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Full Moon in Virgo March 19, 2011 Astrology Forecast


It’s officially a Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday March 19, 2011 at 2:10 pm EST, and this one’s a “Supermoon”.

Spring starts on Sunday, the sun is shining and weather is getting warmer every day.

With the Moon in Virgo we are all reconnecting to the earth and experiencing our physical selves and environment in a more embodied, emotionally connected way. The roots are starting to grow deeper into the earth again and preparing for the buds to start showing themselves to the sun, symbolic of our own movement towards our earthiness.

This is a time where you’ll be more aware of your body-mind connection in a new manner. Even the smallest things you may not regularly pay attention to can have significant impact on  your well being.

Shedding new light on your health and wellness, a lot of questions and considerations will be important now. Whether you have been focusing on your well being and connection to your body or not, now you have an opportunity to become more conscious of how you are feeling and what needs to be addressed and changed.

  • How have you been treating yourself lately physically?
  • What have you neglected?
  • Have you started a new diet?
  • Do you moisturize your skin enough?
  • Have you been skipping breakfast these days?
  • Are you getting enough vitamins?
  • Have you started a new exercise regime lately or thought about taking up yoga or meditation?

These are very simple questions, but can easily be overlooked in our busy lives. Have you been too busy to pay attention to how you’re treating yourself?

All these considerations will be important now. This is the right time to get yourself into a new groove and expand your vision of how your body and mind are integrated in a holistic way.

People often think of a full moon as the culmination, and the new moon as a time for new beginnings, and rightly so, however each moment is an opportunity for change and renewal. A Full moon brings things to the surface, to our awareness, out in the open to see. What we weren’t aware of before, is now. A lot of light is shining on the face of the moon, and a lot of light is shining onto us in our own lives on the often hidden, deeper aspects of ourselves we often tuck away. This is a time that can be powerful for change in a new direction.

Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) and Jupiter are hanging out together in the sign of Aries which gives this Full Moon a push in initiating and expanding the way we think and feel about our bodies and health.  Uranus has also moved into Aries, last week fueling sudden insights, and a whole new way of looking at our lives. However, because there is opposition from Uranus with the Moon, there will be challenges. The emotional attachments, and baggage, we have must be balanced with newer, sudden transformation Uranus declares.

An interesting astronomical side note on Mercury; right now a new space probe is orbiting Mercury, planned to start it’s orbit on March 17 at 9pm. The space probed is appropriately called Messenger, as in Mercury’s mythology he is “Messenger to the Gods”. It will be the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury.

Worrying much? Don’t worry is easier said than done. Virgo is a thinker, a perfectionist, and the Full Moon in Virgo is making us all have a bit more of a critical mind. Using our intellect the right way can pay off in good results, but it’s hard not to worry about so many things. Write. Keep lists of to-do’s. Stay organized. Track the details so you can get them off your mind for a while.

For now, whenever a new thought comes up, storing it on something external (a device, book, etc.), or acting on it right away to get it done and over with will help you feel more balanced. Things to do that can’t be done right away are best written down to help alleviate those recurring thoughts going over and over again in your mind. Procrastination is a downer.

Saturn continues to emphasize our karmic ways that need to be looked at to find our balance, and with his current opposition to Mercury and Jupiter, the growth and insights we achieve will have weight. There’s gravity there, so think through your new insights and possible choices by acknowledging their longer term impact. Doing things for immediate gratification to avoid the responsibility of your longer term goals won’t give you the sense of balance you need the way a longer term plan will. Write it all down. Longer term responsibilities need a step by step approach with the details laid out for review and analysis at different stages of the game.

Transforming our lives, how we view our selves and the world is not always easy. Pluto is putting a lot of emphasis on our need for fundamental transformation but is bringing out the harder, hidden side that needs to be worked on and brought to the surface. The transformation is deeply rooted in the earth right now.

Pisces is getting a return of emphasis from it’s ruler Neptune. How we see our reality is ready to change in exciting ways, with an emphasis on our spiritual, mystical leanings and deeper recesses of ourselves.

In our day to day lives, the planetary aspects are showing a rise in emotional tension. Communications will not always be easy. Responding to others with short, curt attitude will not do you well.  Be bold if you need to be, but respectful. The freethinkers, those who love their freedom to think as they wish won’t be fans of people who want to tell them otherwise. It can get tense.

