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Full Moon in Sagittarius June 15, 2011 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 4:13pm EST.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is also going to be a Lunar Eclipse. As the moon rises early in the evening, in direct opposition to the sun, with the earth between these heavenly bodies casting it’s shadow on the moon, it will appear red. As it rises and the full lunar eclipses shadow departs, the Full moon will once again reveal itself. This will be easily seen overseas. However, the time of day this occurs in North America, the sun will still be high in the sky for us, so we won’t see the eclipse in it’s full glory. (See Lunar Eclipse Map at bottom of article).

The Lunar eclipse is like a veil, or blindfold, that covers your eyes. It’s symbolic of the moons internal influences. The sun shines as a symbol of expression, while the moon is reflective of that light, absorbing it into the more personal self within.

The moon is sunbathing during the Full Moon, enjoying the light and warmth the sun offers. Then the eclipse happens, like a dark cloud moving in front of the sun for a short period. This is an opportunity to go within, to see what’s really going on inside. Then the sun returns feeling brighter than ever, yet the eclipse changes us. We’ve realized something about our personal truth, and see a philosophy for our life clearer than before. We realize the bigger picture, and have hope for the future.

The moon is positively aspecting Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter as well, which is great news for this Full Moon. The positive vibe is enhanced. Jupiter being in Taurus since June 4th, we’ve got hopefullness for a brighter future, including financial stability. What’s your philosophy about your money?

Keep track of your ideas around this full moon in terms of delegating your money towards things sure to grow. Consider how you could make more money through new business idea’s. Whatever your bank balance may be, use it in a healthy way with common sense. Adding to your savings account, or paying towards debts, without restricting yourself from enjoying every penny will help you feel more balanced with pleasure and security. Don’t put all your money in one area, diversify. You can move your portfolio in a good place with attention; Pluto is giving Jupiter a pleasant, strengthening nod, a good sign smart moves will pay off in business.

Being in the presence of others that make you feel positive, secure, and who are great at discussing bigger idea’s that feel abundant is recommended now. Enjoy a great meal together. Surround yourself with lots of lush plants too. Their vibe will bless you with an inner glow.

When having conversations, especially with a new acquaintance, be attentive to your emotions They can get fired up if you hear or say things that are too spontaneous or reaching too far. Striking up a new conversation can be deeply moving if you feel it out gradually.

Don’t start a conversation talking about really deep issues, burdens and the like, it will just bring you down emotionally. Keep it lighter. For instance if you were to talk about a spiritual practice talk about it more practically than about the dogma or deep rooted beliefs that could be jarring to another’s opinion.

Something spiritual like yoga as an example, talking about stretching,  asana’s or a local yoga studio would be an easier conversation with someone new than discussing Hindu beliefs or the meaning of gods and goddesses. Keep it easy so you don’t potentially stir up idea’s conflicting to another’s views. Emotional tension isn’t fun in new situations.

Mercury is enjoying the presence of Neptune though, so conversations with like-minded, familiar people in far out topics will do well. Questions may not always be answered clearly, but exploring a topic will be fun.

Conversations with a loved one, or romantic partner will do well discussing shared experiences from the past. If you’re in talks about how to improve the relationship, looking at what hasn’t worked in the past will teach you a lot. Discussing something that takes another off guard, and puts them on the spot is a terrible idea right now. It could blow up in your face. Play nice. Any new conversations should be positive and light to keep everyone happy. This also includes conversations with people online.

If you’re working on something, or have created something and someone says, “It needs work”, if they are being honest, try your best not to get offended. Instead take it as a critique that may be helpful to you in the long-run. If they are trying to purposely be hurtful, take their input with a grain of salt. Know your work will always improve with time anyway no matter what anyone thinks of it.

Mercury will move into Cancer on the 16th, bringing conversations home. Having nurturing conversations will give your mind a boost of well being, that will pour over into your decisions. Speak with the mind and the heart.

A good Feng Shui redecorating or a good cleanse to your space will be great. We’re going to be discussing this idea in a new article this week… stay tuned.

This Full Moon will be great for people who enjoy challenges. It’s a good time to do things that will put you in the zone where your actions require less specific mental notes, instead you feel the movement in the moment. Sports as an example, is where people get into that zone, or playing a piece of music you already know well enough you don’t have to learn it, you already know it and only require to be present.

Meditation, yoga, tai chi, all favorites of getting into this zone. Challenge yourself to push through that pose longer and more fully. You’ll come away feeling more powerful, positive and optimistic about your abilities. Stamina reflects your will and power.

People won’t enjoy feeling stuck during this Full Moon, it’s about growth, and feeling free to go after what you want. However, you must use common sense in your decisions and actions.

