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New Moon in Taurus May 3, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 in the early hours of the morning at 2:50am EST.

The Sun is shining stronger every day, enjoying his place in earthy Taurus. We’re transitioning from April showers to May flowers.

The weekend  of April 30th, and May 1st brings the traditional celebration of Beltane, the celebration of life, and fertility.  The evidence is everywhere. The birds are singing, the newborns continue to thrive and grow. The flowers are starting to bloom and the tree’s are budding, reaching towards the radiant sun. People are out and about. Everything is taking advantage of life and enjoying the pleasures of the earth.

With so many planets in Aries, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus, the fresh energy of newness is propelling us all forward with optimism that we can do, achieve and grow in the direction we desire.

Mercury is now in direct motion, since April 23rd. Luckily the miscommunications of mercury retrograde are getting cleared up, and hopefully you had the opportunity to rethink a lot of things in early April.

This is a really great time to do a lot of things that will get you in touch with the earth. Nature will bring a new awareness to how you generally feel about your life. Whether your emotions are balanced, or if you’ve encountered emotional turmoil recently, the scent of flowers will lift your spirits immensely. Admiration of the beauty of flowers and green, lush plants will be enhanced now. Bringing more plants into your home will dramatically change the atmosphere and flow of energy.

Taking care of plants can be an emotionally balancing, holistic, spiritual experience. Pruning your plants, getting rid of dead leaves, fertilizing, changing their location according to their optimal balance of sunlight exposure will create a bond between you and the natural rhythms, and requirements of nature. Caring for your space is an extension of caring for yourself.

Getting your hands dirty in the garden, planting seeds, doing a bit of landscaping will get you outside enjoying the earth and the sun, as it’s meant to be. Woodworking, laying down tiles, brick or stonework will give you an outlet for working with your hands while bringing that creative, artistic Venus influence forth.

There’s always hints of the necessity for a beach body noted in commercials and magazines at this time of year. Nearly everyone has something about their body they don’t like. Instead of focusing on external opinions and superficial reasons to get in touch with your body, this is a much better time to consider your relationship to your body in a more holistic way.

You should appreciate how much your body allows you to do in the world instead of judging every angle of it. The body is a garden offering us the pleasure of connecting with the earth in many ways. Self-care, grooming, eating healthy foods heighten our appreciation of our bodies and this new moon in Taurus opens up the door for renewal. Instead of treating your body like a product designed to be shown off in a display window in desperate need for recognition, you can make a deeper, more sacred connection to your body.  Your body is a temple where the life force is granted the opportunity to enjoy the world of experience.

Taurus is a fixed sign, and this new moon has the tendency to feel inertia. Starting a new routine of exercise from body building to running to yoga, depending on your preference, can take time. When starting out, at first, how your body feels may seem foreign and the motivation may take a bit more time to get into. However, after a few sessions of connecting to your body the power of inertia will start to amp up, and you’ll ask yourself, “What was I waiting for, this feels amazing!” You may also find it becomes addicting, and you’ll enjoy the rush you get and the endorphins released every time you exercise.

Although routine styles of exercise will be excellent options now, some people can’t see themselves doing rote exercise. In such cases, a great option is to get moving through dancing. The taurean influence bestowed on all of us loves music, so moving with a beat is great. Make it fun. Whatever you do, notice how you feel gravity and the earth in your body.

If you’re feeling lazy, but want to still get in touch with your body, go for a massage. A foot massage, or reflexology treatment will be excellent for your body, mind and soul. A walk in the grass with bare feet will also be refreshing.

Mercury and Venus are in Aries in opposition to Saturn in Libra. A subject or attitude might be brought up quickly out of left field, like a snappy remark that references something touchy from the past. A disagreement, not seeing eye to eye, or quick negative reaction can bring up karma between you and another, a past conflict perhaps. It could be over something trivial blown out of proportion, or it could be something that hits you deep and makes you bite your tongue to not lash out in retaliation. Something from the past could be reawakened near this new moon, something that brings out a subject that stirs passion ranging from the height of love to the depths of war.

