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Gardening for Balance in Life. Motivation and Inspiration.

Have you ever felt out of balance? Sure, we all have. There are days when any on of us may just feel under the weather and we can’t quite figure out why. It feels like there’s a weight on you; not just on your shoulders but inside your body. You may not even feel tense or evidently stressed, you just feel heavier overall.

It usually has a lot to do with things in the back of our mind. Remnants of the past or worries about the future all rolled up into one. All those things that you are hemming and hawing about having to do, but aren’t quite motivated to do now will surely turn your procrastination into depression. Being in a funk is not fun.

A lot of people work in an office, or from home, or in some way are strapped to computers, paperwork, a desk, or some related form of confinement. Others have more flexibility but still have a hard time finding motivation at times with so much on their mind, all the responsibilities seem overwhelming all at once leading to immobilization.

Well, there’s an easy solution to brighten your day. The key is to do something different. Not as a distraction to prolong your procrastination, but to shake up your energy a bit.

Starting a small garden of flowers and plants, potted or in your yard can get your energy moving.  Choosing the plants you like is up to you, just go with what catches your eye and livens your senses. Fragrant flowers will also lift your mood. You can even start a few seeds like easy to get apple seeds, beans, herbs, vegetables. Transparent cups lined with paper towel lets you see life beginning to take root. Watching seeds grow is the magic of life before your eyes. If you already have a garden it may be time to give it some tender loving care for the sheer pleasure of it. Add some new plants and flowers to renew the vibe of your garden.

The point is, spending time out of your brains regular routine of recycling ideas and worries will give you an internal shift that will help you get back on track and motivated in life. What gardening will do is take your mind off your own worries and put your thoughts and emotions towards caring for something else for a while.

The pruning, the watering, the dirt, the fresh air, the colors, the fragrance, will literally shift your consciousness.

Not only is it fun, but it’s rewarding. Gardening is tending to your personal needs as much as it is the needs of the plants. You’ll create a bond with the earth, your body, and the process of organizing will give you a sense of feeling more in control of what you’re doing in a holistic, enjoyable way. This will elevate your mood and your sense of accomplishment and capability. You’ll feel more inspired to see how you spend your time in a new way and will become more motivated to spend more moments of your life in a more consciously directed way.

Gardening, and tending to your plants will stretch you to understanding your environment and allow you to be creative. Even caring for one plant with attention and mindfulness will give you a new relationship with the earth and yourself.

Plants symbolize a connection with the essentials of life revealed in the beauty of the life force.

As your garden grows and flourishes, and you continue to visit it to renew your energy, you’ll find it becomes a sacred act of self-care.

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