Saturn started moving direct on Saturday, June 12th in Libra. This is an important shift. For months Saturn was retrograde in Libra. Now he’s moving in a new direction. He’s a big mover, who carries a lot of weight. That doesn’t mean Saturn weighs us down though, even if it can sometimes feel like that. Saturn is actually a great liberator as a teacher, we learn so much.

Everything you do in life has it’s karmic impact. For every action there’s a reaction. With Saturn in Libra, now direct, there is the potential for positive shifts in your actions and choices that influence yourself and others. You can make choices that bring real, transformational results in your life. Being attentive to your karma can be healing.

You will see so much more clearly the things you don’t really want and don’t need in your life. Instead you’ll be motivated to change your actions. Take all those ideas of yours, take what you know and turn them into something.

Ask yourself what are the things that are serving you and what really aren’t. What actions have you been taking that keep your running on an endless wheel, yet you stay in the same place? Do you have guilt for not doing what you feel you really should be doing? Do you worry you won’t have enough time to do what you wish you would be doing in life?

We all have obstacles in life. Every person you meet, encounter, judge from a distance, all have challenges as significant as your own at various times in life. Other’s challenges may be different than yours, but we all have weight on our shoulders, and work to do to overcome our personal obstacles.

You can overcome the obstacles because you know better. You know because you’ve been learning. That’s the gift of Saturn. Now you can take decisive action to overcome worry, to see the obstacles that are there, and have been there for quite some time. Like the cosmic twins, Gemini, symbols of the split, what is keeping your mind and actions from being united? You know you want something, but you hadn’t followed through to see it fulfilled. Why?

People fear Saturn means obstacles will show up to challenge you out of nowhere. That’s not necessarily true. They will only if you need to learn something to overcome your obstacles and clear a path in your life towards your future. Any news that comes up that appears to be a blockade to your comfort will really create a more defined focus for you. That focus will become the chariot taking you to the next level. You’ll become stronger.

You’ll notice things you haven’t been paying attention to or have been putting off. They’ll say, “Here I am. Don’t ignore me.” They won’t just show up out of thin air, you’ll just finally admit, or realize, they’ve actually been there all along. Now you’ll see yourself more clearly, finally waking up to reality.

Self-imposed limitations you put on yourself, those parts of yourself that you’ve pushed under the rug and wished to ignore, will come to the surface. You’ll be able to look at them more honestly so you can make the decision to take a clear action to move in a more fulfilling direction in your life.

You don’t want to keep self-sabotaging yourself with doubts and fears that only hold you back. It’s time to choose a better way to handle your life instead of repeating the same behavior hoping something will spontaneously change in your life. This is the time to take the responsible route and take charge of your life.

What actions have you been taking that have built up over time and not lead you to where you wish you’d be? It could be your attitude towards others. It could be your lack of affection to others. It could be your lack of tracking your money or using credit cards without enough responsibility. It could be you’re not really paying attention to your nutrition the way you could be, or your house is messy. Your back aches because you sit with terrible posture at the computer forever.

What do you really want? Security, money, health, abundance, light, laughter, love, enjoyment, sharing? You do deserve all these things and more, you just have shift your karma to align with them. It starts with a real willingness to make the shift.

You may ask, “Well, what’s the solution?” First you must write down the problems so you are more clear. Take away the fuzziness of the situation and make it more concrete. What are you honestly doing that is not serving your life? If you don’t know the solution, ask. You’ve got to make the first move. What you’ve got to do is take action to make the shift, and it can start with the smallest things. Paying attention to even one thing you see as an obstacle from you truly creating a more positive karmic path for your life, can get the wheels in motion to a new place in your life.

Create a list. This will be the stepping stone to becoming more mindful of the bigger picture you’re self-creating. If you’re stuck, now is the time to take a closer, more wise look at yourself. Change is power. Get on your mission.

Set small goals so you can feel accomplished. Break down the larger goal with small steps that are manageable. This will motivate you to move on to the next goal. You can reward yourself, but many won’t find it necessary because the accomplishment itself feels rewarding enough.

If you’ve been trying and don’t know why things hadn’t worked out, write down what hasn’t worked and work from a different angle, take a different route for a while. You’re as complex as the next person if you’re honest with yourself, and have the ability to draw from a well of resources. There’s no excuse to give up. Learn what others before you had done to succeed. Take bits and pieces that resonate with you and apply them.

Right now it’s important to find your balance through organizing your time. How do you really want to spend your time? What can you do to shift your actions to ensure they are creating a positive impact on your life and the lives of others.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st on the Solstice. It will be Summer! Enjoy it. Choose to make this summer the beginning of a strong movement in your life. You’ll notice shifts are happening, go for it. The moon in Sagittarius is all about shooting that arrow precisely at what you want. Get clear about it, and aim.

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