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New Moon in Scorpio November 6, 2010 Astrology Forecast

Written by Symbolic Living editor.

It’s officially a New Moon in Scorpio at 12:51am EST on November 6, 2010, which is late on Friday night.

There is a freeflow of energy, with little direct obstruction to this new moon.  Only a weak influence of Saturn and Uranus to the moon, but not a big deal.  For the most part this is a really great time for you to get yourself in line with what you really want to achieve. It’s a time to feel inspired to do better and be better in whatever your heart desires.

This is a great time to surround yourself with things that inspire you.  Go see a really inspiring, meaningful movie, or read a book  to kick start your motivation.  Choose your influences wisely.  As said, it’s a time to start anew, and what’s better than getting yourself set into a new frame of mind that is bonded to your emotional well being? It’s a great time to get inspired and passionate about something that will move you forward.

This is also a great time to start communicating in new ways, or connecting with people and discuss interesting subjects.  If you want a new smartphone to keep in touch with everyone in your social network, this is a good time to get that new phone.  Don’t spend too much though, there is a tendency for enjoying spending now. Whatever type of online community that you feel will serve you, it’s a good time to open yourself up to share and receive knowledge in area’s you’re interested in.

Many will feel they are able to articulate their thoughts and feelings well.  Trust the free flow of words that you share with others that come authentically from who you are.  Write your heart out.  A lot of what you know, and what you didn’t realize you knew, will pour out onto the page.

Surround yourself with art and music, spend a little on a piece you’ve had your eye on. Remember, not to spend too much.  A little can go a long way. An alternative is to create your own piece.  Trust that free flow of expression.  Pick up an instrument, belt out a tune, or simply turn on your favorite station and immerse yourself in a bit of a daydream like qualit. Just enjoy the beauty of it all. Trust yourself.

If possible, keep the sharp edge of your witty tongue dulled whenevery you’re tempted to do otherwise. If you’re writing in a personal journal, let it be whatever it may even if it involves a rant here and there, it’s ok to release that energy. However, if it’s intended for others to read, be kind. Be just as careful in conversation if the thermometer is rising. You’re on-the-ball, and are able to quickly shoot back an answer, but it doesn’t mean you have to push others to the limit.

There’s potential to be cruel or extreme in discussions. By being aware of that, you can restrict yourself when necessary and in the case of others, if they go overboard you can take a step back and try not take it personally.  Don’t be an instigator if you know someone is hot under the collar, volcanoes will erupt, guaranteed if you take on the role of provocation. Forgive and forget won’t be easy now.

If you have some emotional issues, discuss them with someone close.  They don’t have to have the answers you’re looking for.  Just talking about your feelings will be enough for you to come to realizations about yourself.

Don’t be surprised if someone shows up at your door for tea and a chat, and the conversation turns towards topics about sex. It’s a part of life, and nothing to be uncomfortable about.  Although others may be more or less open to talking about taboo subjects,  it’s ok to explore life’s subjects openly, but keep your conversation at a level that lets you stay within what feels right for you.  Others may go beyond what you feel comfortable with, but you have the ability to bring it back to a respectable level easily.

Some may share their fantasies.  It’s a good time to think outside the box, but sometimes it’s better to leave it at the level of imagination than bringing it into your everyday reality.

Some though, will definitely be willing to start a new chapter by making their fantasies a reality. Some may seem a bit too risky though. Established partners will possibly want to be a little more experimental than usual, or expect too much from you and have the desire to dabble in having a bit more freedom. In all situations of this nature, it’s best to be considerate of the other, as much as yourself. The possibility of jealousy is likely.

With all that said, there is more energy in body and mind focused at home than anywhere else.

There’s a lot of energy right now that needs to be expended.  Exercise will be good to get it out in a healthy way. The endorphins released from exercise will help keep everything smoother on an emotional level too. It won’t be unlikely to see people over reacting in many situations.  Feelings can be a bit intense right now, and some people may have little outbursts. Do what you can to stay balanced.

With all that energy, you can really use it to your advantage.  If you focus your mind to achievement oriented goals, you’ll have what it takes to attain what your moving towards.  A great practice is Yoga that drives you to stay focused and push through to completion.  This type of activity bleeds over into other area’s of your life, getting you to really overcome problems like laziness and lack of follow through that can sometimes hinder your progress.

Moving furniture, changing the flow of your home office will start you on a new path where your energy can be focused in a more direct, organized manner.

There’s a lot of energy on your side to get things going if you focus it in a positive way.

There is support if you’re considering financial investment, and focusing on business affairs. Finding your sense of purpose in business is important.  Just why are you really doing what you’re doing? Start working on a plan and clarify the deeper reasons of your motivations. Don’t make quick or risky decisions though. Take things slower and think things through thoroughly.

If you’re in need of money now, it’s ok to ask for a bit of help.  If you come from the heart other will understand and kindness is on your side. It may not be easy to ask though, but trust that others know what it’s like to need a little help.

It’s a new moon. Time to start a new path that is motivated and inspired to make your reality that much better.

We know these programs can be a little corny, but at times, inspiration can be found.  A reminder that when you trust yourself and let yourself be authentic, you can achieve goals.

In Paul we see something much bigger than a goal for a show, we see him overcome his deep rooted doubts and lack of confidence within himself, and he shines like a star when he honors himself and pushes through those fears.

The new moon inspires us to start new and become more of who we are, when we trust ourselves more.  Clear away the obstacles and personal doubts.  You have the potential to achieve. Trust your life.

This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living. © 2010. All rights reserved.
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