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Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love is a movie you must see.  It’s a movie where you’ll leave the theater feeling light, alive and inspired. You’ll walk out feeling different.  As a friend who also saw it said, “I feel changed.”

We don’t want to give away the storyline details, but will let you know what kind of experience and impression you’ll have watching it.

It’s more than a movie, it’s the experience of life.  When you watch Eat, Pray, Love it feels a little slow at first, and you may be unsure if you’ll like it.  There have been some less than pleasing reviews by some critics, and some people say the trailer looks boring. After watching it though, it’s difficult to understand why.

Honestly, after watching this movie you’ll see others, and yourself in a new light.  Eat, Pray Love reflects back to you, the beauty of humanity, the beauty of yourself, and the beauty of those you love.  It’s a movie that is awakening.

The main character Elizabeth Gilbert played by Julia Roberts you’ll love, but the other people she meets along her journey are also so interesting you’ll care about them as much as you do her.

We’re so used to going to the movies to see films that lack any depth of meaning.  This film turns that all around and brings you back to seeing the magic of living.  This movie also had a quality to it that wasn’t based on things such as synchronicity, and doesn’t feel at all like a “new age” movie whatsoever that can sometimes lend a flavor of flakiness to movies intended to be meaningful.  It’s unpredictable, unlike so many movie scripts, because real life is unpredictable. This movie is about a life adventure that re-awakens purpose and meaningfulness.  It’s about the complexities of living that blossoms into beautiful experiences and self-love and awareness.

There is much symbolism and meaning with Elizabeth’s experiences, but it’s not overdone, it’s authentic.

There are many small messages of wisdom brought up that happen through Elizabeth’s journey from New York to Italy, India and Bali.   What an experience.  Each person has something unique to offer her and she soaks it all up, and in return gives what she can as well. It reveals the value of human interaction and shared living.

This movie has what so many movies these days are lacking.  It leaves you feeling self aware, and full of loving kindness.  Eat, Pray, Love has the quality of magic that moves you. You’ll leave the theater feeling the way a movie should make you feel – moved, alive and inspired.

The director, Ryan Murphy, creator and director of Glee, did an amazing job keeping the story feeling real and inspiring, rather than cliche, corny or flaky.  This movie is anything but corny.  Seeing the “chick flick” previews before this movie started, is like night and day.

Highly recommended.  One of the best movies that are truly meaningful you’ll have seen in a long time.

This movie truly captures an essence of what symbolic living is all about.


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