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Being Unique

Being Unique, should be a blessing, not a curse.

In a world where lives are destroyed and ended at the hands and words of bullying, awareness, understanding, compassion and loving kindness are what we need more of.

When I was young it was always the unique people that were interesting. It was always the people who had their own quirky behaviors that stood out, and that was a good thing… in other words, they had character. They had something about them that showed me their humanity, their vulnerabilities and their strengths. That resonated with me, as I saw those same qualities as true for myself.

Still to this day, I find those people most interesting. Those are the people I want to know more about. Those are the people who have stories, and uniqueness to share about who they are.

Imagine how much more wonderful life would be for everyone if we were celebrating this great festival of uniqueness of all the many individuals the Divine placed on this earth rather than damning others with our opinions and judgments.

We should be recognizing the beautiful tapestry all the people of the world make up, together. No two people are alike, nor should they be. It’s all a beautiful, evolving design that deserves dignity and deserves to be cherished for the few moments we have while on this earth. Everyone’s life is short.

All of us suffer. All of us. We all feel pain, and joy. Imagine bringing more joy into the world while you’re here. Everyone has someone who loves them, and feels pain when they see the person they love suffer. With the short time we have, what we do matters so much.

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

Judgment is ingrained in us. It is our ego’s, but we can transcend it for the good of others and ourselves.

Make someone smile today, with real joy.


One thought on “Being Unique

  1. What a DELIGHT this was…and so so true…being who you each are and unique is coming into ourselves and not being afraid to be this…thank you Namaste Roshandra ❤


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