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Duality. The Meaning of Two. Tarot.

Welcome back to Tarot Notes at Symbolic Living.

This is an exciting week. Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married. Over 2 billion people are expected to see The Royal Wedding on April 29,2011.

30 years ago, Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married, in 1981.

Couples. How beautiful it is when two people join in union to celebrate their love for one another and share their lives growing together.

Two is a fantastic number. It is what makes the awareness of union possible.

Although the Universe is One, it is also made up of millions of parts, which is all made possible when division into two occurs.

With Two, relationships are made possible. Without the dividing principle there is no division, no judgment, no comparison, no ego, no reflection. Duality is a primordial truth essential for our very existence and through it we have the power to choose.

Within the polarity is the beginning point that gives us understanding of what we call “other” opening the doorway to choice – Free Will.

Decisions can be made, change happens, a new direction is possible, and experience becomes a part of our reality.

The nature of existence is to experience movement between union and division and reveals itself in innumerable aspects of our lives. Dusk and dawn, you and me, light and dark, big or small, rise and fall, life and death, male and female, positive and negative, love or fear, good and evil… Each existing because the other exists.

Two is at the very core of our very being. Clearly evident in our bodies are an expression of this division, mirror images on each side of the center of our bodies, is a reflection of the other. When conceived two people join, the egg and sperm unite, and division of the cells begins dividing into two, multiplying into the many trillions of cells that make our bodies.

The possibilities for creation is endless when two is brought into reality. It is the starting point of life, and drives us to continue creating, living, and loving.

With two, perception is made possible. The question can be asked and an answer given.

The tarot is an artistic expression that reveals to us the nature of our reality and our place within it. Numbers are an important part of tarot, because numbers reveal universal truths.

The division began so the one could see itself. To experience relationship is the very foundation of why we exist.

For the One to have the Other, Love is made possible. The One can love the Other, and the Other can love the One. Choosing through Free Will to re-unite is made possible.

To understand the experience of another and relatively knowing the experience of the self, compassion is born.

The principles of two is seen throughout the tarot Major and Minor Arcana, just as it is in our lives, embedded in many of the cards meanings. We will get further into explanations as we go through the tarot.

For now, we hope we are inspiring you to thinking about the inescapable importance of two in the nature of your life’s reality.

Enjoy the Royal Wedding.

Some weeks we may talk about the cards, history and more. As we go along things will change and develop, we’ll keep it interesting for you.

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