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Full Moon in Aries October 22, 2010 Astrology Forecast

It’s officially a Full Moon in Aries at 9:36pm EST on October 22, 2010.

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, the tree’s are showing off their strength to sustain themselves against the elements.  This transformational time of the seasons is not indicative of a battle for survival, it indicates acceptance and a progression into new territory naturally.

Keep this in mind when dealing with what’s happening around you.  The passionate warrior spirit symbolized by Mars, ruler of Aries is being reflected in the sky during this full moon.

Some people will be mindless and reactionary, while others who can maintain control and composure are able to direct their will to fulfill a desired goal.

*This is the second time in a row the Full moon has been in Aries.  This is a transformational time for many, with a lot of emphasis on letting something come to a close, a completion and really going for something totally new.  The evidence will appear somewhere in your life where you want to make a significant change and move in a new direction, one that’s been a long time coming.  Take the blessings of what was and allow the new clarity you have to catapult you into a completely new way of living. Things have been working towards this moment of change, and now you may see and feel real clarity in what you’ve been waiting for. It’s a time of rebirth. The full moon is bringing the changes that have been happening directly to your attention and shedding it’s light brightly on what you’re destined to become.

This full moon reflects the potential for people to have quick, sharp reactions, with emotional responses to others in a direct and possibly abrupt manner. It won’t be unlikely to notice people being sarcastic, even nasty.  Even the slightest comment may causing your thermometer reading to skyrocket, sending your homeostasis into whack.  Try your best to keep your non-complimentary comments to yourself instead of butting heads with others.

Decisions can be made quickly, and it will be easy to overdo it with drastic responses. Taking a wait and see approach is helpful, rather than going right into battle. With the Moon in Aries there’s lots of energy. Put that energy into something that needs a direct approach that will give you results. Anything you’ve been working on will be completed with that final push and open the door to newer and greater paths.

Do something that lets you use that quick instinct in a way that is positive, even fun. Play a sport, a game of chess.  Beat the pavement with a hardcore jog. Tackle that project you’ve been putting off. Finish those odds and ends you’ve been meaning to get done.  You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.  Victory is yours in anything you put your best efforts toward completing.

Decluttering would be great for anyone now. It will not only impact your environment but will reveal deeper aspects of your need to let some things go you’ve held onto for too long psychologically.

Some people may go overboard with gossip, acting like a detective on the prowl, without letting it go until they get what they want.  A critical attitude is also likely. Obsession can lead to a really tough battle with hearts and minds.  Nobody wants to be interrogated so go easy if you have something to uncover. Even those who are usually pretty balanced can be caught off guard and feel the burn from someone’s remark that digs deep.

It won’t be easy to walk away but consider the benefit of doing just that if a battle of wits and emotions escalates.  There’s always a way to come to an understanding and uncover the truth of a situation with mutual respect. If you step on someone’s toes, forgive and forget may not be on the list of possibilities.

The Full moon is reflecting that there’s a tendency to want to feel connected to a group with similar interests, but individuality and independence is also prominent. Indulging in a group activity like a game of monopoly, for example, which depends on the priority of the individual succeeding as a separate entity in the group, can lead to highly emotional scenes.  Working with a group in an activity that involves everyone being on the same team, and succeeding together will create a stronger alliance of interests.

When dealing with anything with the intent of your own success, think longer term benefit rather than immediate results. Try a holistic approach.

Many will feel needy, requiring the company of others. Take note of what it is about any group that really makes you want to be a part of it.  What part do you play in the overall group?

Halloween is just around the corner. What better time to express your theatrical side?

Choose a costume you know you’ll have fun portraying.  Be a character that lets you shine as a performer.  You may go through many considerations of what will be right. Although you shouldn’t wait until the last minute you should also not choose too early.  The likelihood of changing your mind is strong.  Make a few choices at the top of your list and refine the idea for a number of days to come away with the perfect costume. Let your fashion sense, and your artistic desires lead the way.

The moon in Aries, will quickly move into Taurus during this full moon, and will merge those energies of Mars and Venus, symbolic of the move from the individual to that of relating. However the Moon is in opposition to Venus right now, so matters of personal relationships, especially with a romantic partner could be a little rocky. With emotions heightened, some things may come up that are uncomfortable, but may have an important role in benefiting the situation overall.

Speaking of Rocky, just in time for Halloween, you may have heard, Glee will be doing their tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Here’s a clip for fun.

Enjoy your Halloween!

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