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Full Moon in Taurus November 21, 2010 Astrology Forecast

Written by Symbolic Living editor.

It’s officially a Full Moon in Taurus at 12:27pm EST on November 21, 2010 Sunday afternoon.

The moon may move quickly, but these influences will have their height stretch out over a few days before and after the powerful brilliance of the Full moon. Of course, taking the holistic approach, we also touch on the other planets which are having their influence on us all in this forecast as always.

Looking out in the sky at night the Full Moon is very evident and beautiful as always.  You’ll likely feel even more mesmerized by the allure and beauty of the moon as Venus, the ruler of  Taurus gives you that extra attention to what deserves appreciation felt deep in the soul.

Full Moons are always powerful but this full moon is exalted in Taurus and so it’s influence is increased.

The earth sign is giving you that desirable edge, which of course involves at it’s peak the desire for pleasures.

Indulge in good food, (or food that makes you feel good) and other things that make you feel good and in touch with your body this weekend.  That includes lots of much needed rest.  You deserve it, you’ve been working hard, your body is tired and so is your mind. Get comfortable, you need it.  Your stress levels deserve some downtime and so does your mind.

Have that cup of deliciously healthy tea or enjoy that foamy cappuccino with dark chocolate shavings sprinkled on top. Have that hearty breakfast, satisfy your senses. Indulgence doesn’t mean junk food; far from it. Well, sometimes it does. However, with this Full Moon, enjoy what really feels good in both your body and mind.  Your body needs nourishment and lots of love. You don’t want to feel like you’ve gained 10 pounds after the weekend, and you don’t have to. You may feel that way anyway with the extra added earthiness, you may be more sensitive to gravity overall.

Enjoy what feels good on all levels. You don’t have to take your indulgence to the level of guilty pleasures, because as you well know, guilt doesn’t feel good, and feeling good is what you really want.

There are other way to indulge your senses too.  The holiday season is approaching, and the stores are sparkling with beautiful objects.  Surround yourself in the ambiance of the lights, music and beauty of it all.  It’s a feel good time to enjoy looking at everything around you in artful appreciation.  Just taking in the scenery can be enough to get yourself in that mood of feeling luxurious.

Taurus likes financial security, so take that into account now and don’t overspend.  You really don’t have to spend much when you’re out.  Window shopping and that cappuccino with a few friends is enough to make you feel good, all while keeping your pocketbook in good shape. There’s a tendency to get so lured into it all though, but you’ll find a balance. Spending a little is good.  It never hurts to give a little.

If you plan on buying for someone else, don’t do it with the idea you’re buying their affection.  Love can’t be bought but sometimes people convince themselves it can be.  Giving is a nice gesture if it comes from a place of giving without expectations on what you’ll get in return.

As we know Jupiter and Uranus have been hanging out together in conjunction for quite some time, and this Full moon is enjoying their presence.  This weekend and starting off your week, get to really explore and enjoy your personal idea’s and philosophies.  They are important and for some people they’re transformative beyond words. You’ve been getting to know yourself and your wants better lately.  You’ll find your imagination is really able to expand your horizons if you continue paying attention to how you are growing and identifying with yourself better.

The moon is loving the transformative side of Uranus but with some reservations. Remember, Uranus is still in retrograde and Pluto is still putting the breaks on Uranus causing concerns, and sometimes frustrations.  Still waiting for resolution in an area? Some feel that they are ready to burst at the seams for change! All that internalizing Uranus retrograde is bringing up makes us want external change too.

With the good luck of Jupiter aspecting the moon in positive ways, Uranus may still get those inspiring flashes through in pleasant ways that touches your emotions on a visceral level, slowly preparing you to get yourself going in a new direction. One step at a time, one internalized flash of inspiration at a time building towards a new you and a new direction for your life.  It’s a great time of getting clearer by really connecting your emotions to looking at your growth and changes as part of a longer trend.

As stated earlier, rest, relax, enjoy.  The place of relaxation can bring forth some new ways of thinking when you take a break from the grind.

People will have quick thinking and try to find the easy ways to get around things to achieve their ends.  Not-so-much by manipulation, just smart wit, and decisiveness that can gain that extra footing in what they desire.

So think about what you want, and what another may be offering or vice versa.  The tendency could be to decide too quickly, but you don’t want to have regrets. Think before you jump right in to any decisions.

This is especially significant in terms of career choices.  At the end of the day, you don’t want to feel like you’ve been taken advantage of. Some people who are thrifty won’t want to “show you the money”, instead they may try to cleverly get something for nothing, again, with their quick way with words.

A lot of people may have worked really hard up to this Full Moon, exhaustingly so, in body and mind. There’s support for success in your endeavors, but because the drive is high, be sure others see your choices as favorable for all involved.  Yes, you may be ready to go full steam ahead, but so are others. Will you have to argue to get your way? If arguing does come up, use your rationale to do so on an intellectual level rather than letting your emotions lead the way.  Speaking up is good, but do so with tact and efficiency to earn you points rather than going in the red.

So feel good this weekend and start your week off having taken care of yourself, and getting in touch with that earthy side of your body and mind.  The moon has been building up its light to this point over the past few weeks, you’ve worked hard, it’s time for you to reward yourself and indulge a little. Feel good about how far you’ve come already.

This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living. © 2010. All rights reserved.
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