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New Moon in Leo August 9, 2010

The New Moon in Leo officially hits Monday at 11:08pm EST on August 9.

Oh Leo, how we love thee for your confident expression!

It’s a great time to tackle all those tasks you’ve been putting off.  Start anew and fresh and harness that glorious Leo energy.

Don’t get too self-aggrandizing in your attitude though.  It’s likely for many.  Keep your ego in check.  Leo energy is amazing, but can certainly become too much.  Like being out in the hot sun too long, it will suck the energy right out of you.  Note other’s ego’s around this time. Don’t make it a contest of who can roar the loudest.

All that confidence and energy to start a new project and express yourself may come off as arrogant, even a show-off,  if you don’t consider how you’re being perceived by others.  Be yourself, just find the balance with your confidence with the best intentions for all those around you. Think about first-impressions if you’re meeting new people.  Be on your best behavior while being true to yourself.

This is a good time to hang out with your cat if you have one, or learn more about the Sphinx or Bast cat of ancient Egypt.  If your fashion or environment is a bit bland, try a leopard print anything, from a shirt to a chair cushion.  Going blonde could put you in that Sun energy frame of mind. Have fun.  Remember the sun is a star.  Leo’s harness star quality, so can you. Shine brightly at this time, and feel good being yourself.

The Sun, the ruler of Leo, is in this shared energy with the New Moon which emphasizes all those great Leo qualities even more. Any creative urges you have right now, from the painting canvas, to the boardroom, to the bedroom, express yourself as you will.  You’ll get a lot in return from whatever you put your passion into.

This is a time of ambition.  That Sun is shining brightly.  In the 5th house the Moon and the Sun can put emphasis on children, and with Leo there’s that push to show them off.  Don’t embarrass them though.  If you go overboard with pushiness, well, just visualize those parents who push their kids so hard in sports, beauty contests and the like.  It gets to be too much.  Try to hold yourself back if you notice your children are not pleased with how far you insist on showing off.  Make sure you aren’t trying to live vicariously through them, that can be damaging to their psyche. Be an important guide while they tread their own path of discovery and self expression, don’t be a tyrannical dictator.  That will eventually lead to stifling them of their own unique power to be who they are in the world.

In your career, you’ll feel most fulfilled if you really put your emotions into being creative and keeping yourself on-the-ball with your endeavors will make you feel so much more confident.  You’ll be able to build upon your confidence and it will show in your work.  Anything you’ve worked on for a while now?  This is the time to show it off. Others will appreciate what you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into.

Get yourself organized. This is the time to really get yourself ready for the autumn.  School is around the corner, and although it’s kind of depressing for many, think of all the opportunities a new year of education will bring you.  This Leo energy is supportive in figuring out how you want to put your best foot forward.  Have you changed and grown over the summer?

If you’re finding there’s a lot of drama around you right now from others, you might be feeling the need to engage in the escalation as days go by.  A better way of using your emotions is to put any drama aside that is counterproductive to your well being, and rather, go watch a dramatic play or film that moves you.  Step into an event full of excitement and energy like a wrestling match or Cirque De Soleil show, whatever pleases you to get that sense of drama you seek, but in a fun way.

Mercury is asking us to choose practically too, so if you need a new cellphone, laptop and all the devices required for your work and school year communications and organization ahead, choose what will serve you best.  Don’t just think about what would be the most fun, think about what’s most useful all around. Make those purchases, plan ahead, make the most of your money and keep your bank account organized.

Diet and nutrition are important now.  Choosing more responsibly for your health and the impact on the environment can be important.  This would be a good time to start a new regime of diet and exercise.  Again, don’t go overboard with your choices and try everything under the sun in one week, choose something and stick with it.  A little research is good to find out what’s right for you.  Don’t be too analytical that you can’t make a decision at all though. Use logic and practicality.

You may feel the need to try a lot of new things to expand yourself, but don’t forget about the tried and true routines that have supported you well in the past.  This may be a better time to plan on what you’d like to start anew, and combine the wisdom gained from those consideration with what has worked for you before.

You may also find some opposition happening in your love life.  You may not be seeing eye to eye on a newly adopted religious, philosophical or spiritual belief, or one of you is focusing more time on an interest than is healthy for your relationship to feel balanced. Sometimes people can get so much into their own dedication, they block out their significant other to the point of someone feeling left out.  We see this all the time in the movies and on television, but it might be happening in your own life these days.

Whichever side of the coin you’re on, let the other have some space but speak honestly about how you’re feeling an imbalance and discuss ways to make of it something that is unifying rather than divisive.  It likely will take time though so don’t expect everything to balance out overnight.  Be patient. Understand sometimes people do need a little space to focus on their efforts.

Spending some time doing a routine of jogging together, or other physical exercise could be helpful to find some balance. Instead of  nagging  each other about what’s different and what needs to change, use your energy towards doing something together that gets that bit of abrasive, and aggressive energy out.

There’s opposition with your enthusiasm and optimism right now.  It’s responsibility that is calling.  Jupiter wants you to grow, you want to expand, and your feeling the energy strongly, but there’s checks and balances that need to be considered.  It could be literally too.

Maybe you have loans to pay back that feel like they are stifling you from moving onward and upward towards those really inspired goals you have.  Remember, Saturns responsibility makes us grow, adapt and shows us how our steps have developed into what we are today. It’s your karma asking you to ensure you’re doing what needs to be done to get things in order.  This can be a very good thing for many of us.  We get to become very organized when we take the responsible approach, and this new moon in Leo is further helping us to make that clearer.

Because Jupiter is retrograde, take this opportunity to grow within. Expansion will happen soon enough.  For now, focus on all the things you can do that will utilize the Leo New Moon influences.  Everything will fall into place as it’s meant to.

There’s some exciting stuff coming up.  We’ll be sharing much more with you soon.

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This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living.  © 2010. All rights reserved.

Stay tuned for our regular installments of  New Moon and Full Moon Forecasts by Symbolic Living.


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