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Courtney Love. Behind the Music.

Courtney Love is a quintessential example one who’s life has come to symbolize Rock-Star through and through.  Her big break into the mainstream happened in combination with her band Hole and husband Kurt Cobain in the early 90’s. Marriage to Kurt and his death catapulted her career proving her to be a force to be reckoned with.

Her life is exciting, daring, scary, wild and raw.  Full of ups and downs, strong convictions, lots of screaming, drugs, cigarettes, makeup, music and always seeming to be battling someone in court over something about her or Kurt, she’s always hard at work keeping her life and career moving. Her brand, “Crazy Bitch”.

Always controversial, love her or hate her, she’s become an icon and symbol of our generation for freedom of expression and the raw reality of Rock and Roll living. The documentary Behind the Music says it all.

We had posted a video about Courtney Love’s Buddhist practices including chanting and yoga, however the video has been removed from youtube and can no longer be found. If you find one, send us a link please.

Astrology Quicky:

Courtney Love was born July 9th, 1964 at 2:08pm in San Fransisco

After watching this documentary you’ll notice Courtney fits the qualities of Cancer with a hard exterior but has a lot of emphasis on her softer, emotional side within.

Sun and Moon in Cancer in her 9th house

Mercury in Leo in her 10th house

Venus and Mars in Gemini in her 8th house

Jupiter in Taurus in her 7th house

Saturn retrograde in Pisces in her 5th house

Uranus and Pluto in Virgo  in her 11th house

Neptune retrograde in Scorpio in her 1st house (Ascendant)


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