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Wheel of Fortune. Tarot Contest Entry

We’ll be randomly posting responses to the Tarot Contest.

Here’s an entry from an entrant now in the draw to win a Free Tarot Deck.

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The Wheel of Fortune

I find that the tarot card which most resonates changes regularly, probably on a (roughly) six monthly basis.

Around about April this year, I found that the Wheel of Fortune seemed be hold a particular fascination. It took a while, but I finally recognised, and accepted, that the resistance which I was presenting to certain aspects arising in my professional life were counter productive: not only in facing the reality of the changes in the workplace, but also to the way that I was beginning to allow work to affect my personal relationships and attitude in general.

Around June, I finally accepted the message, and let go: partly, I suppose, precipitated by the death of my Father. Since then, although the downs haven’t really balanced the ups, things have progressed much more smoothly.

I really need to accept the message of the tarot when it is initially presented! I’m still waiting in anticipation for the next card to reveal itself, and hopefully I’ll “get it” without too much delay…

Here are more variations on the Tarot Card, Wheel of Fortune


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