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Tai Chi For Beginners

If you haven’t practiced tai chi, you’ve probably heard of it, or at least have seen people practicing it in parks.

For those who haven’t tried Tai Chi before, or are curious, here are a few selections great for beginners.

Incorporating gentle flow of movement, breath and visualization, these simple exercises will give you a renewed sense of being present in your body while balancing your mind.

The movements are great for a simple morning routine to start your day in an easy way without strain or stress. Whether you enjoy yoga, tai chi or other practices, adding variety will make your attention to your body and mind more interesting.

The following tai chi video’s are simple to do, so we though it would be a great way for anyone unfamiliar with Tai Chi to get more in touch with self-awareness, health and well being.

This one is great for warming up your joints. Very simple, and great for anyone with stiff shoulders and needing more flow in your upper body.

This video has four easy, flowing movements that are relaxing while energizing.

If you like visualization, or would like to get better at it in a simple, guided manner, this video is easy to follow.

Something interesting to pay attention to when you’re focusing on the energy circulating around your body while following this video is if you notice areas where you find the energy is more difficult to focus on, as if it dissipates, and others where it’s easier to sense.

Your body deserves that little bit of extra attention. Making an effort in stretching, breathing and working with your energy to start your day can make you feel much more centered and self aware.

We’ll be sharing more health, wellness and inspiration regularly. Have a great day.


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