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Two of Wands (Staffs) Tarot Minor Arcana

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Two of Wands

Two of Wands (Staffs)

Here we see a man, usually considered a wealthy merchant, standing on what appears to be the roof of a castle. Could that be what we saw in the distance in the Ace of Wands card?

He looks out over a body of water, a village, and mountains. He has the world in his right hand and in his left hand he has one of two staffs.

The other staff is securely fastened to the parapet attached to the concrete wall. Is that the Ace of Wands he has already received?

By having the world in his right hand we can see that he is in control through his actions and thoughts. He has power, yet although he has what seems to be the whole world, he still is inspired to receive. The left hand symbolizes the receiving hand. What does he wish to receive?

In this card we also see two lilies and two roses forming a cross below his left handed staff. He is motivated by his desires.

He may appear to have all he desires in the material realm, working his way up the ladder, but something more fulfilling is calling him.

The ego is never fulfilled, yet when we achieve a level of satisfaction, our desires change.

See the post from last week the symbolism of the number Two, for clarity on the dynamic Two brings.

*If you are just getting acquainted with the Wands, you can visit the Ace of Wands for more.

The Astrological correspondence to this card is Mars in Aries. At of the time of this publication, the current Astrological climate does have Mars is in Aries.

Staffs correspond to Fire.

  • Are there area’s of your life where you now feel fulfilled?
  • Are there area’s where you are accomplished and are ready to go to the next level?
  • Do you wish to embark on a new project or enterprise?
  • How could you take this pioneering spirit and apply it to your life to achieve a new level of success?
  • Do you believe in yourself and that you are deserving of abundance in your life?
  • Is there an area of your life, such as a completed project that now gives you a stronger sense of security with a more solid foundation?
  • Are you in control of a situation?
  • How could you apply the symbolism of this card to one area of your life?

Meditate on your life. Visualize an area of your life with optimism.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Hierarchy of Needs

Some weeks we may talk about the cards, history and more. As we go along things will change and develop, we’ll keep it interesting for you.

You are also welcome to join the Symbolic Living Forum for further discussion in the Tarot section where each card can be discussed with members.

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Stay tuned for our regular installments of Tarot Notes at Symbolic Living.

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