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New Moon in Sagittarius December 5, 2010 Astrology Forecast

Written by Symbolic Living editor.

It’s officially a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 5 at 12:35pm EST, Sunday afternoon.

Well, what a busy couple of weeks it’s been since the Full moon in Taurus. The holidays are on their way and everyone is buzzing with anticipation of some much needed rest and fun.  It’s been a long year, yet it still went by so fast didn’t it!

The period surrounding this new moon is a great time to see the opportunities in the challenges. It’s ok to take a step back, even for just a quick moment, to consider a bigger point of view of what’s available. If you’re seeing things in a too narrow minded scope, you could be limiting yourself to better possibilities.

Take a look at all your resources for the challenge at hand, pool them together.  You’ll realize any initial confusion is actually impetus to get you to really thrive. When you bring all considerations together in a collective you’ll have much more to work with. Then you can direct your energy in the more precise manner you had hoped.

Start thinking outside your comfort zone and routine and you’ll soon feel like you’re thriving in the face of all the little challenges. Broadening your vision will bring you good results.

The new moon in Sagittarius teaches us to temper our emotions with our attitude.  Staying composed can have it’s challenges, and Mars (who is also in Sagittarius) is having a chat with Uranus which is causing a bit of tension.  With all that energy of Mars wanting to be expelled in fellow fire sign Sag, exercise will be a healthy companion.

This holiday season will be good for inner exploration and recognizing what you are fortunate for. Keep your eye on finishing your year with a successful attitude and harness a creative outlook on what you’d like to have more of in your life.

Expansion has a lot to do with trusting in the process of your life and can lead to great moments of synchronicity getting you to feeling more prosperous. Realize the cycles as processes of renewal.  The wheel always goes around.

Be an alchemist, symbolically blending the seemingly impossible, fire and water. What’s the result? Is all extinguished? Or can the flames be slightly tempered, and warm steam rise? You can combine the energy of these forces to create harmony and a useful result. Add your personal wisdom of common sense with your intuition to the mix for a magical result.

There’s a lot of hope with this new moon and generally people will start shifting their attitudes to have a more positive outlook.  Some people may be so overly optimistic it ends up leading them into random moments of naivety. It’s okay sometimes to be a little naive, just be aware the possibility is there when making choices.

Have a little caution.  Be sure to not let your awareness of your potential go to your head. Conceit is definitely not attractive.

Even though idea’s may come forth you haven’t considered before, try balancing what the practical outcomes could be for you. Don’t make a decision on the fly, think it through. Attention to details should be taken into consideration as they can easily be overlooked.

Mercury helps, being in Capricorn now.  Ideas and decisions are tempered with rational practicality. Thoughts and idea’s, although quick, aren’t as swift as they sometimes are. With Mercury going retrograde soon be sure you aren’t signing any important papers that will lock you into something you may regret later. Business deals?  Wait until January if you can, but considering many of your options in December is a great idea.

If you’re considering going to school in the new year full time or even for a short course, or if you’re interested in learning a new subject or skill, researching and soul searching what you really want is important. Do you want to learn locally or somewhere far away and take on a whole new adventure?  What area of learning are you really wanting to make a part of your life, even possibly to make a future career in? Waiting on signing up until the new year would be best.

Travel, travel, travel.  This new moon is signifying getting out there.  Although long distance travel is in focus, it’s not such a bad idea to just get out there and travel downtown or somewhere, anywhere to get a change of pace.  Enjoy it, wherever you go and wherever you are.

There’s a full moon coming up in a couple weeks.  Watch your dreams over the coming weeks and write them down. If you have vivid dreams they may be giving you important signals to expand your horizons in life.

The whole year may have been really challenging for many, but you’ve achieved a lot with your persistence.  Be grateful for your accomplishments and realize the strength you’ve gained.

Some people may be awaiting the new year with caution – Will it be better than the last? Well, life always has the potential to get better.  You have the power to choose.

Jupiter and Uranus are going to be bringing some really great shifts and expansive changes in 2011, so stay tuned. Uranus is finally going direct again this week! Awesome!

Enjoy hanging out with loved ones and getting into the holiday spirit all month.  You really deserve it.  You worked hard this year and have gone through a lot of challenges. Although the holidays can often be hectic rushing around for gifts and all that jazz, it doesn’t have to be that way.  It’s time to wind down, take a break and enjoy laughter and good spirits.

Happy Holidays!

This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living. © 2010. All rights reserved.
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