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New Moon in Pisces March 4, 2011

It’s officially a New Moon in Pisces on March 4, 2011 at 3:45 pm EST.

This is a very spiritually oriented time. Many planets are clustering together in Pisces fusing and enhancing their merging energy, the Sun, Mercury, the Moon, Mars and or course Uranus. Uranus is on the threshold of changing signs, preparing to leave Pisces to be reborn, starting an all new cycle of the zodiac.

At this significant, even pivotal, point of transformation there can be challenges and revolutionary breakthroughs, even personal breakdowns. Pisces is a highly spiritual sign of unity and duality. This means that what is happening in your life you have a choice between opposites as well as uniting with a higher, more spiritual experience of reality. You can choose to follow the negative or positive, make evolved choices or drown in indulgence of extremes, choosing the hellish or divine path to follow.

There may be events and influences in your life giving you examples of what is and isn’t benefiting your higher good. What is in your life that will bring you closer to divinity, or what is detrimental to your spirit if indulging in the temptations? However you may find it difficult to draw firm conclusions, the lines may be blurred and the boundaries of right and wrong can be mixed in a gray area.

Pisces is a sensitive sign. Words from another can easily be taken the wrong way. Pisces reflective, internalizing nature can mix the emotions. The moon in pisces along with mercury will increase susceptibility to interpret words by others in an emotionally attached way. Those who have done the work to be more in tune with their life from a spiritual perspective can see their encounters as having a positive slant, instead of taking things in a personally defensive way.

Although Uranus has been in Pisces for a long time, being at the end of the sign doesn’t mean Uranus’ work is done here. This is actually a potent juncture point where lightning flashes of spiritual transformation can be escalated, going out with a bang.

Dealing with major spiritual wake-up calls is not always easy, it can be challenging to face your reality asking the deep questions and can turn your idea of the world and it’s influences upside down. Through the challenges though, you can grow immensely and quickly by picking yourself up and choosing what is much higher than remaining attached to any illusions you have faced.

Some may even question their own sanity at times, varying from genius to madness, while trying to work through the new realizations. It can feel like the twilight zone for some. Insomnia will not be uncommon, but sleeping moments will lead to deep dreams. Upon waking though, the dreams will evaporate in a mist.  Write them down quickly, especially this weekend, because they may have a significant message for you.

This is a time to merge your body, mind and spirit, and envision a higher spiritual purpose to your life, a better reality for yourself and for all. You really do have the power to make the world a better place. When you live truly positively, your destiny will reveal itself more clearly. If there are any negative influences in your life, your willingness to protect yourself emotionally and spiritually will move mountains.

There is the possibility for both spiritual liberation, and on the other end of the spectrum, the influence of deception impacting your spiritual ideals. This currently includes concerns of rights and freedoms which unites the collective and the individual, but intentions not always seeming as they appear. The borders are blurred and the messages are not perfectly clear or amalgamated.

Neptune can cloud the vision, so erring on the side of caution is important.  Have any spiritual ideals been used deceptively? What is really the truth hidden behind smoke and mirrors? Individually and collectively not all will see the deeper implications so easily, but Pisces helps see through to the real intention by observing actions, which are trusted before words.

You will know what truly is right or wrong for you by listening to your intuition. A balancing act with your mind and emotions is supported. Your intuition will be able to peer through and see any wolves in sheep’s clothing, and you’ll avoid being little red riding hood devoured by a beast. Emotions may be overwhelmingly moved by what has been brought into focus. Your realization will move you to actions that are loving, intended for the higher good of others and yourself on a spiritual level.

This really is an excellent time to renew and purify yourself, with your spirit being the driving force motivating you to align yourself with a more balanced, even holier, version of your life. Lighting a candle or incense, meditating, relaxation breathing, showering, listening to spiritual music are simple, symbolic ways of washing away any heaviness or negativity that may be surrounding you or in the collective consciousness. By clearing your mind and body you turn the key to a lighter version of yourself. The road of a more mystical, magical path for your life opens up.

People will be more sensitive to the creative arts now. Imagination can flourish and your ability to express yourself is enhanced through a variety of avenues including music, visual arts, and especially through the use of words poetically. What you create and what you observe will impact your emotions strongly. Choose lighthearted arts and images to emphasize your more playful, spiritually attuned, joyful self.

Visualization is strong now. With a spiritually inclined foot on land and the other stepping in water, you are able to unite your waking, hopeful dreams with the real world.

Aligning yourself with a higher vision for your life will allow you to prepare for the new cycle about to begin. Spring is around the corner, Uranus will be moving into Aries very soon. A new version of your life is preparing to unfold that will be like an unveiling of a new you, with all new possibilities.

In all you do, remember the sensitivity of others.

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