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Full Moon in Aries September 23, 2010

It’s officially The Full Moon in Aries at 5:17am EST on Thursday, September 23, 2010.

5:17 am, that’s a great time to get up early and peer at the beauty of the moon to start your day. The Moon is currently in the 7th house.

Let’s quickly talk about what’s most evident.  People can react very quickly now and get very passionate with quick emotional shifts.  Angry one minute, and with the other influences, sympathetic the next.  Overall, this is a time of action, and you may notice  a broad spectrum of variables from moment to moment ranging from headstrong decisiveness to rash impulsiveness. Choose wisely and be patient with others.

Some people under this influence will be noticeably selfish or self-centered.

However, there’s a lot going on in the heaven’s right now, lets take a look at some of the other influences that are connecting with and blending with the Full Moon for that added expression.

The Moon in The 7th house, which gets it’s influences from Libra, and Venus, and brings a special connection with Sun having just moved into Libra.  Libra symbolizes balance, with the glyph of the scales pointing to the autumn equinox, where night and day are finding their equal measure.  Nature is pointing the way to finding our balance within as well, with ourselves and with others.

Commitment and fairness in relationships is important right now, with partners, with close friends and coworkers.  In business affairs, from hiring someone new to working with someone new, make sure you feel the vibe of harmony.

There’s great placing happening now for financial security so whatever you’ve been working on, or desiring, you may notice things are coming together. Keep an eye out for the right connections now to see what could make money grow.  Connect with those who are interested in doing business.

With all that said though, many may feel self doubts and depression in terms of finances.  If so, the sympathetic, and understanding side of others who can lend an ear will be good for you. Right now, you may have to work really hard for your money.  Investing time, energy and money could prove beneficial for longer term goals rather than short term fixes now.  Wasting money now on frivolous things will lead many to guilt.

A payoff for your hard work is what you want and expect.  Paying off your bills with the hard work you’ve put in has it’s rewards that will help you feel accomplished and on top of things.  This alone can make you feel more responsible and capable of creating your financial picture.  Things may feel slow, but karma will be returned for any hard work you put in now.

You may be more sensitive to recognizing who you’ve attracted into your life, those who are right for your current circumstances to work with or be with. Now you’ll likely see a new layer of these people and get to know the other you are dealing with more fully.  This is a truly excellent time to tap into those things you have in common with others.

This isn’t the best time to seek bringing someone new into your life.  Instead, enjoy who is in your life and feel the gratitude for who makes your life enjoyable. Who you’re working with and socializing with now can continue to grow as a positive partnership.  If someone new does enter the picture, see them for who they are on a deeper level.  What kind of deep, visceral, intuitive vibe you get from them will be a good indicator of how your relationship may unfold.

If you’re in a romantic relationship now, this could be a time of intense passion! On the downside, if it is in your nature to be a little suspecting, a twinge of jealousy could erupt.  Yikes! Make the effort to be affectionate, find mutual understanding and turn your passion into fun instead of fury. It could end up being really fun if you let yourself feel more confident in yourself and your partner.

Lately you’ve probably noticed a very bright object in the sky hanging out near the moon.  That’s glorious Jupiter, who is currently in Pisces.

Jupiter and Uranus are hanging out with the moon in the 7th house, there will be that influence of good luck and transformation, but it’s slightly on hold but their energy is patiently building for all of us.  Take your time. More internalized changes are happening as well.

The Full moon let’s you see what is working well and taking advantage of what you’ve cultivated and have allowed to manifest into your life.  It’s becoming clearer.

This isn’t a time to expect a lot of new things to happen suddenly. With Jupiter closer to the earth and so bright, there is a special energy flowing to all of us now. Jupiter conjuncting the moon gives us that extra boost now. Know that Uranus is close by, just difficult to see with the naked eye, but he’s there.

Jupiter feels at home in Pisces, he was Pisces original ruler before Neptune came along.  There’s a special bond to seeking out our spiritual selves now.  Just taking the time to look up to the heavens to see the Moon and Jupiter so close together, so bright, so beautiful, so mezmerising, can cast a spell of spiritual bliss on us.

It’s a good time to learn about the philosophical side of life, whether it be the depths of Kabbalah, Yoga, study in astrology, tarot or religious history, this is the time to get into it.  You may have some amazing awakenings happen that will be at the forefront of self-transformation on very deep levels.

If you go get a holistic treatment like massage, or other type of self care, you’ll likely feel a real inner awakening to the sympathetic and understanding side of life.

Some worry is still in the air, like mentioned in the New Moon a couple weeks ago. Nervous tension, along with the quickly overheated bursts that happen during this full moon can lead to anxiety.

Prayer and meditation will offer emotional healing that is especially fruitful now.

This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living. © 2010. All rights reserved.

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