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Egyptian Temples – Mysteries and Symbolism.

John Anthony West explores, unexplained Egypt.

The Egyptian Temples symbolism are “still transmitting their message” to the world as “timeless teachers”… “the teachings are embedded in the temples.”

“The Neters (often somewhat misleadingly referred to as gods) symbolized the various natural laws and forces at work in the universe.  In living man, and in consciousness. Some of the best known today, but not necessarily the most important, are Osiris, Isis and Set.”

“The Neters were principles of nature, and of human nature.  Each was personified in anthropomorphic roles.  The depictions of the Neters and their human interactions are a vital aspect of the language of the temples.  Their postures, gestures and clothing were all part of the vocabulary, each was a meaningful detail in the complex symbolic language.  Each temple was consecrated to a different Neter, so each temple is a chapter in the study of the overall Egyptian world view.”


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