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New Moon in Libra October 7, 2010

It’s officially a new moon in Libra at 2:44pm EST on October 7, 2010.

This new Moon encourages us to see anothers point of view, to make peace and to find our balance with our ourselves and others. By being kind, calm and understanding we can sometimes lose our own convictions though. You may feel somewhat indecisive too, but with Mercury conjunct Saturn concentration on what’s important won’t be that difficult. Common sense and caution will feel like second nature.

Some with a serious outlook on life may be preoccupied with concepts of life and death, but with that there is the benefit of our consciousness meeting between the world of spirit and matter. Sexual instincts will be heightened, and with a partner that feels the same way there will be a rise in passions. One night stands and impersonal flings aren’t on the radar, real partnerships with someone you trust and feel a strong bond with will be more desired.

For those in relationships that aren’t based on trust, expect some jealousy and suspicion to come to the surface. This is heightened also by the tendency for people to be secretive, others may feel possessive with their partner. But this is a new moon, if you’re going to start the new cycle on a positive note there is support, just give yourself the extra push to be sensitive to others feelings. Try not to start things off with negative relations.

With Neptune in the 1st house, some will feel a bit weak, like the potentials you are capable of aren’t being granted by your confidence. Don’t worry though, Neptune is quite distant from the ascendant and therefore won’t have as significant impact here if he were closer.

Those with an inclination towards psychic gifts will feel a renewal in the desire to connect with that part of the mind and spirit.

Many will feel dreamy, imaginative and intuitive. Look to the heavens for inspiration. Carry around an amethyst stone for added clairvoyant influences. Do some visualization of the mystical sort to feel aligned with your spirit. This is a time where many will feel an independent spirit, so solitary moments of reflection, meditation and spiritual contemplation are supported.

Jupiter and Uranus will be moving away from Pisces in the near future, but while they’re here take the time to get into that internal, deep place of expanding your spiritual, intuitive side. Many may feel the desire strongly to reconnect to your deeper self. If it’s been a long time, and you’ve been waiting for the right moment, do so soon. Take a peak at the Western night sky to see Jupiter for that extra inspiration as you ponder the mysteries of the spiritual universe within and without.

Ma’at symbolized truth, order, balance and justice to the ancient Egyptians with an ostrich feather in her hair.  Ma’at was created when chaos was brought into balance, symbolizing the order of the creation, required for the universe to exist. The universe was a place of order to the Egyptians, a mystical, magickal place of patterns.  When someone passed away, their heart was placed on a scale.  If the persons heart was heavier than the feather of Ma’at, it revealed one’s life to have been at an imbalance to Ma’at and he would not be granted permission to pass into an eternal afterlife.

Ma’at was believed to be married to Thoth, the god of the moon, god of wisdom, who would place the person’s heart on the scale.

Pharoah‘s were expected to live in accordance to the moral order, the law of Ma’at, or it was feared the world would fall back into chaos.

What’s your focus?  In a world that includes laws of free will and duality, your choices matter and influence everything around you having a ripple effect, and in turn, influence your experience of life.

This new moon encourages you to get closer to spirituality, and find your balance in the universe. Work on your spiritual, mystical side for a couple weeks.  Start a new regimen that gets you feeling closer to your spirit.  Pick up a great book.

This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living. © 2010. All rights reserved.

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