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Full Moon in Libra April 17, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a Full Moon in Libra on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 10:43pm EST.

The Full Moon in Libra is bringing emphasis to seeing our world and life experiences with more clarity and balance.

Libra is the sign of the scales, symbolically relating to the ancient Greek Goddess Themis, Dike and Roman Goddess Justitia, beholding Truth and Justice. Her symbolism depicts her as holding the sword, scales and is often blindfolded to denote objective points of view instead of subjective or biased points of view influenced by external sway.

In our everyday lives, each of us usually see the world through our own lens. Now, with the Moon in Libra we have emphasis placed on being more fair, in seeing the other side of the coin before coming to conclusions. There is much more pleasure found in an easy going nature now.

We are also able to cut through the bull of others, and will not so easily have the wool pulled over our eyes. Many will not be so easily duped, or seduced by illusions placed before them, and naivety will be diminished. What may attempt to appear as one thing, can be seen through to what it actually is when taking a closer look and considering more points of view. Couple this with the Neptune in Pisces era we are getting a taste of now, with delusions, untruths and spirituality and mysticism finding its balance.

These qualities should be noted for anyone in a crisis situation, as clarification and a direct, decisive ability to react with more calmness will give a much more favorable result.

Easter is always at a different time of the year. It is placed on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, which points to cultural significance of Astrology in many areas of our lives.

At this time of year we can see the deep symbolism of Easter portraying the balance of Justice. The story teaches good ultimately prevails over evil. Forces of corruption and injustice is transcended.

What do you feel like you have risen above? Is there an area of your life that you have noticed growing in fairness, justice, acceptance and balance leading you to a more harmonious way of life?

Balance is not always easy to come by though. We have to work at it, and sometimes when we have many points of view to consider, confusion and indecision can be a problem. Just remember, considering what’s best for you and all others involved should help you make the right choice.

If you tend to be indecisive about things, look at the pros and cons in an objective way. Although your emotions may be wrapped up in the outcome, coloring your decision making process with rationality will be helpful. Although the moon is an emotional force, Libra lends its balance with mindfulness.

It’s also a time to see who’s morals you do or don’t align with. Is there anyone who is outside your scope of what is right and good in your own life? Cutting ties to outworn ideas will leave you more balanced emotionally and spiritually.

Libra is an Air sign ruled by Venus, but right now Venus is in the water sign Pisces. Although Venus in Pisces does indicate love and affection can be drawn on, air and water don’t blend so well, which points to slight emphasis on incompatibility in relationships. Many may feel the need for more freedom. That goes for current relationships and potential new ones.

You may catch someone’s eye, and both feel there’s an attraction with stirrings of excitement on a visceral level, but one of you knows deep down it wouldn’t work out. It’s like two ships passing in the night, but still, the emotions are brought to your awareness, like flowing currents in the sea below. The Moon will be in Taurus next month which is also ruled by Venus, bringing the more compatible earth element into play.

Arts associated with divine concepts are also attracting or repelling us. Mystical concepts embedded in art can provoke us to spiritual awakening or if they are against our morals or ideals can invoke strong feelings that draw out our own moral compass, or sword of justice. This is a time to choose what is right for you.

Mercury is still retrograde, hanging out closely with Mars and Jupiter in Aries. Although there is a feeling of passion to succeed and grow, Mercury is still indicating us to step back to think, reconsider our alternatives and not sign anything big without knowing the finer details is important.

With these planets in opposition to Saturn in Libra you really want to make sure you’re making the right decision. Remember Libra is the great decision maker, as discussed above in relation to Justice. The gravity of our decisions require us to be responsible and attentive to the possible outcomes now. You may also feel a bit stuck. You know big things are coming, you have the enthusiasm, but there’s something holding you back. All things come in good time. Be patient.

Jupiter wants us to grow and succeed with high hopes and optimism and is hanging out closely with the Sun. Sometimes people think Jupiter is going to make big things happen in the most obvious, clear-cut ways, but that’s not always the case. Jupiter give us enthusiasm, but with that our expectations of what will be can be so high it can lead us to disappointment.

Instead, if you don’t see things grand happening, they still likely are, you just aren’t seeing them. Remember Jupiter is about expansion. Sometimes people have such a narrow view of what they want and what success for them should be, that they miss out on seeing what may be right in front of them because they only want to see one thing.

A narrow view, is not the kind of view Jupiter is motivated to grant you. For example, if you just expect to win the lottery, you could be stopping yourself from going for really big things in many other possible ways. See the possibilities and recognize your potentials are bigger than you may be giving yourself credit for. Expand your scope of what you label as success in your life.

The prices of food, gas and essentials continues to increase. At this time it would be good to reconsider where you are investing your money, where you should cut back on spending unnecessarily and make more responsible choices. As the moon wanes over the coming weeks reconsider your monetary placements. Where do you keep your money, spend it, or give away to others. What would make you feel more abundant? Pluto is showing us there are some difficult aspects in areas of our life, but within them there is always potential for great change in how we live our lives.

You can find your balance. Paying more attention to where you spend or waste your money can be a blessing in disguise. Being more attentive can get you more organized and appreciative of what you do have. Wasting less, and having more gratitude for what you do have, and being more creative with food choices can be a great lesson in self awareness. Instead of driving, take a bike out and relive your childhood carefree freedom of getting out there. Expand your way of living by changing a few little things can be really fantastic!

In a couple weeks we’ll discuss factors associated with the new astrological climate, so come back and enjoy astrology with us.

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