The Taurus moon energy adds to the Aries energy, which can make you want to rage like a bull if your buttons are pressed too hard. Something borrowed or taken without asking, or any material object of a perceived value could play a factor. This may be a time to ask yourself how much of another behavior are you willing to subject yourself to. You don’t want a love-hate relationship and you don’t want to be subjected to passive aggressive remarks every time you turn around.

Remember you can control your reactions to someones offensive behavior, attitude or remarks. Choose a new path for yourself so keep things harmonious in your own life. Saturn continues to drive the lessons home which are in your best interest in the long run, even though it’s not so obvious in the moment. If something is getting to you, get outside in nature and walk it off. Put your focus on the more positive things in your life.

The simple pleasure found in wearing  jewelery comes forth with this new moon as well. A pendant, a ring, something symbolic of your earthiness and artistic, inspired qualities will make you feel good. Real pleasure won’t come from showing off to others what you have, it comes from a more authentic, symbolic importance of what the piece means to you.

Listening to music that touches a spiritual force within you, will accompany you with an amazing personal experience of self-understanding. You can be moved by a life changing realization, just listen.

Starting a new plan of action for building any project, including building your wealth, is auspicious now. Venus moved into Aries on April 21 and lends itself to giving you a more prosperous way of life. It’s a good time to consider new ways to bring more money into your life in creative and fulfilling ways. If you need an extra push, Saturn will bring expenses up from the past that make you rethink how you make and spend your money, including credit. You’ll get new insights now into how you really want to make your money, instead of just focusing on how you have to make money.

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are in close connection now in Aries, making possibilities for new beginnings very potent and powerful. Take note of your idea’s and expand on them. If you feel particularly passionate about something now, go for it.

There’s a lot of positive energy now for starting new projects. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll feel so confident in everything you wish to pursue or your abilities relating to them. There is a possibility many have a sense of self-doubt lingering. This can be a good thing though because it slows you down from making quick, rash decisions.

If you’re overwhelmed, thinking realistically will help. Don’t put too much pressure on trying to think about everything needing to be done at once. Space out your actions and responsibilities into manageable chunks and reward yourself with each accomplishment. Make your goals exciting parts of your life, instead of burdens. It’s all in the way you look at it. You can make your life meaningful each step of the way.

Saturn’s pull can make some people feel heavy. If you’re depressed or overwhelmed, it will pass. Depression is often caused by thinking about yourself too much. Get outside your self, and consider doing for others now.

Saturn is pushing us to be more practical to find a better balance. Think about various points of view in regards to what kind of life you want to build for yourself. Making any plans or decisions in regards to buying, investing, business, love and relationships should be thought with realistic goals in mind. Long term plans put into place with responsible choices can start a really powerful movement in your life to get you from here to there. Thinking responsibly now creates a more secure future. You can set the karmic rewards waiting for you in the future by what you do now.

This is a really good time to clear out the clutter from your life. It’s not unlikely people will get a real strong urge to clean and tidy up what’s long overdue. Hoarders are notorious for having homes filled with everything they find. The material hoarder is obvious, but there’s another kind of hoarder that isn’t always so noticeable to others; the Information Hoarder. For instance, a lot of people’s email inbox and computer hard drive can get really full and disorganized. Spending some time clearing out the junk no longer necessary will clear the way for you to feel more focused and organized. With Pluto in good relations to the moon now it can be a time of purging.

Spring cleaning symbolizes a new beginning. Through the action of organizing your life you send a strong message that you are ready and willing to actively pursue what you need and want in life and what you can let go of. This is a time to get connected to the earth, your body, and think about the many opportunities for building a more solid foundation in wealth and well being.

Life is abundant now. It’s a great time to awaken new awareness of how meaningful your life really is. Your passion and drive to be connected to who you really are will shine through.

As the moon starts to grow over the next couple weeks, keep in mind your personal growth, spiritually and practically. Write down what stands out as significant and meaningful.

Enjoy the sun and the earth.

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