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New Moon in Aries April 3, 2011 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a New Moon in Aries on Sunday April 3, 2011 at 10:32 am EST.

What a build up of energy in Aries signaling a transformation in both completion and renewal in many aspects of our lives.

Spring is giving us all a new drive. The life force is pumping through our veins, the birds are singing, the sun is shining.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are all enjoying the new, alive energy of Aries. What a powerful spring awakening.

It’s a great time for spring cleaning, symbolic of renewing yourself and your environment. If you’ve felt closed off from the world get out there, free yourself to enjoy the light and be strong. Watch that this active energy doesn’t overtake your senses or your ego though and make you too fiery. It’s a pleasant time of the year, enjoy it with all those around you.

Consider what’s happening in nature. The plants will be growing soon, attracted to this new energy, symbolic of how you can grow and blossom in your own life. Like the plant kingdom that needs soil, sunlight, nutrients and water in the right balance, Saturn is determined that you do your growing in the right environment. Consider how to have the right people, places and things in your life that give you optimal balance allowing you to create the life you want.

Saturn slows us down a bit, for good reason. Saturn is in opposition to this New Moon, giving us some grounding. With all those planets in Aries our direct passionate flame needs to have some control so it doesn’t burn out of control.

You may be tempted to rush for things you want, but Mercury retrograde is informing us all that quick and easy route might superficially look like a good idea, but the longer term plan will do you to better. You can make actions go beyond just the short term benefits. Enjoy the moments of enthusiasm coupled with patience, knowing that it’s all coming together in good time.

You can achieve your goals, and the inspiration to live life to the fullest is all around you.

The usually shy person, and those who have difficulty in social situations may find the direct attitudes and enthusiasm around them a little intimidating. It’s OK, we all can be shy at times. Getting outside your bubble can open a new way of seeing your world. Trust that others are not out to get you at every turn. Learn new ways of identifying where your confidence comes from that lets you shine as you. Give yourself more freedom. Maybe a walk in nature, seeing the beauty in the animals, budding tree’s and sprouts will reflect some of that same beauty found within you.

With Mars in Aries, as it’s ruler it is especially potent. This it is a great time to get out and be active; get your blood flowing, and use that high energy.

An outspoken attitude has benefits and consequences. It shows you are strong in your convictions, but with mercury retrograde think before you speak and certainly try to tame down any fighting words if you’re tense. Ranting and raving online will find you company that can meet your tenacity. Fanatics and extremists are ready and willing to throw virtual punches.

Politically minded people can and will share their point of view with frankness and increasing decibels. The warring side of Aries has a whole spectrum to travel within, and diplomacy may not be a real priority as communications aren’t so clear nor are real intentions below what’s said. Opinions and events can change quickly, with an underlying tension.

Working on a deadline? Now you’ll have the drive but may be tense every minute and second that ticks on the clock.

That Moon in Aries puts forth quick reactions attached to emotions that can be scalding to the touch. Be careful of the results. Karma can come back to haunt you, or bless you depending on what you put out there.

With Saturn in opposition to the Moon those who are overly self reflecting may be feeling a bit of depression, and with Pluto putting up a roadblock to expressing the deeper side of yourself, it can be confusing to say the least. Pluto also teaches us that there are deeper, subconscious parts of ourselves, and life, that can’t always be avoided. Carl Jung expressed the need to bring the shadowy parts of the self to the surface in order to see the light.

However, Spring energy is with us and it’s motivating in many ways. Get out of yourself for a bit and hang out in the Sun to refresh your spirit and emphasize that abundantly alive Spring attitude. Whatever balance you find, you’re sure to blossom. Find the balance that doesn’t feel stuck, but feels expansive. Jupiter wants to take you there, let him. Don’t deprive yourself of making the most of your mind and body.

If things in your relationships aren’t clear you should try to face facts. Honesty is needed now. What do you really want? Think about ways you can make up for past and recent mistakes. Make a genuine effort to move forward instead of avoiding the truth. Things that need to be worked on can’t be swept under the rug. A mountain of dust will surely develop with dust bunnies evident around the edges. Eventually you’ll have to clean up and it won’t be pretty. Learning the hard way isn’t fun. Warming up your own opinions of yourself and others will help you express yourself in a more loving way leading to positive experiences you’ll feel good about.

Thinking about trying something new to make money? Enthusiasm for entrepreneurs is great, but don’t spend too much upfront. Dreams are worthwhile, but responsibility is always key to feeling abundant while you work on developing your goals.

Creating a business plan right now, or thinking about a new project for your employer, is great. Rethink how you really want to spend your time building your nest egg.

Sudden decisions on spending your money now can empty your wallet quickly and with the prices of food and gas on the rise every day, splurging isn’t wise to begin with. You don’t have to be cheap, but be smart. There’s nothing wrong with looking for sales on things you need or want, and it can give you a sense of organization and discipline that might need your attention anyway.

Take time, especially over the next month developing your great ideas with a stable outlook. You can put the finishing touches on your plan in a few weeks. You’ll have more clarity for the go-ahead and final say then.

Monday, April 4, Neptune is taking a step into Pisces and will be right at home.

There is a heightened sensitivity happening within all of us. Compassion and spiritual points of view are going to continue to increase.

Venus has been in Pisces for a while already, where it is exalted, thus emotions are increased. Expressing what, or who, you love can be a deeply moving experience. Beautiful art, clothes, designs are mesmerizing and appreciated at a deeper level. Something that catches your eye initially can take on deeper significance for it’s beauty than you had first considered.

You’ll be inspired by more interesting appearances. If you cut your hair or clothe yourself in a new way outside the “norm” someone may say something that can hurt your feelings. Let it go, they may not get it, and they don’t have to. Your tastes and inspirations are yours, not theirs, feel good about what heightens your own sense of personal artistry. You don’t need to have others verify what feels right for you. Appreciate the diversity of tastes that paint the world in many colors. Most likely others will find there is a deeper inspiration they feel by anything that exudes that higher octave of art.

This also holds true if you want to start wearing an amulet or talisman of some sort, or carry a certain stone for holistic benefits. The mystical side of life is becoming more present in our lives and some will enjoy sharing it in subtle ways.

There’s a mystical aura flowing around, tap into it. Yoga and meditation will move you deeply.

Dreams are really going to be interesting for us all. Listen to music like you never have before. Feel it. It can move you more than you thought.

Reading mystical, fantasy novels, watching movies like the Mists of Avalon, listening to songs with really deep lyrics will take on a new significance. You’ll get the message more deeply. Your imagination can flourish.

Some may find themselves driven to capture a dreamy version of life almost permanently, losing touch with reality. Drugs and alcohol used to blur the lines between the worlds can lead to disillusionment, not to mention unhealthy experiences and addictions. Find your balance. Reality can be magical anytime, you just have to tune into it, and you can naturally. A flower-power love and appreciation to the mystical beauty present in the world is boosted by Venus.

Blend the possibilities revealed by your dreaminess with everyday practicality.

The New Moon and the many planets in Aries’ Spring sun is shining bright, make the most of it, and make the effort like those seeds growing towards the light.

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