions of your identity instead of being true to yourself will just lead to a headache and a false sense of who you are. If you live your life with the desire for attention from others you’ll never be satisfied. Like the sun, give without expectation of return.

A New Moon in Leo encourages you to enjoy relaxing without feeling guilty. Taking care of yourself should be satisfying and renewing.

If you love sunbathing, enjoy it responsibly. Use the appropriate sunscreen protection. If you’re baking your skin to a leathered tan, ask yourself why you’re really torturing your body. Are you obsessed with how good others think your bronzed layer looks? If so you’re missing the point of what real beauty is and where it comes from. Check that your ego isn’t putting you at risk.

Throwing a summer party or attending one would be great now. Enjoy the presence of many people. Know that they too deserve to have their light shine through their unique personality. Compliment others will reaffirm their identities and remind you of your own greatness within too. What you see in others, you see in yourself. Your positivity shines through and others smiles will surround you with warmth.

Don’t put too much focus on yourself. You may get lost in your ego. Share your radiance with others without expectation in return. Arrogance and smugness is never pretty.

Venus has just entered Leo on July 28. Try a new style to show off your individuality, like something bold that makes a strong statement about how you feel inside. It’s a good idea to make it something changeable though, like a new outfit, jewellery. Maybe cut your hair, it will grow back.

If you are in to natural stones, gold tiger’s eye is perfect to be worn or carried at this time. It will also help balance the  of this New Moon’s challenging aspect to Pluto, assisting in overcoming inherent shyness so you can better express yourself. Citrine, amber, yellow jasper, pyrite, and sunstone are also suggested with an affinity to the Sun’s energy now in Leo.

It isn’t a good time for a tattoo, or permanent change to your appearance now. It’s too permanent, and with a Mercury retrograde coming up in a couple of days on August 2nd, it’s best to wait on such a choice. A new moon in Leo may encourage us to be dramatic, but a permanent change should be avoided now. It’s better to think about such a permanent change right now rather than actually going through with it. Even if you feel a boost of spontaneous courage, be smart about it. You don’t want long term changes lingering over you.

Although a New Moon encourages us to begin putting things in place, with Mercury retrograde you want to ensure you’re not mistakenly overlooking important details.

Proposing to your partner now is best avoided, at least for a few weeks. Instead, think about the engagement ring, do a little window shopping, mull over the possibilities for your relationship. This goes for anything of the sort that would lead to a permanent bond in relationships. Take a step back for a bit from the big things in relationship. Enjoy the passionate, fiery energy between you as it is now without hampering it with big obligations and plans. Expect the beginning of August to bring more passion with Mars moving into Cancer on the 3rd.

If you’re single, it’s a good time to be open to who’s out there. Imagining your ideal partner could be fun, but keep and open mind and relieve yourself of the pressure to find someone. Let love find you when it may, just being yourself is enough to line up an appropriate future outcome. Take the new moon in leo energy as a push to just be you. New relationships tend to pop up in people’s lives when they aren’t looking for them.

Spending a lot now, including buying stocks should be avoided also. Finances around the world are open to interpretation now. The pendulum is swinging for all of us to consider where our place is best secured. Carefully ensure you don’t make reckless decisions.

New ideas and imagination that come to you should be noted, especialy over the next two weeks. Tweek them and reassess them in August to fine tune the details. An idea for a long distance trip could work out well. Let the idea slowly form over August. Something that gets you to explore the natural world in the autumn could be great for your soul.

Make work fun. A good time to consider your abilities from hobbies and consider how they could be applied to benefit your income. Merging your creativity with career gives you a clearer idea of what you’re doing for money is what feels right and what you’d really like to be doing.

When you’re working on any project or hobby you’ll know if it’s not flowing and doesn’t feel right. If it feels like a struggle, it’s time to take a break. Productivity happens best when there’s a good flow. Tune into it and your time will be used more effectively.

The beginning of August is a good time to go to job interviews sheerly for the experience. This isn’t a great time to go for interviews where you hope or expect to get the job. Instead go to interviews as a way to get used to the process without caring so much about the final result. With Leo on your side you’ll be able to boost your confidence through feeling less pressure. You can take notes, and assess what works and what doesn’t feel right. Later, job interviews you do care about will be easier. The practice will have built up a level of courage to your benefit.

Politics touch our lives in some way. Conversations with the Moon in Leo can certainly bring out opinionated sides of people. Unpleasant clashes won’t be uncommon and having the last word could keep arguments going almost indefinitely. With the ever evolving political climate, shifts are always going to be happening. This month you’ll likely just feel like enough is enough. The desire for truth coming to light and freedom is felt around the world. With Mercury retrograde on August 2nd, and Mars entering Cancer on August 3rd, it could make for an interesting bout of confusion for everyone with reassessment of our lives and purpose hitting home. We’ll all be asking ourselves how we personally wish to shift our lives to become more driven to create comfort for ourselves and loved ones.

We’ll all have personal goals driven by the power and willingness to follow through with hard work behind them. This is great for smaller, yet potently moving personal goals, such as pushing through an exercise routine or anything that demands attention and pursuit of stamina. Enjoy the high of endorphins gained from following through with motivation.

Yoga Sun Salutations would be a great practice to start now. If you are new to yoga, Sun Salutations are an easy flow of movements that are devoted to honoring the life giving, divine energy we experience directly in the physical world from the Sun. Although you may not worship the sun per say, you can certainly devote appreciation to this magnificent life sustaining force that we are always wedded to as we travel through the cosmos.

The Sun symbolizes the light and truth inside your own spirit. Let it shine for everyone to see during this New Moon in Leo.

Did you know? Astronomical explorations suggest the building of the Egyptian Pyramids and the Mystery of the Sphinx is from The Age of Leo over 12,000 years ago in the 11th Millenium B.C.E.

Watch the Video Series, The Mystery of the Sphinx.

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