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New Moon in Virgo September 8, 2010

It’s officially a New Moon in Virgo at 6:29am EST Wednesday, September 8, 2010.

Many people may be feeling somewhat worried right now about many things, and a lot of issues concerning your self-confidence could well spring up.

School has officially begun and with that there is a fresh start, but often it comes with some anxiety.  Starting a new year in school, college, university brings into focus your identity, where you fit in, your challenges and your goals of what you want to do and who you want to be.

With the new moon in the first house conjuncting the ascendant you’ll likely be feeling many questions surrounding who you really are and what that means to you and the those around you.

Even those who aren’t attending school will have these considerations in mind.  Like the school year, the new moon symbolizes a new beginning which can bring new opportunities, challenges and this new moon emphasizes a new chapter of self awareness and personal growth.

Many may feel inhibitions come to the surface and a shyness is prevalent for many. This may lead to pessimism and withdrawal for some from social situations or groups of people. There could be a tug of war with who you “should” be and who you “really” are.

Seek out those who you’ll find more comfort with and those who understand you that think along similar lines as you do.  It may be time to open new friendships and rapport with people you hadn’t considered before.

The challenges that you may face can reach to a deep level, so much so you may feel a bit nauseous.  The feelings associated with your self-identity could be apparent in the sensation of stress on a visceral level.  Whether it be excitement about the opportunities, or worries about the challenges, you may feel your adrenaline pumping through your veins. Your nerves may feel on edge.

Considerations of how your body looks, what your personality is like, what your beliefs are, how you live up to others expectations and standards, can all come under the microscope.

You will be able to stand your ground in situations that challenge your identity, but that doesn’t mean  others words won’t have an effect on you on a deep level.

During this new moon Saturn is also hanging out in the first house adding to the mix, not in Virgo, but in Libra.  The scales are being pushed and prodded for balance.

Some may feel like they are in competition with others and feel the need to be the winner.  This can be troublesome. Remember the bashing and clashing of ego’s that happen when people’s character is shot down.

Some will worry a lot about what others think, but remember your true identity is much deeper and complex than anyone else idea’s about you.  Coming to the defense of yourself and of others you care for with a strong, quick way with words is likely.

Your words words may not always come out right though, leaving you with your foot in your mouth.

Emotions will be the catalyst for many people’s swift reactions. With Mercury retrograde it could be better for you to think a bit before you speak.

Feelings of inadequacy are not going to be uncommon for many.  Keep that in mind when you talk to other people.  Your words can affect others in ways you haven’t considered

People may not intentionally be mean to you, or intentionally try to challenge your identity, but there could be an underlying sense that your buttons may be getting pushed. Be kind and sympathetic to others.

Many will actually be very diplomatic in their approach in situations, but those really feeling a lack of self confidence may get defensive.

Interpretations of words is as important as the words themselves. Pay attention to your reactions.

What do others think and say about you? Your reactions really reveal more of who you really are than what anyone else can say.

Others may critique you, but what you really think and know about yourself is much more important. If there are challenges of your identity, get to the root of it, and take it as an opportunity to get to know yourself better.

Consider the more spiritual purpose of why people are perceiving and interacting with you as they are.

This is a chance to be clear on what you really think about yourself. Other people’s opinions could be the catalyst for your own breakthrough in self awareness.

Look to your reactions and their connection to your childhood.  Are these feelings coming from parts of you that have long needed to be healed?

There will be challenges in finding comfort with yourself balanced with necessary socializing. Maybe you’ll be the life of the party, but for many, part of you won’t feel like yourself, like you’re not in the right environment for you to really flourish.

If there is an emotion influx, writing your emotions down on paper, or meditating can be an outlet and tool for self reflection that will be fruitful.

Positive affirmations that confirm the truth of your identity can be very important in keeping self-doubt and anxiety at bay.

If you feel like you’re consumed with an overbearing feeling of worry, find creative and practical ways to alter your feelings that make you feel good.  Invest in time to feel better about yourself, and don’t do things to prove yourself to others.  Be more authentic to yourself.

At times you may feel like you are making headway, like you’re really overcoming the obstacles and taking into account your experiences as tools to get to know yourself better and identifying what’s true for you.  Then suddenly you may feel frustrated when something comes up suddenly that challenges every step you’ve made thus far, bringing you back down into the lowly doubts you thought you had a handle on.

With each hurdle though, you do make it that much further ahead, and looking back you’ll see real growth is happening on a deeply personal and spiritual level.  The external world brings up the challenges that get you to grow within. Don’t let the obstacles become over exaggerated.  Take practical steps to keeping yourself balanced.

Although there may be much worry in the air, this is also a time when writing a list of goals will be supported.  A lot of times, worry comes from procrastination or actually induces procrastination which makes things worse.  If you set yourself some goals that are enjoyable and give you something to look forward to, it will create some ease in having a direction to move towards that is inspiring rather than wrought with anxiety. Start brainstorming your list of fun goals.

This truly is a time of self-analysis, so take the opportunities in all their forms to improve upon getting to know the real you.  If you see each step as a gift in that way, your attitude and experiences will become lighter. One of the greatest and most intimate relationships in life is getting to know yourself, realize yourself, and love yourself more for all that you are.

This new moon and it’s aspects really emphasizes this and sets the tone for a greater wisdom of knowing who you really are. There will be greater freedom that is born from all of this.

Take into consideration not to be too self absorbed though.  This is a time for self awareness to be prominent but also consider others are working through their challenges and growth too. Try to be a positive influence by helping others in a kind and generous way that lets you reveal more of who you really are while they can also become more of who they are.

Great friendships and partnerships can be born through the shared learning and mutual respect.

This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living. © 2010. All rights reserved.

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2 thoughts on “New Moon in Virgo September 8, 2010

  1. I just wanted to say, that during new moons I often get depressed, not overwhelmingly, but at least somewhat, like there is a feeling of a little dark cloud. It seems to happen like clockwork. At times, I’ll be feeling down and then realize it’s near a new moon, then it makes sense.

    When I find out it’s a new moon (as I don’t always pay attention) I’m not surprised.


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