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Full Moon in Capricorn July 15, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 15, 2011 in the early morning hours at 2:39 am EST.

*Although this forecast may seem a bit gloomy at first because of Pluto’s heavier, larger influences on us with this Full Moon, as you continue to read you’ll see there’s thankfully a balance on the individual level.

The Full Moon recently slipped by Pluto which is also in Capricorn and has been for a couple of years now. Pluto is a slow mover, with a lot of potency. His depth and focus is held in the area he resides for long periods, encompassing the broader picture of our lives.

Keep in mind that although the Full Moon is officially in Capricorn, and holds the most potency during this period, later in the day the Moon moves into Aquarius, signifying our desire for personal liberation becomes part of the package.

Back to Pluto’s  influence for a moment ~ What happens on a larger, societal scale can sometimes seem far away, but truthfully it affects our individual lives as we are all interconnected. We certainly have the choice and ability to ignore the larger picture if we don’t like it, but sooner or later we do have to address the reality that’s staring at us.

Pluto can hit on some heavy issues, but becoming aware of our circumstances empowers us to make better choices. Capricorn teaches us we can climb mountains, easily when we have the right tools.

Keep this in mind when considering both the bigger picture and our individual goals in life; when do ambitions, and the way one goes about trying to achieve them, get in the way of what’s truly important in our lives? This includes ourselves personally as well as larger corporate and government institutions. Pluto wants to get rid of what’s not serving us any longer, giving us renewal where it is needed. The tools that serve us best come from honest self-awareness.

There is always an interplay happening between the individual and the collective. It’s important to come to terms with what is really going on in our lives so we can put ourselves on a stronger path.  We all have the power to shape our reality. What you do matters.

This Full Moon sheds light on matters of the material world, which is precisely what’s happening now in the larger picture as our world is being analyzed financially and politically. Choices are being debated that affect us all in broad reaching, encompassing ways.

Pluto brings up what may have been pushed below the surface far too long. Underlying causes become realized allowing room for new, necessary paths to be made. Pluto pushes change in a gradual way, yet the changes can be grand enough that we feel we’re losing control of the situation. However, think of the gradual process of a butterfly. Each step is important.

A reformation, a rebirth, a metamorphosis is on the rise and this Full Moon is bringing this to the forefront. Pluto rules such transformations, and is linked to debt, taxes, loans and resources shared by people, governments and society as a whole.

With no planets currently in Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, it symbolizes the subject is wide open for consideration.

Saturn continues to be in the relationship with Pluto it has been for some time now. We continue to all be pushed to make responsible choices in order to find real balance in our lives. Saturn is known as Father Time, and brings forth the significance of  time sensitive concerns.

Did you Know? It takes 5 hours for the light of the sun to reach Pluto.

Now, with all that being said with this Full Moon highlighting Pluto’s bigger influence, it may look gloomy addressing reality sometimes, but let’s look at what else is going on and consider more of the individual point of view, shifting from the global. Remember that although Pluto has a lot of weight, the fast movers can give us important shifts that change perspectives personally affecting us and our experience of reality.

Luckily the Moon in Capricorn helps us to not take life so seriously. Which is great and makes the load we may feel more buoyant. This doesn’t refer to brushing off responsibility, rather it’s better to see that a life lived with a reason to smile is a life worth living. You’ll find globalizing problems too much becomes pointlessly depressing, so adding a bit of fun to shift your focus will do wonders for you. Find things to focus on that bring you happiness.

This is a great time to be around people who inspire you. Even though some people will feel a bit more shy now, being around those you know you feel comfortable with will still do you good.

Get out of the house. Don’t sit around too much without something inspiring or fun to do at home. Getting out will do you good. You’ll see the beauty in your environment when you’re out and about much more clearly.

When you are at home turn up positive, groovy music, dance in front of the mirror, try on something new, dip your fingers in paint, be creative. As well, anything that takes care of your body like taking a bath with oils, putting on a mask and cucumbers over your eyes, will keep you connected and in check. Have a conversation of light subjects. Jump in the pool, lay out in the sun reading a recipe book. Eat a colorful, nourishing salad. Anything that makes you feel good, go for it at home so you don’t get in a rut. Discussing emotional, family concerns, love or money matters is not advised now, it could get messy.