Competitions can get fired up. Talking behind your competitions back, gossiping will come back to haunt you sooner than later. Be careful. Someone with an alpha-male attitude can really feel like a bully, opening an emotional can of worms. With a lack in self confidence, worry can lead to feeling under the weather, especially indigestion.

The energy for hardcore exercise may dwindle if it’s boring. The best thing to do is get active in a fun way and that stimulates your mind.

Don’t spend too much money on what you desire. The bank remembers every penny you give in exchange for your pleasures. If your money is tight, hold onto it a little more, or you may end up frustrating yourself with your lack of self restraint when the bills show up in the mail.

Daydreaming about love and what you want in your ideal love life can be fun, but you may be more interested in daydreaming about food that is irresistible. Try healthy alternatives. Give yourself the opportunity to explore foods that you know are good for your body and mind.

The Moon is in Perigee now, famously called a “Supermoon” which will appear 14% larger than when in Apogee orbit. The best time to see the moon in it’s glory is when it’s on the horizon after sunset. There has been a lot of talk about the Moon in Perigee, the influence of the moon on the earth due to it’s closer proximity. The Virgo influence is amped.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

One of the focal points of the moon in perigee was the closer proximity being considered as causing weather disasters. After the earthquake and tsunami we are continuing to hear the devastating news of the nuclear reactors.

Although a moon in perigee is popular in the news, there are other astrological symbols and synchronicities to consider here that may be more telling. On March 11, the date of the major 8.9 earthquake and terrifying tsunami in Japan, Uranus moved into Aries. Uranus symbolizes the unexpected, sudden changes which can cause tension and stress.

Uranus was in Pisces for many years, which is ruled by the planet Neptune, the ruler of oceans, then with it’s sudden transition, pulled out of the oceanic Pisces and into fiery Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, a planet of energy, power, and war; a planet of fire. Uranus also rules over technologies. Uranium was discovered by Martin Klaproth in 1789, and is used in the production of nuclear power, named after the planet Uranus. Uranus also indicates other technologies; our instant online access to what’s happening in the world is going to continue to emphasize our interconnection with the entire planet in new ways.

Pluto is in difficult aspect to a lot of planets right now. Eruptive changes, won’t be uncommon. It’s as though the earth is having birth pangs. It’s also not surprising to see the pessimistic, fatalistic attitude in the news with Pluto in Capricorn along with all these difficult aspects happening at once. Is it appropriate though? News sensationalizes what’s happening in the world, and we lose touch with reality. Neptune will soon be entering Pisces, emphasis on delusion will not be surprising.

However, we have a choice which direction we take and how we focus our energy. Pisces is a highly spiritual sign, and with Neptune, it’s ruler coming back home early next month, spiritual transformation is on the horizon.

Now, Virgo points to the need for taking care of things of the earth in practical ways, ensuring people put their heads together to get organized, fix and rebuild. The pieces have to be picked up. Restructuring needs to take place. Lives need to be rebuilt. The technicalities at the nuclear plants also are still needing to be addressed unfortunately, sadly at the fated hands of 50 workers under immense pressure and unbelievable stress. God bless them and their families.

Emphasis on new, earth friendly technologies may be noticeable more widely accepted, just around the corner as a positive outlook.

Kwan Yin

With the Full Moon in Virgo, there is association with the celestial virgin archetype. In Japan, in the buddhist tradition a goddess compared with the compassionate loving kindness of the western Virgin Mary is Kwan Yin.

Kwan Yin is known as a Goddess of Mercy, and Bodhisattva of Compassion and Unconditional Love. Being a Bodhisattva, Kwan Yin is said to have postponed her own state of Nirvana to be of help to others on earth. A Bodhisattva is a being of enlightenment freed from the cycle of karmic rebirth, yet remains in the presence of this world to help others attain their enlightenment. As a goddess she is symbolic of the universal energy of compassion present in the universe. She is said to hear the cries of humanity, ready to offer help on a soul level to those in difficult circumstances.

In this hour of need for the people suffering in Japan, lighting a candle, burning incense, or saying a prayer with the intention of healing and compassion is a good gesture of humanity and spirit.

In Virgo’s practical nature, sending a donation to the Red Cross or other charitable organization can be a world of help for the many people lacking in the most basic requirements for food and health at this time.

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    What a refreshing change reading this article was. This was very well written and avoided over the top style so often found in this topic. I enjoy astrology but I do not like over sensationalism, once again this was an enjoyable read! Thank-You! Look forward to reading more


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