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Three of Wands Tarot Minor Arcana

Welcome back to Tarot Notes at Symbolic Living.

We are pleased to rekindle your relationship with the symbolism of the Tarot each week. This week we’re beginning the three’s with the Three of Wands.

You may wish to review the Ace of Wands and the Two of Wands before proceeding.

Three of Wands

Exploration of the Art: Does this man look familiar to the man in the Two of Wands? Could he be the same man or a close family member.

One thing you’ll notice about this card is the color yellow is very prominent. Even the water is yellow. That is a strong sun!

The willpower, determination and ambition in this card is strongly signified by the yellow color dominance. Also dominating is the red cloak and red shoes. He’s got his feet very firmly planted on the ground.

Two staffs are secure in the ground, and he holds the third with his right (active) hand. Notice the leaves on the first two staffs, each growth is grouped with three leaves. Notice the top of the 3rd staff he is holding, it has an extra leaf growing, a fourth. What do you suppose this signifies?

Note the difference between his upper left side and upper right side of his body. How are the posture, and placement of clothes significant. His left hand is hidden, his right arm juts out with a blue shirt. Blue represents communication. Also notice the checkered black and yellow section of his cloak. Read more about the checkerboard here.

See how it moves from the large piece of yellow covering his left (receptive) hidden side. What is he willing, wishing to receive? His receptive side appears stable, while his right (active) side willingly decides what to do. His right hand does not hold the staff too firmly or too loosely, the grip appears comfortable, confident and present.

He also has a band circling his head, bringing our attention to the mind. What’s on his mind? We can not see any expression on his face. Would you guess he is confident from the other clues you see in the image?

In the gold water we see boats. Perhaps they are leaving for a voyage, or returning. There are three wands, and three ships. Is there equal return matching the effort given? Why would the water be yellow (golden) instead of blue?

Like the Two of Wands, we see the man has a high vantage point, looking down and observe a large area. Does this represent higher consciousness, knowing, status?

Anything else you notice or catches your eye?

Astrological Association: Sun in Aries

What does the Sun represent to you, and Aries? Expression, confidence, achievement, willpower, beginnings… what else?

This card is showing us the man who is doing well. This is someone who is following an inner inspiration, an urge to do well and is in a place where he can watch the actions of his decisions. He is following a purpose that has a fire burning within him of energy and desire to accomplish.

He is active, yet stable. He has positive energy, ideas, and enthusiasm. He had confidence that is broad reaching. His plans set in motion, able to think ahead and reap rewards.

He is a coordinator, or part of a larger vision, and takes his part.

Here we see trust in using energy wisely, to encompass a large capacity without wasting anything. Goals are achievable when effort and will are directed.

Questions for Self Reflection:

  • Are you a visionary?
  • Do you have long term goals you trust you can achieve?
  • Are you ambitious?
  • Where in your life did you work hard and then enjoyed the results?
  • What do you see in your future – out there?
  • What do you want for your life?
  • Are you willing to do the work and make the decisions necessary to see a return?
  • Do you do your work with integrity and honesty, deserving the positive rewards?
  • Looking back at the Ace of Wands and the Two of Wands, how does this card relate?
  • What accomplishments can you observe and be proud of?
  • Do you have ideas that are productive and reap rewards?

We hope you enjoy learning about Tarot at Symbolic Living with an easy to understand approach for beginners. We also hope you can find personal relations to the card symbolism and think about the imagery in new and expansive ways.

Some weeks we may talk about the cards, history and more. As we go along things will change and develop, we’ll keep it interesting for you.

You are also welcome to join the Symbolic Living Forum for further discussion in the Tarot section where each card can be discussed with members.

Tarot Notes is written by Symbolic Living. © 2011. All rights reserved.

Stay tuned for our regular installments of Tarot Notes at Symbolic Living.

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One thought on “Three of Wands Tarot Minor Arcana

  1. This card has roots deep in prehistory, when our ancestors watched and measured the movement of the heavens. The Three of Wands is related to the Triple Tau (triple pillar), another esoteric symbol with ancient roots. Excellent observation about the color yellow, this must relate to the sun, as its movements were the first humankind recorded, as long ago as 77,000 BC where the Solar V symbol was used for winter solstice sunrise and sunset. (found at Blombos, S Africa). This symbol developed into the hexagram found at Lascaux, then the Star of David, there is an article about this at


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