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New Moon In Gemini June 1, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 5:02pm EST.

From now until the Summer Solstice in a few weeks the sunlight hours are increasing, and so is the heat. Let this be a time you let your very best way of thinking about you and your life shine and it will grow.

This new moon is also a solar eclipse which heightens the intensity of the relationship of us with the moon and sun. With the eclipse in Gemini we’ll all recognize the importance of how we think and communicate needs to be renewed. A new light will come on.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. Mercury is at the very last stages of visiting Taurus, where our minds have been enjoying taking in nature this spring and focused on other earthly aspects of our lives. On Thursday, Mercury will be moving from Taurus into Gemini, and will feel right at home piquing our mindfulness.

Mercury is an ancient Roman deity, and Hermes to the Greeks. He is the “messenger to the gods”. He’s a quick mover, a communications guru. Don’t be surprised if you have thoughts and idea’s arrive instantaneously pulling you towards a new direction you hadn’t previously considered. Trust it, follow it, see where it leads.

Although logical considerations will be poignant, your spiritual mind-frame may also be up for a new perspective. Whatever you held onto as the truth, may suddenly transform when new information comes in that makes sense to you. It’s ok to ask questions, and find answers that make logical sense to you. Our intellect is an important part of the whole, and doesn’t need to be pushed to the side to make our philosophies work.

Although many of your conclusions may be rationalized, they may also arrive to you in more ethereal ways. Deeper insights with moments of eureka are possible. What messages are you getting these days? Pay close attention.

This is a great time for meditation and yoga and attentiveness to nutrition. With Mercury just on the cusp, leaving Taurus and moving into Gemini, there is mind and body connection happening now, and the eclipse will emphasize that strongly in many of us.

Neptune may slightly cloud your vision of reality now, stretching fog over your perceptions.  Those who are naturally inclined to be manipulative may pull out the trickster side of Mercury. Taurus’ influence will help keep this possibility grounded though. Stay focused on what feels right and true for clearer judgment.

We’re now urged to get clearer on what we want to start and put into practice in our lives that aligns our whole self in body, mind and spirit. Have you been doing anything that distracts you from feeling like you’re moving on the right path for your life? If so, the right information or idea’s will come to you quickly, compelling you to get back on track.

Keep your thoughts organized. If you write them down, try not to spread them randomly in numerous books or software applications. Less is more, and easier to revisit. Lists will also be helpful.

Meeting new people, reaching out, having new conversations is also auspicious now and can take you in a new direction you hadn’t considered.

Social networking is also strongly situated with that Mercury/Gemini communications influence. With the eclipse announced with Mercury at the end of Taurus, flying on winged feet into Gemini the next day, the social networking push right now isn’t just for online. Meeting people in person will be important for many. This doesn’t mean you should meet that stranger from online; it means people you come into contact with in person, and quite suddenly so, can be important movers in your life.

New, personal contacts can turn you towards an all new train of thought. It could be through work or leisure. Either way the new people you meet could significantly alter your course.

If you’ve been avoiding talking to someone, ask yourself why? A part of you that feels uncomfortable may need to be recognized so you can move above it. If the reason is internal fears, reconnecting with the person may be the beginning breaking down personal walls you build against others.

Gossip? Well, what is gossip really? Asking questions, wondering about other people’s choices, and motives is natural. After all, we are social creatures. We’re interested in other people, and learn through others experiences.  However, when you’re hurtful toward another it doesn’t serve anyone, especially yourself. Talking about other people is really a reflection of your own idea’s, your likes and dislikes, your judgments of what you do and don’t accept. For many though, it can be a cover up, a distraction from what’s really bothering you about yourself, or how you think and feel about yourself.

This is a great time to ask ourselves the very questions of why we don’t accept things in other people. What does it say about ourselves? At the end of the day, what we say, think and do has more to do with ourselves than it does anybody else.

Conversations with someone you trust can be healing. You may realize the inner light in someone else and yourself is shared.

Venus and Mars remain in close contact in Taurus. Bonding through arts, food, wine, walks in nature will be romantically pleasing.

Jupiter moves into Taurus on Saturday. He’s been in Aries for months now bringing renewal of energy this spring. Passion, enthusiasm and drive have been supported with a lot of luck if you’ve taken the reigns towards creating new, successful endeavors in your life.

Jupiter does lead to disappointment for some though. If you have overly high expectations, the crash when you don’t get what you had your heart set on can hurt bad. However, Jupiter always has our best interest in mind if you can take the experience from a philosophical point of view and see how you are actually growing a lot from it. Pluto lends Jupiter positive vibes for our transformation and ambitions now. Put on some rose colored glasses to see the abundance. It will make all the difference.

Get rid of anything that is cluttering your lifestyle and thoughts. It’s a great time to enjoy the great wide open. Fresh, clean, open spaces will help you feel more alive and abundant.

Clear views of oceans, mountains, and fields will provide you with clarity of mind this weekend and beyond. This is great visual for meditations that can open you up to realizing a bigger personal philosophy of your life than you’ve had before.

Traveling to destinations far away will make your life feel like it’s broadening your opportunities and abilities. If you can’t travel now, you can always visualize and philosophize. Wherever you may be, how does nature speak to you? The messages you get could be bigger than you think.

We’ll all be drawn to develop our earthly comforts. The desire for stability, security and good food are all heaping on our plates. What can you do to make yourself more comfortable? You’ll be granted opportunities for personal growth in the practical area’s of your life, like money. How do you see yourself not only making more money, but enjoying the money you have? It starts with an idea.

Overindulgence won’t be uncommon for many, such as in spending, food, and the luxuries. However, if you want to really feel abundant don’t overdo it because credit card bills at the end of the month will strip away that feeling of abundance in no-time. Instead, indulge only in what serves your overall larger picture, like putting money towards an investment this is likely to return to you regular installments of feeling abundant.

Investing in stocks is one thing, but what about investing in your own business? Do you want to start doing something that will not only make money but will feel fulfilling? This is a good time to put yourself in a position to grow what it is you really want to do. Are you artistically inclined? Now’s the time. What you create, or discover you’d love to create, could become an ingenious way to make extra income and for some may impressively turn into a living.

As always, we talk about astrology holistically, and discuss many planetary movements. The moon and sun don’t have a lot of aspects going on during this new moon and eclipse. The most noteable would be the relationship with Saturn and it’s a positive one. Making responsible choices with common sense will do you best. Anything from your past that has needed attention, you’ll find more clarity comes through now with your newest idea’s being great contenders for the final say. You’ll also notice if you have a tendency to be hard on yourself, self-judging, it can get easier now.

Take note of all your ideas, weigh the pros and cons carefully. There’s like to be a few variables to consider. Indecisive people should meditate on any concerns for a bit. Asking someone you trust for advice, or their third party input could also be helpful in figuring out what the best option may be.

During this New Moon and eclipse, enjoy having new awareness of your thoughts and where they can take you. Focus on your mind and body connection. Write down your daydreams, and enjoy meeting new people. Go outside, put on some sunscreen and enjoy it.

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