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Winter Solstice Full Moon in Gemini, Total Lunar Eclipse

This is a powerful Winter Solstice, with a Full moon in Gemini and a Total Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday December 21, 2010.

The Earth, the Sun and the Moon will be in complete alignment for a Total Lunar Eclipse.

When and where in the Astrological sky

The Eclipse starts at about 2:41 am early Tuesday morning and will last over 3 hours with the earth completely blocking the sun’s rays for about an hour.

The Moon will be completely full at 3:13 am during the Lunar eclipse.

The Sun is still in Sagittarius during the eclipse, and the Moon is in Gemini. Later on Tuesday afternoon though, the moon will move into Cancer at 4:21 pm. The Sun will move into Capricorn at 6:38pm early Tuesday evening.

A total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice hasn’t happened since 1638*, and the next won’t happen again until 2485. This is truly a special winter solstice and holiday season. This won’t happen again in our lifetime on the winter solstice.

The brightness of the full moon will be darkened by the earth’s shadow. With the Full moon in Gemini this is symbolic of communications; that which has been revealed is symbolically hidden away. The moon turns red which is symbolic of Mars and also known as a Blood Moon. Many feel the current Wikileaks situation is synchronous with the build up to this lunar eclipse moment, with the battles of communication and communication mediums underway, we may be in store for major transformation with global impact.

With a lunar eclipse, the energy is felt for many weeks before and after with the eclipse being the climax. The energy tapers off gradually over the following months with the influence still being felt.

Jupiter and the moon aren’t on great speaking terms right now, which can emphasize an overly dramatic emotional response.  Words misunderstood, intentions misplaced will likely cause a rift.

The moon is linking rulership to the strong transformative powers of pluto and scorpio. The hidden things we don’t see deep below the surface are getting extra attention during this full moon. With the eclipse influence adding to all this moon energy, we may see some really interesting things come forward into the public’s attention that has long been misunderstood.

The great news is the discussion between the Moon and Neptune there’s a lot of creative thoughts happening now.

The dreams you had, and the creative mind you had as a child possibly long lost may be nudging you to pay more attention.  Follow your creative ideas, explore them and they will bring you a greater sense of fulfillment you are needing. Don’t get out of touch with reality by going into dreamland and forgetting the necessities of the real world, but do step into it for a bit and watch your attitudes change about what you really want for 2011.

If you’ve felt lost, you’ll find yourself by tapping into your imagination.  Try anything creative and see yourself in a new light. Look into your history, back to your childhood for clues.

As mentioned, the symbol of Mars is present, and is hanging out in Capricorn. Is there the possibility of something dramatic happening? Certainly, the potential is there, but with choosing the right attitude squabbles can be worked through in a more diplomatic approach, from global to individual situations. People will be passionate about their views, and it can get pretty intense. Venus in Scorpio is having a positive discussion with Mars.

Capricorn’s influence on mars will direct many people towards ambitious endeavors. This is a good time to consider a routine of fitness, perfect timing for New Year’s resolutions.  However, Saturn is putting some pressure on Mars though, so many won’t feel that motivated. Push through it, and you’ll feel amazing for getting yourself going. Fitness regimen’s don’t come easily for many, try something fun like a new sport or activity that will get you out.

The sun is emphasizing the realm of the physical, security in terms of finances, beauty, love in the realm of Venus. The Sagittarian influence is putting enthusiasm here and some may feel the urge to shop. It will be easy to be drawn into the glitz and glamour of the shopping spirit. Beautiful lights, packaging, scents, all those fun toys are getting a lot of attention.  This is shining on the moon, which is in the sphere of sexual energy (Scorpio) and hidden matters. No wonder people love to hide their presents to their loved ones. It’s part of the pleasure of granting someone a surprise wish.

Pluto is also hanging out in the 2nd house during this full moon in the EST, a great place for business for many in the Western hemisphere. Many of you will enjoy that holiday bonus at the end of the year. If you work for yourself and aren’t expecting a bonus treat yourself. Get yourself something you know you deserve to have to add a little fun to your life and change up your routine. With the moon in the 8th house, it’s a great time to expect to get something special from someone who thinks a lot of you.

Mercury is also in close acquaintance here. Thoughts of money matters are auspicious right now. Invest in what will give dividends, but think it through.  With Jupiter in a tough conversation with Mercury, putting your money on the table for a bet isn’t a good idea. There will also be a philosophical, and freedom loving frame of mind heightened during this Full Moon. Mercury is retrograde.  This is a great time to get people gift cards if you don’t know exactly what to get them. Your choice may be mistaken. Make sure you keep your receipt so someone can exchange the gift if it’s not to their taste.

During the season of giving, it’s not always about gifts and money, but this year many are feeling generous in that regard, maybe too generous. Check your bank account between now and the end of the holidays to make sure you aren’t overdoing it. Giving time and a lot of love is just as important as any material gifts. I think this season will have lots of sharing. Most everyone still has a lot of last minute preparations to make the holidays a special time with friends and family, don’t wait until the last minute.

The winter solstice marks the point where we descend to the depths of darkness (much like Pluto) and emerge renewed with the light getting stronger. A symbol of a new birth, and the promise of the light of hope. The lights twinkling on tree’s and houses are a symbol for our love of light and the beauty of life it bestows.

Happy Holidays!

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*1554 or 1638?  There is much debate when exactly the last time we had an eclipse on the winter solstice.  The date was December 9, 1554 on the Julian Calendar which was the actual solstice although the calendars date was out of sync. The Gregorian Calendar was later implemented which we use today. Scientists state 1638 as the last time we had a winter solstice lunar eclipse.

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