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New Moon in Cancer July 1, 2011 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

It’s officially a New Moon in Cancer on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 4:53am EST.

This new moon in Cancer also brings us another Solar Eclipse.

This is a time when we are all being pushed to confront what has been holding us back and what we need to do to make fundamental changes in our lives and create a hopeful attitude for the future through self awareness.

Not only are we being moved to consider how we see ourselves and the necessary changes we must make in our personal lives, but the way we see the whole world is shifting. How we interact with the world, how we feel out of place, or in control is a dance between what happens to us and what we choose to focus on doing.

Do you feel out of touch with parts of your life and at the whims of erratic, changing circumstances or do you feel in control of your destiny?

There are powerful movements happening in the heavens. Right now, planets are aligned in a Grand Cross which gives rise to large reaching shifts in our lives collectively and personally. The Sun and Moon are placed in challenging aspects with Pluto, Uranus and Saturn.

Although this is a challenging time, it is precisely why it is also a time when personal power can be harnessed with focus. You can choose to buckle down and get real about your life and go after what you truly want, or you can passively be controlled by the external circumstances of your life. Using the challenges to motivate you to succeed can bring great rewards.

We are all on a long-term learning path with Pluto and Saturn giving us real, practical, and necessary insights. We have been talking about responsibility for the past while as this is a larger trend for all of us. One of the most evident ways we see this on a large scale is how most everyone in North America, and many parts of the world for that matter, are part of a system of debt. Our basic needs of shelter, transportation, and food are all touched on by our past choices leading us into the present and future.

On the individual level we see so many of  have debt accrued for mortgages, loans, and in lifestyle wants and necessities, credit cards unite our past with our future. Considering how to cut down on debt is important. We’ll be writing a new article next week on lifestyle relating to money.

Pluto is pushing us, or should we say teaching us with Capricorn, far reaching lessons. Our attention is being brought to seeing what we need to get rid of in our lives that isn’t serving us to build a truly solid foundation. That is a good thing. Continuing on the same path without consideration for the whole impact is an important part of getting real with our choices. We’re being lead to live our lives in a more holistic way.

Now with the Moon in Cancer we get the opportunity to learn how to nourish ourselves through the challenges that act as catalysts to change in our lives.

Nourishing ourselves starts with a healthy relationship to the here and now, with our bodies, our minds and spirits in sync with our immediate environment, the earth. Jupiter continues in Taurus, granting us more of this awareness.

It all comes full circle and down to you taking care of yourself. The Moon and Cancer points to the motherly nature. Now you get to act in this manner for yourself, be your own mother figure by giving yourself, and those around you, what you intuitively need for balance.

As an example of how the large picture and our own immediate lives shift together; food prices are escalating because of larger, external events. So what can you do to continue to nourish yourself well while also easing the pressure? An example that the planets are emphasizing as important now is learning to grow your own food, such as starting a backyard garden.

The answers are within you, intuitively. Just as a baby intuitively knows when to eat and to breastfeed naturally, you retain that intuitive knowing within yourself to do what feels right. In terms of nourishing your health and well being, you intuitively know if your back is sore, stretch, if you are hungry, eat, if you are tired, sleep. The problem is, unlike a baby, we have so many distractions in our lives we push the intuitive actions to the side for later. Sometimes later comes too late because distractions easily pile up.

The New Moon in Cancer also brings up a natural air of defensiveness. This also has to do with a type of nurturing the self, but is a blend of self preservation and protection skewed by the ego and emotions. However, self-defense doesn’t always mean defense against another, it can mean defending yourself from obstacles. We all realize in life we are subject to being vulnerable, yet sometimes external influences are out of our hands. We all want comfort at our most basic level and this New Moon emphasizes that awareness in all of us.

Sometimes we need to do what we can to protect ourselves from the pressure of external events, but there is also a point where we have to let go a little and trust that we’ll be ok, we’ll make it through the challenges.

The Moon rules Cancer, so you know the watery emotions and intuitive side of yourself will be heightened. Mercury in Cancer also has our logic tied to our emotions now. Unproductive worry about the future may be on your mind. Neptune also lends itself to blurring the lines of our emotional and logical side. The fog may be thick at times, but you can still breathe.

