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New Moon in Capricorn Solar Eclipse January 4, 2011

It’s a New moon in Capricorn officially on Tuesday at 4:02 am EST.

The effects of the Full Moon a couple of weeks ago in Gemini with that Lunar eclipse are still being felt.  What a way to end 2010, with a once in a lifetime event.  Now that Mercury is going direct we can see the confusion tapering off and more clarity setting in to start this new year.

Now we have a New Moon to enjoy and start fresh, and the Moon is hanging out in Capricorn with the Sun as well as Pluto and Mars.  This is a powerful conjunction, a meeting of the minds, of these active and transformative planets.

The Sun is starting to shine longer in the sky with each day, thank heavens. Still do what you can to get vitamin D in your diet though, many more cloudy days are ahead.  The sun will also be partially eclipsed by the moon on January 4th, but we won’t be able to see it in the West.  The solar eclipse will mainly be seen in parts of Africa, Europe, the Middle-East and India.

What’s important now?

Most importantly all planets are in direct motion right now!  Mercury went direct recently and none of the planets are motioning retrograde now and it will stay that way for the next couple weeks.  Enjoy it, it’s been a long wait.

The start of the year is an ambitious time for all of us, and the Moon in Capricorn gives us clear indication that we all want to feel successful in what we do and what we choose to do.  We all have doubts and at times lack confidence in our abilities.  Add to that Saturn gives us the opportunity to see our obstacles in the most practical ways, for good reason, to overcome them.  Sometimes we take too long of a look at those obstacles and get stuck dwelling in them.  You need inspiration around you to keep you going towards those goals of yours.  Keep someone close that is easy to talk to and encouraging.  Accept help wherever it comes from with gratitude.

Maybe you’ll feel the urge to not only question your career, but to change your career focus. If you’re realistic about your career you can achieve your goals.

Emotions can certainly be emphasized now, and with Pluto and Mars there can be increased intensity.

Outbursts and self expression will be heightened for many. That doesn’t mean you may burst out in tears because you can’t handle your emotions, well it might, but it may mean you also have a strong urge to have freedom of expression. Rebellion? Maybe, but there’s also the potential for you to just want to be you.  You may suddenly want to dye your hair to feel renewed, changed, shifted in some way. You may want to go full steam ahead with telling someone exactly what you want. Or you may be so overcome by love for your partner you suddenly go wild in a frenzy of lust and unbridled passion!

It will not be uncommon for those who have concerns buried below the surface to want to bring them out to be revealed and addressed. It’s a new moon, this would be a great time to bring the subject up to start a new chapter preparing you for a full year of a new focus for yourself.

Saturn is putting the push on all these occurrences, prodding you to bring things into balance.  As the ruler of Capricorn, there is added emphasis of Saturn’s influences. Any obstacles you feel that are holding you back, Saturn will bring to your attention what you need to do to further your development.  Those things you bring forward will help you strengthen your convictions, move in a new direction and ultimately take steps towards fulfilling your goals.

Trust and self acceptance will take you far this year. Mars is giving us that enthusiasm to succeed in Capricorn. Your achievements will multiply as you use your endurance to go further.

Anyone wishing to start the new year with an exercise regimen will feel the drive to work hard deep in your body, on a visceral level. Many will find the feeling of restlessness is actually the desire for their body to move, and exert energy. Run like a warrior! Try something new like Capoeira. Have fun moving.

There are good omens in the heavens for those in love, and those looking for love.  Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are all connecting with Venus in positive ways.  It’s a good time to start a relationship that is fulfilling in pleasure and in a deeper spiritual connection.  New relationships may begin passionately as a heated fling and become more deeply important before you know it. Venus is in Scorpio which warms the heart and spirit, setting the stage for long term relationships to flourish through faithfulness and loyalty.

As mentioned, the end of 2010 saw Mercury retrograde slowly pause then go direct for 2011.  2010 was a year of change, and many likely noticed their thoughts and interests transform.  Mercury retrograde allowed us all to step back and internalize our thoughts.  The new year in 2011 is likely starting off with a lot of optimism and hope, as it often does, but this year with Mercury direct there’s more of a sense of clarity and an eagerness to have your mind stimulated in new ways.

Mercury is in an uncomfortable aspect with Jupiter and Uranus though.  If you’re going to be signing anything, read it well because you may overlook some of the fine print because of an overly optimistic attitude clouding your vision.

You may find a healthy dose of skepticism is ok relating to spiritual ideologies.  Asking questions is a good thing, it helps you redefine and clarify what resonates as true to you and what you can leave behind. Sometimes others are too eager to tell you their version of the truth in an attempt to get you attached to their ideas. It’s time you expand in the direction that is right for you, not someone elses.

Mercury is leaving behind some of that end of year confusion so expect more resolute answers. Asking questions has a lot to do with listening and being receptive to new information. Keep asking.  Wisdom comes from admitting you don’t have all the answers.

Jupiter in Pisces is well placed for a naturally open minded, reflective attitude towards philosophical and spiritual considerations. Uranus has been offering the support in sudden insights and transformation in this arena, but unfortunately some people who are creative thinkers are also diving into escapist behaviors.  With Mercury in a difficult position, you can quickly be taken away by flashes and insights, causing a bit of an erratic mind, with your thinking being all-over-the-place resulting in generalized nervousness.

Mercury will be moving into Capricorn mid-month which will give more focus to practical matters.  Right now note how your mind is changing quickly and sometimes you feel unsure about the direction to go in.  Meditation could be helpful to try to balance out your thoughts. Write things down and return to them mid-month when you feel a bit more grounded.

Enjoy the New Moon and Solar Eclipse.  A great time to draw up a new plan.  Make a list of things you wish to achieve and accomplish in 2011. It’s a great time to start setting yourself up for success.

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