Dalai Lama: Purpose, Peace, and Happiness

The Dalai Lama reminds us to have as much compassion for ourselves as we consider compassion for others.

In a world where money is so often on people’s minds for happiness, where can we find more meaning?

“When you become a compassionate person, your life becomes meaningful”

Daily Prayer by the Dalai Lama ~

I would be a protector for those without protection, a leader for those who journey, and a boat, a bridge, a passage for those desiring the further shore.

For all creatures, I would be a lantern for those desiring a lantern, I would be a bed for those desiring a bed, I would be a slave for those desiring a slave.

I would be for creatures a magic jewel, an inexhaustible jar, a powerful spell, a universal remedy, a wishing tree, and a cow of plenty.

As the earth and the other elements are, in various ways, for the enjoyment of innumerable beings dwelling in all of space;

So may I be, in various ways, the means of sustenance for the living beings occupying space, for as long a time as all are not satisfied.

Balancing your purpose and happiness with the larger world systems we live within.


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