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Full Moon in Leo February 18, 2011

It’s officially a Full Moon in Leo on Friday February 18, 2011 at 3:35am EST.

It’s a time of individuality, self-expression and self-identity; the ego.

The heavens are indicating personal feelings and questions about ourselves are coming to the surface.

  • Who am I?
  • What are my ambitions?
  • How am I expressing myself?
  • How do others perceive me as an individual?
  • What kind of impression am I making on others?
  • How important is it for me to have my own identity?
  • How is the world around me supporting my vision for my own life?

The Moon is in Leo, in direct opposition to the Sun in Aquarius. Their current positions nearing the cusp at this full moon indicates there is emotional intensity, a period of transition. These feelings transforming within us are on display for others to see. Imagination is heightened as well, coloring our interpretations of how others perceive us in creative and dramatic ways. If you are aware of this and try to edit yourself too much, who are you being and what for?

The intensity of this Full moon tells us there is potential for a dramatic flair. Many will feel fluctuations in confidence. Leo is a bold, confident sign, ready and willing to express itself, but we still have to account for what’s happening with all the other planets aspects, and there are many aspects to this Full Moon to consider, including oppositions in Aquarius.

Embarrassment is not uncommon fused with over-sensitivity and self-analysis. Mars is pushing and pulling on that emotionally fragile ego, our individualism and identity. It’s not unlikely some people will act like bullies, putting on a display attempting to distract from their shortcomings by expressing themselves intensely.

Words may come out too precise, honest and on point, however they may have a karmic effect. Those who are sensitive may have what’s said hit deep into their emotions, possibly causing discomfort even in the most seemingly innocent conversations. Even though the rebuttle may be a strong defense, everyone has a sensitive spot. Be careful what you say. Comments from others may be taken the wrong way. Some people will easily release sharp, sarcastic remarks that can instigate people’s need to step back and create immediate boundaries.

When stress and tension escalate and the desire for individuality is heightened it can be a time when revert to moments of acting like a teenager. Rebelliousness coupled with questioning self-worth can sometimes be too much, leading to quick, convenient ways of escaping. Some may turn to food, drink, and for some drugs, acting out, partying.

With the Sun and Neptune in close proximity the tendency to dream is being revealed in our lives. Your dreams can be empowering or escapist. Envisioning a life where you can shine bright as your best you is empowering. Sleeping and daydreaming too much because you are dissatisfied with where you are now in life can be a spiral of self-loathing escapism. Aquarius has individualistic needs but also has humanitarian outreach. Only you will know how you are using your power of visualizing your life and future. If you are having difficulty, as the sky indicates is likely, try to focus more on how your vision can be of service to your life and the lives of others collectively. Create a dynamic vision that emphasizes the strength of the suns ability to shine as the self and the light you can impart to others.

When tapping into your unconscious during regular sleep, take note of anything seemingly significant when you wakeup before it drifts back into the distant world of forgotten ideas. Dreams do have the power to change lives.

Money should be spent carefully now, taking into account needs before desires making choices that outline a more responsible longer term focus, than short term satisfaction. Spend on things that will keep you feeling grounded, even when you get your credit card statement in the mail. Cash or debit, without regrets are best considered now.

Matters of love may be difficult now for new relationships and playing the dating game. The desire for a committed faithful relationship is present but the feeling may not be mutual. Tie this in with the Full Moon’s influences and aspects of questioning self-identity and self-expression, it may be uncomfortable dating right now. Being “interviewed” on a date may leave you feeling unsure of how you are presenting yourself. Let things flow. Time will tell, be patient, and in all situations be yourself, toning down dramatic impulses. Try to stay balanced and in tune with your true self. Established relationships should work on developing and furthering common interests and focus on longer-term goals to work towards together.

Right now is an intense period of transition in the Middle East as we are well aware in the news. The symbolism of Aquarius’ need for independence and freedom as the Sun moves through this sign since late January, coupled with Mars stirring passions and the will to take action has coincided with a revolutionary period.

On a grand scale we can see the outer planets having their aspects reflecting on larger themes in the world. Pluto is a planet of great transformation and is bringing things long been contentiously buried and suppressed into focus. He is getting a lot of attention and emphasis from Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus now causing quite a stir with difficult aspects. Uranus is in the last stretch of the sign of Pisces as well, indicating an intense period just prior to entering into Aries.

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