Mood swings and burying feelings with problematic behavior from antisocial fears, overeating to hoarding may present themselves. These are artificial ways to create self-comfort and as a whole, reveal deeper problems and issues. However, there are steps to shift the behavior.

With the tendency to worry now. A helpful practice is to write down all the things you are worried about. What’s weighing on your mind that’s stagnating your enthusiasm? Awareness is an important step to shifting your consciousness. After all, being stuck in gloom and fear leaves you feeling heavy. The only way out is to change in your thinking patterns. Globalizing world problems, future possibilities, and the like can be overwhelming.

Take a step in a new direction. Imagine how you’d feel and what you’d be doing if all those obstacles and fears were removed. Who would you spend time with? What would  you do with your time? What is one thing you’d love to do or try?

It’s a good time to consider you life in a more spiritual, purposeful context. Instead of coming from a place of worrying about how externals are affecting your livelihood, direct your attention to making your life more about being on a personal mission. It’s easy to feel like a victim being thrown around by what’s happening to you from the outside, but it doesn’t have to be that way. To maintain clarity it’s important to see yourself as the eye of the storm. You are capable of creating the reality you envision despite the changing influences around you.

You want to do things to succeed, but there’s a lingering feeling that keeps you inhibited to take action. What you need to do is go to the root of your feelings and do things that  nurture your self-esteem and boost your confidence so you can achieve your desires rather than wallowing in despair.

Bringing your self esteem up a notch is essential now for everyone to maintain equilibrium. We often mention yoga and meditation, and there’s a reason for that; these practices truly improve your sense of well being, among many other positive benefits. Some people are hesitant to try yoga. You don’t have to go to a class, or do specific poses, just being present in your body is enough to start. Just move and breathe, that’s enough to start making internal shifts.

There are lots of things that are inspiring. Visit new locations in your area. Go to a symphony. Walk along the beach. Join a group of nature enthusiasts, or a photography group. What can you do in your area that will put you into a new frame of mind?

Jupiter in Taurus continues to give us the benefit of seeing the deeper reality of nature as a reflection of our own selves, it can gives us a boost immediately.

“Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars and if you have eyes, you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful” ~ Osho

Neptune is in positive aspect to the Sun and Moon now. Dreaming is heightened. Many dreams are positive, some dreams will  bring your fears to the surface for you to acknowledge and work through. These dreams may bring you beneficial messages that help you push forward, just as much as the positive dreams do. Take note of both with equal importance.

Spontaneous dreams while asleep are one thing, but you can also use this influence to enjoy daydreaming that can bring up potent, inspiring visions. Start with a positive image and see what else comes through. It’s also a great time to fantasize about historical times to give you a different vibe. Try visualizing yourself during the Renaissance, or Medieval times, with fantasy and romance as the underlying theme.

Spontaneous new ideas should be taken note of now, especially ideas that are dedicated to making your life more free. You can elaborate on them more later when you are able to think more clearly.

If you are studying, take breaks often. Trying to assimilate new information may be hampered by drifting thoughts and absent mindedness. If you are easily lead astray to surfing the web when working on the computer, it may be best to do whatever you can offline, then enter in the necessary data you’ve brought together with pen and paper.

If making agreements, glossing over the fine print may be a common mistake. Make sure you really “get it” before signing a contract.

Drugs and alcohol may temporarily expand perceptions but won’t do well for anyone interested in a fully balanced body, mind and spirit. The body especially will be affected by intoxicants making action sluggish and physical motivation wane. Your physical and mental state are closely influenced by one another now. Do what is best for both now.

In love, some people will have their eye wander by temptations, causing relationship problems or regrettable encounters. A more abundant and fulfilling relationship will happen through the connection you make with a romantic partner on a more spiritual level. This will be beneficial with current love interests, rather than new encounters.

Overall this is a time of growth through challenges. A Grand Cardinal Cross with intense planets staring at each other from across the room push us and pull us, but we’ll get through it better than ever.

Now try really to look at yourself, your actions and motivations. It’s time to leave behind what is not working for you, purge yourself of the blockages and nurture yourself with a lot of love and intuitive wisdom from a higher place in your life. See yourself in the light, the way a mother see’s her child.

Happy Canada Day!

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