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Two of Pentacles Tarot Minor Arcana

Welcome back to Tarot Notes at Symbolic Living.

We are pleased to rekindle your relationship with the symbolism of the Tarot each week. This week we’re continuing to focus on the Two’s, with the next card, the Two of Pentacles.

If you’re new, you may want to check out the Ace of Pentacles and the Two’s for more background before continuing below.

Remember to view each card as a piece of art with reflection on the content.

What did the artist intend? What message did they wish to convey? What does each part symbolize when looking deeper to the connections?

As we explore the cards we encourage you to really look at the cards and meditate on the possibilities for the symbolism presented. We hope beginners joining us can get started seeing some of the things you may have overlooked.

Two of Pentacles

Astrological Association: Jupiter in Capricorn

In this card we see a young male in a scene of movement. He has two pentacles (disks) one in each hand. His right hand (active) above his left hand below (receptive).

He wears predominantly a reddish-orange outfit. Green, Blue and Yellow are the other main colors. What do these colors represent to you?

Notice how he too appears as on stage like other cards, with the background being a theatrical backdrop. The floor line at his feet. Differing from the other two’s, he has a foot raised so both feet are not below the line.

There is a lot of movement here. He appears juggling the disks, following the symbolic lemniscate (spiritual infinity) symbol.

Upon first glance, what do you suspect the message of this card is saying?

Remember pentacles are a symbol for earth, materialism, money.  Visit Ace of Pentacles for more on the earth element details.

The sea behind him is rolling with waves. If you review the other two’s, (wands, cups, swords) you’ll notice the backgrounds are all depicting scenery with similar rolling hills, rocks, or mountains. In each card the right hand is significant, as is the right side of the background scenery active and ascending. Also note how all four cards contain bodies of water,  with the cups card naturally containing water within the cup.

Here the water is fierce. The ships (commerce, trade, transport) are on the high sea’s, and it’s not smooth sailing.

Looking at his movement, is his left hand closer to us? The ship seen below his left hand appears larger than the ship below his right hand, is it closer or is it a larger ship? What significance might that have related to his body position?

Both his hands are upturned, indicating he is willing to accept or receive. His receptive left foot is also lifted, further showing willingness to receive and act upon what comes to him.

The colors dominating are reddish-orange with green, symbolizing earth, the root chakra, commerce, stability, security and creative impulse. He’s connected to the earth, yet not afraid to lift himself off for a moment to see another point of view.

This card shows the need for balance, the willingness and ability to take an objective point of view when there are many things we must take charge of.

How is he handling his emotions among the turbulence?

Is he stressed by having more than one thing to deal with?

As he moves, is he dancing playfully, or is he rigidly lifting his leg to counter balance the movement of the scene? Which would work better for him overall?

He may very well be balancing many unpredictable matters of the material world such as health, money, career, etc., and it’s clearly important how it connects with the spiritual side of life.

He appears to be finding a rhythm and getting in sync with what he’s confronted with. He has the yin-yang balancing act, where the center point that isn’t rigid, but willing to compromise, act and bring harmony into the equation.  Does he turn challenges into joyous purpose?

He finds his objectivity through his natural impulse to move in what appears a carefree, yet still careful, attitude.

Remember to note use of color. Yellow disks match yellow on the larger ship. He may have finances on his mind, among possibly many other material world considerations.

What other symbolism of exchange represent here? Business relationships, delegating tasks to others, transforming idea’s into concrete action. What do you think? Consider all types of exchanges from energy, communications, finances, etc.

When possible, enjoy the challenges for how they make your life move with purpose.

Also note the tall hat? Does this card bring forth any indications of the life force, spiritual/material union as a phallic symbol? What about the orange-reddish clothes as well as on the ships sails? What does that indicate to you?

Recall the previous cards in the two’s (wandscupsswords). Remember the cards show people, which indicates the importance of relationships and so much of what we experience in life happens through connections to others.

How are the messages of the four cards related?

Questions for personal reflection:

  • On a global scale, what external influences have been happening in the world recently, that show  emotional turbulence regarding the material/spiritual world?
  • What about on a more personal level?
  • How do you handle your emotions and choose to react to any turbulence around you?
  • Do you get caught in it, and nearly drown, or do  you ride the current?
  • What is your attitude towards the concerns of your life?
  • Do you remain optimistic that you are able to handle what’s on your plate?
  • What parts of your everyday life need more balance with your spiritual self?
  • Where do you feel you need to be more responsible?
  • Are you carefree or careless in your choices? Which ones?
  • When you’ve got a big idea, with variables to consider, what choice will you make?
  • In challenging situations do you choose to react in a way that is best for your well being?

We hope you enjoy learning about Tarot at Symbolic Living with an easy to understand approach for beginners. We also hope you can find personal relations to the card symbolism and think about the imagery in new and expansive ways.

Some weeks we may talk about the cards, history and more. As we go along things will change and develop, we’ll keep it interesting for you.

You are also welcome to join the Symbolic Living Forum for further discussion in the Tarot section where each card can be discussed with members.

Tarot Notes is written by Symbolic Living. © 2011. All rights reserved.

Stay tuned for our regular installments of Tarot Notes at Symbolic Living.

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2 thoughts on “Two of Pentacles Tarot Minor Arcana

  1. You have a beautiful site, it is a lot of work. Thank you for sharing. The Tarot is truly a wondrous symbol system which provokes us to think, and regard the avenues our lives could take. The symbols used on these cards are from prehistory. According to historian cryptographer Duncan-Enzmann, the symbolism of the Two of Pentacles decodes as “a solar, lunar, and stellar year.” For more information regarding the history of the symbolism used on the Tarot, see


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