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Ace of Cups Tarot Minor Arcana

Welcome to Tarot Notes at Symbolic Living.

Last week we started Tarot Notes and got into discussing the Ace of Wands.

As discussed last week, our approach is getting you to think about the imagery and apply it in a broader sense as well as in a personal way. We hope you enjoy continuing with Tarot Tuesdays.

This week we’ll focus on the next ace, the Ace of Cups.

Before getting started, take a look at the card and write down anything that comes to mind.

The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups relates to the Astrological signs of water; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The symbolism of the Ace of cups represents the Holy Grail.

This card clearly shows the traditional Christian symbolism of the dove carrying the host for reception by the Chalice (cup). The cup is symbolic of the womb of woman, with a W inscribed on it, or reversed M symbolizing the reception by Mary (mother) of the host (son) from the dove (holy spirit) .

The Ace of cups shows another hand issued from a cloud, a higher hand, the hand of God (father). The arms of the cross on the host bread are equal length, also denoting relationship to astrology and the earth (body). The lilies in the water also symbolize the spirituality of this cards imagery.

The union of the host (bread of life) and chalice (receptive vessel), symbolizes flesh and blood, united with spirit in life.

Here we are introduced to the symbolic relationship of the cup very clearly to water.

The cup is a vessel with it’s purpose fulfilled by receiving, to hold water. Water is never constant and always changes according to it’s vessel. The earth itself acts as a vessel for water, which contains and provides shape and direction for the water. This card appears to be overflowing, bestowing water with abundance.

Asking questions is a great way to get to know the card better. We’ll get you started.

Where does the water in the cup come from?

Why is the water overflowing here? Is it limitless? Where is the water going? Is it recycling?

Is the water holy? Is the water below and ocean, a pond? Is it baptismal? Is it possibly symbolic of water into wine, in continuing the Christian motif?

The five streams of water coming from the cup can be related to the five wounds of Christ. What can they represent on a personal level? Does it relate to the five senses of experience? How does spirit relate to this?

What does water represent to you? Emotions, moods, dreams, subconscious, purification, life, fertility, metamorphosis?

By looking at the card, what possibilities does it appear to offer? Do you find the card feels joyous, optimistic, happy, abundant, blessings, nourishing, promising? Does it feel like a beginning, a fresh start?

Do you see a connection between the body, mind and spirit here? What role do emotions play in balancing and uniting the body, mind and spirit?

As we continue to look at the cup, do you see drops of water, a mist, tears of joy, compassion?

Where do feelings come from?

When you think of mother, what do you think of in it’s highest, most spiritual purpose and form? Can the archetype of other goddesses be related, such as Venus or Aphrodite?

*In the Ace of Wands fire, the impulse is  manifested as a force, whereas here, in the Ace of Cups we see the embodiment of feelings. The Ace of cups, gives purpose to the ace of Wands. It provides meaning and feeling that contains the inspiration.

There are also considerations of the Ace of Wands being representative of a phalic symbol, in that regard, the Ace of cups offers the receptive force for the initial impulse and spark of the active force.

Love is the source, which gives meaning to life, uniting body, mind and spirit in sacred holiness.

We hope you enjoy learning about Tarot at Symbolic Living with an easy to understand approach for beginners. We also hope you can find personal relations to the card symbolism and think about the imagery in new and expansive ways.

We’ll revisit this card at the beginning of next week in Tarot Notes. Take the week, think about this card as you are out enjoying the beginning of spring. Keep a journal of whatever comes to mind.

Some weeks we may talk about more than one card, history and more. As we go along things will change and develop, we’ll keep it interesting for you.

You are also welcome to join the Symbolic Living Forum for further discussion in the Tarot section where each card can be discussed with members.

Tarot notes is written by Symbolic Living. © 2011. All rights reserved.

Stay tuned for our regular installments of Tarot Notes at Symbolic Living.

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