Spending money on what will make you feel better is ok now, but if you’re feeling emotional, don’t spend on frivolous things that are meaningless. If you’re investing, wait until your emotions clear up before making big decisions. Overspending on comfort food is likely more many with a sweet tooth.

Jupiter is in a really positive aspect with Pluto now, giving us hopefulness that we can feel deep in our bodies, which alleviates some of the fears associated with the depth of Pluto. Jupiter, still residing in Taurus, points to the importance of our connection to nature to raise our spirits and see the grander vision of life, and beauty of reality beyond the man-made systems of the world. Our material world is much more than what money can afford. We’re being granted the opportunity to realize the sacredness of the earth as reflective of the real bigger picture of the importance and meaning of our lives.

Did you know? Pluto was discovered in 1930, during the depression.

We all have important questions to ask ourselves now. Like, how do we transform in light of the weight of the societal picture going on? How does the weight of the shifts in the material world give us impetus to grow and transform spiritually?

Capricorn is ambitious and lends that to all of us now. Everyone wants to succeed in life at something, but what is the real desire for? Is it for something superficial, that won’t truly be fulfilling, or is it for something more meaningful than the illusionary satisfaction of temporal glitz, glamour and gadgets?

We can see that decisions made by some people in society aren’t always for the betterment of all, instead the selfish side can take a strong stance leading to many complications. It’s becoming clearer as we slowly grow-up as a society, and as individuals that ego doesn’t bring true success of spirit. With this awareness, it grants us an opportunity to ask ourselves what do we truly want to go for, why, and how does that affect not only ourselves but anyone touched by the butterfly effect of our choices?

This Full Moon in Capricorn is bringing up the need to be more cautious, disciplined and willing to persevere. The competitive spirit may be evident on a larger scale. Now we’re all being driven to question our true talents. What are you really good at and how can you utilize your abilities as you work hard to make your situation as best you can?

A lot of people don’t like to think about working hard, it seems stressful, redundant even distracting you from living a more fulfilling, meaningful life. However, remember that working hard with your talents and passions doesn’t really feel so much like drudging through work. It feels more like a joy that you’re doing what you’re meant to do with passion and ambitious drive.

Being influenced by an earth element, we’re prodded to notice that we don’t get something for nothing, instead, we get what we resiliently focus on. Work doesn’t just mean a 9-5 job either, it can mean working on your spiritual goals, embellishing in your crafts, or learning a new skill that feels rewarding. That’s work too.

Achievement gives you a sense of accomplishment that you can do what you put your mind to. Whatever your strength is, apply it, enhance it, and be grateful for it. We all have gifts that deserve to be shared.

Mars is in a good relationship with Saturn now. Our energy is motivated to find more balance and our choices are doubly gifted by Mercury’s positive influence now. We have the right mind set to push forth with vigor and we’ll be able to express our view openly with the confidence that we know what we’re talking about. Your decisions continuously build impact in shifting your life onto a course more purposeful.

It’s no secret our society is heavily influenced by television, magazines and the like. The air brushed, scripted version of reality is more of an illusion than many are willing to realize. Our media projects the impression that ambition is about having an easy road to stardom, to live the high life, or to be on reality tv. Lyrics glorify fancy cars, the latest gadgets, and lots of bling as the reason for living. There is so much missing in that point of view of who we are meant to be and why we were born. Swinging the pendulum the other way, the doom and gloom news comes into our lives, giving so many no hope for the future, caught up in the rat race and a house of falling cards.

This Full Moon brings us full circle to asking ourselves what is a truly meaningful life and what are we really working towards? How you use your life to it’s fullest can be more grounded in the here and now. Many miss out on the abundance they hold. Aspirations don’t have to be so distant. There is a lot of joy in life if you are willing to see it. Enjoy what is good about today. You have a lot to give and a lot of life to live.

Now is a time where we can balance any underlying fears we have with optimism and hope.

Enjoy the beauty and magic of that glorious Full Moon. What a fantastic symbol we have the blessing to see that life is full of wonders and meaning.

This song’s meaningful lyrics are about trusting in life more than struggling with our own striving’s in life. Enjoy.

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