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New Moon in Aquarius February 2, 2011

It’s officialy a New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2011 at 9:30 pm EST.

Groundhog day is here, and he didn’t see his shadow. Early spring?  Only time will tell. There’s lots of snow falling today on the east coast with a “mega-snowstorm”. Let’s hope it’s one of the last big storms before the flowers poke through and start to reach toward the sun. There are many fragrant flowers in the stores lately instigating visions of what we have to look forward to. Pick a few floral bulbs up to remind you daily what’s coming soon enough and to lift your spirits.

With this new moon it’s a great time to put on your creative thinking cap and start something new and inspiring. Brilliant ideas are in the air for you to pick up on and refine to your liking.

It’s also a really good time to enhance your understanding of others and yourself. Although the current vibe is leaning towards individualism (people like their space and the way they do things), there’s also a sympathetic rapport with others that can build bridges.

Choosing to have a practical, common-sense and rational approach fused with diplomacy in situations you encounter will increase your chances for a harmonious outcome.  Don’t just think of what you’re getting from the situation, think about the whole and you’ll be leagues ahead of where you would be going-it-alone. Play fair and be sensible.

With this new moon you may suddenly get a flash of insight and feel alive having the initial impulse, and are driven to take risks bringing inventive idea’s to the surface, then you develop it with more awareness. Creativity can flourish now, picking up books in your subject of interest, traveling and philosophical considerations will add to your well of inspiration.

Saturn is calming the impulsive side of us a bit, which is great at helping us be more clear headed and leads us away from making spontaneous decisions and thus regrets. This is great for your inventive side as well. Thinking things through, considering all the angles will actually help your ideas grow, rather than hinder them.  Your ideas will have more depth.

There is determination for change in many people’s lives, but even though there is sudden impulse for change, endurance will be required. Mars is giving us all the ability to put in the effort.  By working hard we are capable of making really significant strides in transforming many area’s of our lives.

Some people, who tend to be generally selfish, may try to take advantage of people in their desire to benefit themselves. Luckily this tendency in such people may be lessened by the current influences allowing them to see others more sympathetically. However, think things through. If you know a person is considerably selfish in general, their self-interested motivation may not be so easily phased by this humanitarian trend. You can let your guard down a bit by seeing the positive in everyone, giving others a chance to prove themselves for the better, but don’t expect a miracle for some people to change overnight.

Do not overindulge in food, you may gain a lot of weight. This is a time to be fit, and start an all new regimen of living healthy. Working alone or with others towards getting in better shape will be supported, but if you don’t work well alone, find someone or a group that have the same goals in mind to keep motivation flowing.

Go with that initial drive to make the change. Feel it in your bones. Respecting your gift to have the food you desire is about consciously choosing what you need and what you don’t. In the west we are truly blessed to have so much available to us, but it doesn’t mean taking advantage of it mindlessly. By getting yourself moving, and consciously aware of your relationship to food and your body you’ll transform yourself on much deeper levels than the mirror conveys.

Mindful eating also includes eating what is present instead of forgetting about it in the fridge, leading it to rot. Be grateful for the food you have and the body you have been granted to honor and nourish.

Affection is in the air, and wearing an outfit outside the norm of your locale, something exotic or different from a distant land will peak curiosity of a love interest. Try a new scent that draws the senses to your radiant energy, something fiery yet honest that sends cupids arrow deep into the heart of your interest. Initiate that transformation to try something new and feel good about stepping outside the box a little.

You know, during Valentines a lot of people get depressed if they don’t have a partner to share with.  Many are ok being on their own, free and open for adventure on their own terms, and that’s precisely the attitude that this new moon offers. To enjoy being with ourselves, and with others equally. When you let go of the need for a partner, and start focusing on your self as being happy with who you are, that’s when life changes.  Your entire perspective changes. Not being in a relationship can be a real blessing in disguise.  It gives you the opportunity to create your reality on your own terms.

Trust that this life is yours, and the right relationship comes along when it is meant to, not when we’re begging for it. That actually pushes it away through the vibe of desperation and emptiness. Feeling fulfilled in who you are on your own sends out a completely different vibe, and that’s when the right person comes along if you’re open to it.

Right now, any transformation that takes place in area’s of love has to do with the more spiritual side of life.

Business has a positive outlook now but decision making will be, and should be, slow. Rationality, constructive decision making, practical applications of ideas are supported. Although the emotional and intuitive side may strike like a lightning bolt, it’s advisable to really think things through before finalizing any contract signing. We all know what it’s like to make a purchase with a contract attached and little time to read it. Don’t let that pressure overtake your sensibility to read it slowly and thoroughly. You may regret it otherwise.

Mindful, slow, methodical approaches in following through with those initial ideas will be significant factors in success.

Initiating change in any area of life you desire happens best when balance and the karmic, long term results are taken into consideration. This new moon offers a boost to being a creative force in your life. Invent a new you with sudden inspiration and following through responsibly.

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