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Full Moon in Scorpio May 17, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a Full Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday May 17, 2011 at 7:08am EST.

This Full Moon brings us to a time of transformation deep within us all. Like the wisdom of a seed within, we know there is personal power in us that is hidden.

Strong shifts in emotions are evident to ourselves, although not always displayed to others because of our personal internalization. This full moon can prompt them to suddenly burst forth. Inside us all there is another world others rarely see. The deeper parts of ourselves are shifting and have been growing in recent days.

However, for all this depth we are accessing, it isn’t all so clear what we think we are understanding about ourselves in our spiritual purpose. There are a lot of spiritual questions we’re having within, and it can be hazy. Our emotions aren’t giving us direct answers or clarity.

We can feel like we’re diving in, then coming up for air and having to let the water out of our goggles to go down again to see what’s there. Take a deep breath to go deeper.

What we do know about ourselves can rise from the ashes, providing a rebirth in understanding of what we can do with our personal power.

If life feels like a power struggle, shifting your use of power from a self centered approach to help empower others will transform your life experience. What strong emotional depth have you lived through that gave you a personal awareness to understand how others feel? How can you use your understanding to turn around others lives from feeling powerless to feeling empowered?

Parts of ourselves can be healed through emotional bonds. The act of realizing what we’re giving and what another is receiving shows us purpose in life. What do you have to give that can be healing to someone you have an emotional connection to? What you share, can reach deep to someone.

With all this knowing coming up, some may feel they know it all though. If ego gets in the way, suspicions of others may arise, a type of false knowing. Although passion gives meaning to our lives, if untamed it can lead to places that move us away from candle light harmony, towards burning flames that need an extinguisher. People with an unbalanced disposition may tip the scale to embellish in their own fanaticism.

There is a possibility of manipulation from self interested people who won’t rest until they get their way. Recognize it may be prompting your suspicions. Use your own power of intuition to see the truth without jumping to conclusions about others intentions. Confrontation without all the facts won’t do you well. Honor your ability to attract honesty from others so you can discuss things in a more open way. If you get a strong, intuitive signal that honesty isn’t a priority, you can walk away for now, and wait until the time feels more right for the conversation to take place.

This is not the time to reveal other people’s secrets, it will only lead to strong emotional confrontation. It’s time to relax, lay back and let things lay low in these regards. Respect other people’s privacy and think before you say the wrong thing.

Those who are inclined to explore the mysteries of life will find now is a good time to ask deep questions. Being in a natural environment, near the ocean, quietly under a tree, or staring up at the moon and stars can lead to potent realizations that have long been a mystery to you.

Pondering ancient cultural mysteries and the magic of the universe is supported now. It may feel right to keep things more secretive as you’re unsure if sharing can be handled now with those around you. If you know people in to that area of thought you may be urged to discuss it for the shear need to delve deeper into the discovery.

Dreams can be revealing, bringing up hidden fears. Take them as they are, use them as tools for self awareness.

You can use the intuitive knowing for good, and it can be spontaneous. One moment you may have your mind on the practical then move into a creative spirit in an instant. One minute you’re doing yard work, the next thing you know you’re in front of the canvas painting up a storm. You’ll suddenly realize you’re making magic happen before your eyes and wonder where it came from.

Go for it with unbridled passionate instinct to create. Unleash yourself  when inspired to in positive ways.

Music from your past will stir emotions of how you felt when you were a teenager with hormones racing, big dreams and expectations of life’s opportunities with emotional intensity. The power of music imprints on our minds with deep roots. Enjoy the feelings these memories bring to you. Ask how you can use these feelings to your benefit.

In Scorpio’s influence, how does sex relate to your identity? How does the force of sexuality bring meaning to life? Although some have negative connotations attached to sex, and like all things it can be abused, in it’s truth it is the prime mover of life. Within the world, seeds hold life’s wisdom of the universe, they grow towards the light. Flowers are opening around us everywhere these days, giving birth to the beauty of the world. We all hold this beauty within us, and we are driven from the core of our being to shine our personality in honoring our natural union with this life force.

Birth gives way to death, and here we are, in between, granted the experience to know who we are. Our lives are wide open to a spectrum. Like a magical formula, an alchemy of transformation through experiences and choices, we create and destroy, move forward and leave behind parts of ourselves. We are all so powerfully moved by others, and we move others through our passions and desires.

Self confidence can be lacking now for some, feeling weak in area’s and hearing complainers will be noticeable. If you’re depressed or pessimistic, counter it with actively pursuing spontaneous shifts in attitude to distract you from your own lingering doubts. Acknowledge the pattern and tell yourself you’re going to choose otherwise.

This is a time of powerful transformation. With Mercury, Venus and Mars in harmony with Pluto now we are realizing the importance of transformation happening in mind, body and spirit. The transformation happens over time though, and is not so sudden, although the initiating urge may come on suddenly. Saturn and Uranus show us balance in our freedom, with sudden inspirations being held by responsible choice. Patiently choosing optimal timing in our actions lead us to better outcomes.

Jupiter shows us we can achieve the bigger idea’s in our life and supports our actions. Your willingness to be proactive and go after your desires reaps success. Jupiter does tend to lean towards great expectations, and if we’re not careful can create our own disappointments. Realize what you set in motion now can come to fruition later. This is a time to plant seeds that can grow into great oaks, be patient. Life is a process.

Do something athletic outside. If you’re not a sports oriented person, a hike in the woods is enough to balance your craving for earth bound connection and appreciation for the physical world, including your body. Taking more time to be outside is much better for everyone’s mind these days than being glued to electronic devices. If you are going to be on electronics be sure your time is spent wisely.

Giving flowers to your romantic partner, or making a delicious dinner will naturally bring  out warmth, affection and magnetism. Sit at the table together instead of mindlessly distracted in front of the tv or computer when you eat.

Talking business, or financial planning can bring an element of security, achievement and excitement for your future. Materialism has a stronger attachment to us all now, with Venus in it’s ruling sign, Taurus. If the importance of materialism and money is thought of in a healthy way it can align us with a more solid foundation and provide grounding to our lives.

Art appreciation is heightened now, try your hand at making something beautiful yourself or visiting an art gallery with fresh eyes.

Gardening and landscaping around your home will give you an opportunity to express yourself. If you have a balcony add new flower pots. Inside your home you could use a few new plants. Moving plants to different locations can change up the feel of your home. Keeping them watered, fertilized and with appropriate sunlight will create a vibrant atmosphere that will support balancing your emotions and sense of well being.

This Scorpio Full Moon gives us personalized intensity. Things deeply hidden may be brought forth. Focus on trusting your life more now and those around you to bring more harmony into your life. Gently step away from anything and anyone that doesn’t feel right now, you can always revisit later for more clarity.

To keep yourself in balance during the Full Moon, focus on sustaining a magical point of view about the natural world. See the light pouring out of the life force all around you.

The Sun is in Taurus for a few more days, enjoy it.

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One thought on “Full Moon in Scorpio May 17, 2011 Astrology Forecast

  1. I’m not sure if it’s the Full moon or just the rainy weather, but today I have absolutely no energy. It’s probably a bit of both. I do notice during the full moon I can feel very blah. I’m completely drained. I just feel like rolling up in a big blanket and doing nothing that takes any effort.


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