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Full Moon in Cancer January 19, 2011

It’s officially a Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 4:21pm EST.

Symbols of growth and transformation

Intuition is peaking, listen to your inner voice, but there will be a tendency for many to over analyze their impressions. For those who aren’t used to really listening to their intuition, there can certainly be discrepancies between what’s reality and what’s just in your mind. The Moon is right at home in Cancer, as the ruler of this sign.

You’ll really have to find the balance between your intuition and a possible bout of worry, even paranoia for those who are substantially sensitive. Some will worry about the smallest things, making “mountains out of mole-hills”. When relating to others, some will have their defense mechanisms overflow, breaking the dam, creating a flood of imagined problems where there really may not be any.

The defense mechanism is an issue of security, which can often be developed from early childhood experiences and influences, but may be just an immediate influence. If you have aspects of insecurity, which we all do in some area of life, you may notice you are feeling an increase in this area more than usual. What do people do when they are feeling insecure? Eat, shop, over-indulge, hoard, worry, procrastinate, sleep are some examples that aren’t so good for our well-being.

Mercury is in a challenging aspect to Saturn adding to the mix of mind and emotion. There’s a tendency to be overly critical and it could lead to a further increase in a need to defend one’s thoughts and feelings. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Shyness may depict some lack of confidence in an area of life, often conditioned by the critiques, attitudes and opinions of others. How you handle such feelings will make a world of difference. You are more than you may give yourself credit for. Tread your own path with your head high rather than dwelling on what others may think. Your need for perfectionism can lead to self-doubt, but you can overcome it.

Jupiter and Uranus are helpful, sharing their positive influence, in Cancers fellow water sign Pisces.  This means there’s great opportunity to overcome the abundant floodgate of emotions this moon can bring, by tapping into the more mystical side of your reality. Rather than being escapist, such as with drinking and drugs to attempt to drown out any strong emotions, many will feel more moved to see the world in a more compassionate, kind and loving spirit. Getting in tune with this side of yourself can have a moving effect on you and lift away self-doubts as you see a bigger purpose for yourself.

This will lead to stronger connection with your spirit and getting to know yourself, and others much more deeply. You’ll be able to surrender your judgments, and see the humanity in others and yourself.  Faults can be a beautiful thing.

Being with friends that really make you feel good about yourself can work wonders now.  Spend some quality time with your beloved pet, and connect to them on a soul level. They have a lot of love to give in return for the time you share with them.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs or not, just admiring the moment, stopping to listen to your inner voice, see deep into the heart of others can transform your whole experience and the experience of  those you are in the presence of. The current placement offers support for honesty and truth, rather than deceptiveness.

This goes back to what was mentioned earlier about being extra cautious or defensive now, which this Full Moon may emphasize for many.  If you’re feeling overly defensive, you can let down your guard a little and trust others more. This doesn’t mean to blindly begin trusting those you know have a tendency to be manipulative or dishonest.  We know, most people don’t change over night. However, don’t automatically think those who have a good track record with you suddenly have a devil on their shoulder prompting them to be dishonest with you for some strange, hidden agenda. This won’t likely be the case, even if a bit of concern has entered your mind.  Your intuition will guide you if you’re open to seeing people with a kind and honest eye.

Mars is in challenging aspect to the Moon and with all the watery influence any fiery, independently boisterous outbursts could lead to a lot initial fun, but then self-consciousness can set in after your actions have taken center stage. Mercury is hanging out in earth sign Capricorn, which will give some grounding to the instincts you’re getting with the Moon. The mind may be working a little slower with Mercury’s influence, so you may not realize what you’re doing in the name of fun until it’s too late.

With Mercury in tough aspect to Jupiter and Uranus, pay close attention to any fine print details. Even though Mercury is somewhat grounded now, the aspects are showing us a little absent-mindedness is still a lingering force.

If you’re not feeling a strong connection to your partner, a closer connection can be made through philosophical and intellectual discussions. That’s discussion, not debate.  Debates lead to division; not something really desired between partners interested in getting closer.

Building common ground with your partner, and getting to know each other on the mental and spiritual level can lead to a stronger more meaningful physical bond. Making love is leagues ahead of having sex on so many levels. You may see deeper into your partners spirit than the superficial, physical level, which can lead to a much stronger, eventful, and passionate love life.

Talking about money can tear couples apart, often a taboo subject when money is tight.  However, if you both show interest in improving your situation and working together rather than avoiding it, that teamwork reflects your commitment as well as your love for one another.  This can blossom through mutual respect and drive to grow together to make both your lives more prosperous.

Water can be destructive as we have seen in recent flooding, but with it brings so much compassion as we see others suffering. As we well know, water is necessary for our existence, survival and growth. Water is always transforming, never stagnant, just like our emotions.  Allow your emotions, in all their highs and lows, change you for the better and make a difference in your life and the lives of others as we all learn together and grow in our humanity.

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