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The Power of Myth Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell, a scholar of mythology, shares an immense love of myth and it’s meaningful symbolism reflected in all our lives.

This documentary is a pleasure to watch as Joseph Campbell explores a wide variety of ancient and modern mythologies from around the world in a discussion with Bill Moyers.

Campbell explores the many cultural layers and connections myth reveals about the universal, deeper truths of the human experience. What is life? What is the mystery of life?

Beginning with the hero’s journey, Joseph Campbell digs deeper into the symbolism of historical stories of myth and their roots as told through world religions.

These meaningful stories continue to be told through variations of core myths through art and film.  Star Wars, for example, is discussed as an example of myth communicated in a language that resonates with modern times.

Campbell shares stories that reveal the many journey’s we all encounter in life while seeking to balance our higher and lower natures. Dragons, serpents, consciousness, what does it all represent?

What’s blocking you from your personal journey, living your own myth? What compels you? What is your way? What is consciousness? What is raising consciousness?

This documentary has many visual accompaniments to illustrate the Power of Myth.

Inspiring and empowering self-discovery.

We hope you enjoy the adventure into mythological significance in this really fantastic discussion.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Myth Joseph Campbell

  1. Someone needs to remind this production company that this wisdom belongs to the world! Shame on them for forcing the videos to come down. It has been 20 years, I’m sure they made plenty of money on it.


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