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Full Moon in Pisces August 24, 2010

The Full Moon rolls into Pisces at 1:04pm EST on August 24, 2010.

Giving the Full Moon it’s glorious luminosity is the Sun which just moved from Leo into Virgo.

The sun shines bright from it’s practical, analytical side of the sky onto the moon’s mystic qualities.

School is starting (Oh no! for the young ones. Oh Yes! for the parents).  It’s a time of dreaming what will be for the coming season.  The sun is setting earlier and the Moon is visible longer at night in the darker sky.

Some people worry at this time of year about all the responsibilities ahead.  Consider the responsibilities as opportunities for you to get your life more in tune with what you imagine it to be.

This is a time to be mindful and take yourself to the next level of self awareness. Turning off the tv at night and opening books on self-help will do you well.  If you can’t tear yourself away from the tube try spending more of that tv time on watching documentaries that are inspiring.  Do a search on youtube for Egyptian mysteries or similar spiritual mysticism.  Expanding your awareness of the mystical side of life will impart more meaning on your existence and make it more interesting.

There is a mystical quality as the backdrop to all we do.  Now is a good time to get in the chariot and direct your desires to experience, listen and live the purpose of your life.  All those things you are so attached to in the daily grind will blur away as you tune into your more spiritual side.  Don’t let them get too blurry though. Try to merge them so the quality of your life takes on a balance that makes you feel more awakened and alive.

You may feel movement of your emotions that vary from highly optimistic and empowered to very low.  All of your thoughts and actions will be colored and influenced by movement of your emotional spectrum.

This is a time where sensitivity is heightened.  Everyone has a sensitive side, respect it.  Getting to know someone a bit better is possible, but many will feel a bit more secretive of their personal lives.  Some people, that have a tendency to be untrustworthy, may be extra clever at wielding deception at this time. Don’t worry about it too much.  You’re better off not knowing or getting involved if it’s just a bunch of bad karma they have hiding in their closet.

Veneration for the spiritual side of life is emphasized. Burn some incense, say a prayer, do a little meditation.

Empathy, love, kindness toward others are all brought forth from the depths of the soul. Even cooking a meal, or getting up early to make breakfast for a loved one will raise your spirits when done out of love and admiration. The right energy is there to help you move your emotions and spirit to a place that feels meaningful and worthwhile.

Self care and caring for others, especially loved ones (which includes you), is really going to take you to a higher place.  Sensitivity towards others, showing compassion and caring will give you the experience of wholesomeness.

Alternative wellness such as reiki, sound therapy, visualization will further heighten a sense of awakening and being connected to that more mystical side of you. Just learning about these subjects will put you in a frame of mind that parallels the moon’s current energy.

Take a look at the moon tonight if you can. Let your mind wander to those far off places.  The creative thoughts that come up could take you to places you had never expected before.

The tendency to be introverted can lead to depression or deep insights.  If you are feeling depressed, just know the moon in Pisces emphasizes least resistance, so there could be a tendency to be lazy and unmotivated to do much of anything but daydream. That’s ok.  You have to relax sometimes!  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Be compassionate with yourself. Trust you are on the right path and taking some self-reflection me-time is ok.  Taking that time can lead you to bigger and brighter ideas born from your insights into your life’s purpose.

The autumn season leads to a lot of action.  The moon is optimizing the need to dream big, so go ahead. Any insights or inspiration?  Write them down.  Thoughts can be as fleeting as dreams.  Here one minute, gone the next.  Keep them on paper to review and expand on.  Try to keep your thoughts on the benefits that can arise from being introspective.

Reading a good inspirational book and writing in your self-awareness journal can reveal deep, powerful insights into your potential.

Spending time with people who are down-in-the-dumps or who lack self-confidence can benefit from your compassionate, caring, and understanding side. Your willingness to listen and empathize is helpful, but please be careful not to get dragged down into a complaining, dwelling atmosphere.  Feeding off each others negative energy won’t do anyone any good if you’re both in the dungeons of doom and gloom.

Many people will likely find themselves feeling more caring towards your friends, and partner, on a deeper level, seeing the truer, gentler reality behind the many masks we wear every day.  Empathy towards your friends needs will lead to great bonding and loyalty. There’s a great balance with Venus and Mars right now so love life should be good for many.

Having disputes? This is a good time to focus on being fair, considering all sides of the issue.  Your own and the other side to come to a compromise that leaves everyone feeling they’ve got their dignity left in tact.

Some people may try escaping their feelings and suggest going out to party and in the process get totally wasted. Suggest something to do together that is more inspiring and meaningful instead.  It likely won’t be that difficult to convince another to be more responsible though.

Mercury is emphasizing common sense, but being in Virgo, and retrograde, redundant thoughts of worry are also in the air and we know what that can lead to.  Use the Mercury energy to your advantage instead.

This is a time of career considerations. So many considerations can lead you to being a worry wart, or someone you know might be over analyzing their career life, they’re missing out on the everyday, here and now joys of just being alive.

Getting bogged down by details? Feel like there’s too much to think about? Too many options? Any feelings of nervousness should be countered with getting in touch with the body.  Body, mind and spirit, remember the trinity within us all is unified.  Doing something physical will bring your mind down to earth in a more grounded way that feels nurtured.

However, this is a really good time to be thinking about where you want your career to go.  Making plans, developing a concrete business plan for instance, will allow you to direct all those thoughts and get them into an organized flow that lets you feel like you are building towards your future. Long term goals can be things to look forward to in your life, but don’t get overwhelmed.  Look to role models.  Read biographies that detail a natural progression that reaffirms that getting to a destination is possible with patience and planning. Things don’t happen overnight.  Take this mercury retrograde phase as a gift to get things in order in your mind with how you want things to go.

Doing your job with determination and the right attitude will earn you more respect and give you a more influential edge to those surrounding you. Your visionary side can come in handy in overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities out of problems that brings the workplace to a more balanced place which can lead to a stronger foundation.

No matter what you’re doing, whether staying close to home to retreat, out socializing with friends, or hard at work, there is an underling current of the desire to find deeper meaning into the questions of why you’re doing what you are.  How your ideas and actions are impacting and contributing to others life experiences is really important.  Be mindful of how everything you are doing, saying, thinking and feeling is bringing you closer to a meaningful and soulful way of living.

It’s a good time to rethink your online social habits too.  Spending too much time on mindless stuff, wasting time you could be using for bigger and better things? Consider utilizing your online social skills to better yourself in concrete ways that will enhance your position in career matters as well as personal learning that enhances your way of life.

This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living.  © 2010. All rights reserved.

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